8 Things To Include In Your Winter Holiday Bucket List


Winter is one of the most beloved seasons of the year. On a good day, snow starts falling, turning any quiet town into a white wonderland. The cool breeze also marks the beginning of the holiday season in many parts of the world. Often, this means doing many fun things before the break ends.

However, there’s only so much you and your family can do until the weather starts warming up again. So, if you have no clue what to do during winter, read this post for holiday bucket list ideas. You may not accomplish them all, but it helps to have some exciting options when the temperature drops.

Do Winter Sports


Snowboarding, skiing, and ice skating are popular winter activities for people of all ages. There’s nothing quite like sliding or gliding down powdery slopes and clear ice.

Afterward, you deserve to relax and warm up with freshly baked pastries and mulled wine by visiting an après-ski venue. Reputable accommodation specialists like MajorDomo to assist you in finding the best places that offer a wide range of food and drinks for you and your family or friends. This is the perfect activity to cap off a whole day of winter sports and fill your stomach with delicious snacks.

Watch Some Whales

If there’s anything worth your time and energy during winter, it’s whale-watching. Whales become more active in many locations worldwide when the weather gets colder. Pods of whales start migrating to warmer waters, which makes the event the perfect opportunity to observe them.

Kaikoura, New Zealand, is an ideal place to watch whales in winter on their side of the globe. It’s the only location where you can spot giant sperm whales in winter and year-round. Kaikoura is also where you can watch orcas and other marine creatures such as dolphins and seals.

While in New Zealand, don’t forget to visit the other whale-watching spots. The Bay of Islands, Marlborough Sounds, and Auckland’s Hauraki Gulf are great places to observe the world’s largest marine mammals in their natural habitat.

Warm Up In Natural Hot Springs


Winter isn’t a favorite season for several people because it’s sometimes unbearably cold. If you’d rather stay as warm as possible, there are still some activities for you to do outside. Consider checking out some natural hot springs for a nice, relaxing soak.

Natural hot springs give guests a spa session in winter with a fantastic view of evergreen forests or rocky cliffs and mountains. Dipping in a hot spring is also great for your body. After a good moment in the steaming water, expect improved blood flow and glowing, beautiful skin. If you can’t go to any natural hot springs, you can visit resorts that offer outdoor hot tubs instead.

Hold Binge-Watch Parties

Sometimes, all you want to do is stay at home when the temperature gets chilly. But that doesn’t mean you should be bored the whole holiday season. Invite friends and family to binge-watch a series or movie you all enjoy.

A winter binge-watch party with loved ones is the perfect opportunity to see shows you haven’t had the time to watch the rest of the year. It can also double as a potluck party. Encourage visitors to bring their home-cooked meals and signature hot chocolate recipes. You can all chow down on delicious food while enjoying a good show together.

Bake Like There’s No Tomorrow


If you’ve been busy the rest of the year, the winter holidays will be the ideal time to start baking. Creating baked goods may be a therapeutic activity and a way to make something someone else might love too.

With dozens of celebrations and family reunions happening during the holidays, you can’t go wrong with bringing fudge brownies or cupcakes. Few people will shun away a freshly baked pastry offered at a party.

Baked goodies are also excellent additions to food-related gift hampers for travel enthusiasts and homebodies alike. So, your creations will always have an audience, especially when you make cakes, cookies, and loaves of bread with love.

Have An Indoor Picnic Or Camp

The outdoors might be too cold to go camping or have a picnic. So, why not do those activities in the warmth, comfort, and safety of your home?

An indoor picnic is a great way to have fun with your children without the biting cold. Cook and prepare the same snacks and meals you would for a regular campout or picnic but stay in the living room. You can also set up the fireplace and let the kids pretend it’s a bonfire.

When the sun sets, everyone can stay downstairs and sleep in tents in the living room for a more immersive experience. The best part about picnicking or camping at home is that there aren’t any pesky bugs or wild animals to bother you.

Explore A Place You’ve Never Visited


Winter holidays give you a chance to visit locations that are off your radar. It could be a local winery or a hiking trail you’ve never been to but always wanted to see. There are many hidden tourist spots open and waiting for visitors to flock. Wherever you go, dress appropriately to avoid getting too cold while exploring a new place.

Winter is also a fantastic time to do it if you’ve wanted to explore another country on your travels. Some places look magical when snow is falling. So, if you’ve been stuck in the city the whole year and desire a temporary change of view, consider flying elsewhere for the holidays.

Remember that it’s best to book tickets months in advance to get the best plane seats and deals. Once the holidays are nearing, ticket demand will spike, and you might not find the seat you want or may have to pay extra for them.

Help Others In Need

There are less fortunate individuals who are still struggling to survive whenever winter rolls in. The cold weather is fatal for people without homes and those without enough warm clothes or food.

The kindest thing you could do for the holidays is to help someone by donating clothes and other practical goods. You may coordinate with a non-government organization that collects and distributes secondhand clothing. You could also volunteer in soup kitchens to provide hot meals or donate food to children and families who don’t have access to them.

There’s nothing more worthwhile than helping someone in need. Everyone deserves to live a decent life, and you could push the less fortunate toward that with your donations.

Final Thoughts

Don’t let the bitter cold stop you from doing what you want during winter. Write your holiday bucket list with these fantastic ideas to make your winter break a season of beneficial new and exciting experiences.

Written by Kan Dail