11 Ways To Work Better With Toddlers While Working-from-home


Working from home is incredible for many people. They get to spend more time with their family. They can shift their schedules to make room for other things, like vacations or attending an important family event. However, working from home when you have toddlers is a different thing altogether. It is a delight to have toddlers.

They are funny and happy little people. But you cannot work with them. They are full of energy, but their attention span is low.

They need a new activity every 10 minutes. It is challenging to work with them and keep them engaged. When you have a call, you cannot have them whispering in your ear. Or shouting their lungs out. So, how do you keep them engaged or work remotely with a toddler?

1. Get a babysitter

Working from home is a challenging job. You can succeed at it better if you hire a babysitter. You can hire a sitter for a few hours or someone who stays all day. A babysitter can tend to the toddler’s needs. The sitter can play with the child, feed them, or even take them for a stroll in the community garden. All this makes it easier for you to work.

2. Video chatting


Call her up if your toddler loves chatting with a family member, like their aunt. Or you can set it with a beloved babysitter too. When they cannot come there, this is what you can do. The child can play games online with a sitter or family member. The adult can also tell them a story. Or read a book to them. It will give you a few minutes or even an hour to complete important calls or work.

3. Take them outdoors

Take out 20 minutes from your work-from-home schedule to take the kids out. If it’s just you and your spouse, take turns taking them out. Take them cycling or on a hike. Or you can take them to a garden where they can play for a half hour or so. The best thing to do is take your toddler out before nap time. They will spend their energy hiking, playing outdoors, and more. It will allow them to nap when they come home or even on the way home. It gives you more time to work or take calls.

4. Imaginative play

The best way to keep engaged when you work remotely is through play. Let’s talk about toys a bit later. This point covers imaginative play. You will need a few things for your kids, or they can get creative with their dolls. But show them how, and the toddlers will engage themselves in imaginative play for a long time. For instance, you can buy a cubby house from multiple options of cubby houses online. A cubby house is a small model of a house or kitchen. You can place it in your living room or even in your backyard. Fill it with toys, dolls, stuffed animals, and more. Leave the kids in there and let them get creative. You will be surprised at their creativity when they have their own space and toys.

5. Get them construction sets

Construction sets, like LEGO, are wonderful for toddlers. Get age-appropriate construction sets or puzzles for toddlers. Don’t offer help; let them do it on their own. It will keep them busy and also help develop their brains.

6. Indoor swing


An indoor swing is perfect for toddlers. They have unlimited energy. With an indoor swing, a toddler can play, burn energy, sleep, or have fun with it. They can accomplish all this while the parent is working nearby. Always place the swing where you can monitor the kids without disturbing your work.

7. Swap babysitting work with other parents

Children have the most fun when they are with other children. It keeps the theme engaged. But you cannot let a bunch of toddlers play alone; supervision is required. The best solution is to find another parent who works from home nearby. One parent can take all the kids to their house. They can play there or even go to the garden for a few minutes. The free time helps the other parent complete important work and get some free time. Then, the next day or after a few hours, the other parent can take the kids. It works, is free, and ensures kids have fun.

8. Give the child attention

The toddler will not leave you until you get attention. So, log off from work for a few minutes and spend time with the toddler. Play with them, read them a story, or sit with them. After the kid is satisfied, you can get back to work. They will continue to play on their own while you work in peace.

9. Activity bag


Keep your toddler busy with an activity bag. It is a bag full of activities that will encourage independent play for your kid. You can find many such activity bags on Amazon. Or you can make your own. For instance, get a bag, fill it with colors, drawing books, and more. Next, show your kid how to fill in color in multiple drawings. Afterward, you can let them accomplish the entire coloring task on their own. It may keep them busy for at least 20 minutes, which is perfect for you to finish a necessary conference call.

10. Shift your schedule

If you are the one who needs to put in a request for a conference call, do it according to your toddler’s schedule. First, you must know when your child will take a nap. Whether it is a 20-minute or 2-hour nap, keep all the essential calls going during that time. It will make taking calls easier without worrying about your kid or distractions.

11. Let them enjoy pool time

Do you have an inflatable pool? Blow it up, water it, and ask your toddler to enjoy it. You can work nearby, as they enjoy taking a bath. Or even wash their toys or stuffed animals in it. Do it on your balcony or backyard. Somewhere that doesn’t create much mess and lets you work too.

Keeping toddlers engaged while you work from home is challenging. But here are a few ideas on how to get work done with toddlers around. Try them and share some of your ideas.

Written by Kan Dail