7 Things You Can Add to Your PC to Make it Better For Gaming


I don’t know about you, but playing video games has helped me quite a lot, especially when I need to relax after a long and tiring day. However, in order for me to get the most out of the games I was playing, there were some accessories that I had to add, all of which only made things better.

If you’re wondering what those accessories are, you’re lucky, mostly because I’ll share what I opted for purchasing in the list below! So, without losing any more time, here are the top 7 things that’ll make your gaming experience better and that you should seriously consider purchasing:

1. More RAM + Storage


Before you take a look at the gadgets and accessories I opted for purchasing, the first thing that you must do is add more RAM and storage to your PC. Why? Well, besides allowing you to play games that have demanding graphics, doing this will make it easier for you to stream your gameplay, you won’t have issues with installing a wide range of games (without deleting older ones first), and your PC will be able to store more things.

Now, most computers will already have RAM and storage components, however, you should opt for replacing them so that you can improve how well your PC works. If you’ve never replaced these components before, don’t worry, there is a wide range of guides, tutorials, and videos that can help you choose them according to the specific needs you have, thus, before choosing the first one that comes up in your search results, do some digging.

2. A Headset Meant Specifically For Gaming

If you’re planning on playing the increasingly popular online multiplayer games, one of the most important things that you can purchase is a headset, but not any headset, instead, one meant specifically for gaming. By choosing the right option, you won’t only be able to communicate with your teammates, but you’ll also be able to hear enemies from all directions, meaning that you could improve your game as well.

Now, you should know, there are two types of gaming headsets that you could opt for – wired and wireless. As the name implies, wired headphones will need to be connected to your PC by a cable, while a wireless option will have to be connected via Bluetooth. Both options have their advantages and disadvantages, and the one you opt for buying will entirely depend on your personal preferences and needs.

3. A Backlit, Ergonomic Keyboard is a Must


I’m one of those people who spent so much time on their computer that I ended up developing a carpal tunnel. All of my problems could have been prevented if I purchased an ergonomic, backlit keyboard on time. Not only will it provide you with a cushioned wrist rest, but most models will also have a mechanical membrane that’ll make it easier for you to press the buttons. Additionally, each key should be lit so that you can enjoy your favorite game, even in total darkness.

4. New And Innovative Gadgets Such as The Woojer Vest

One of the, perhaps, most innovative and interesting gadgets on this list is the Woojer vest. What exactly is it? Basically speaking, it’s a vest – as the name implies – and in order for it to work, you’ll need to strap it around your torso. Since it’s capable of producing low-frequency vibrations, you’ll be able to actually feel the sound, thus, you can make your gaming experience so much more fun! You can check out the review I’ll leave below for more information on this particular gadget.

5. Add Lighting Behind Your PC

The first thing that you should know about adding lighting – such as LED lights – behind your PC is that it’ll ensure that your eyes don’t strain while you’re playing one of your favorite PC games. But, besides this, it’ll also make your room so much more interesting, especially since most LED lights can be customized, meaning that you could actually control the intensity of the light, the color, and how they’ll change.

6. A Suitable And Comfortable Chair


I did forget to purchase an ergonomic keyboard, however, I didn’t forget to purchase an ergonomic chair, and truth be told, it saved me from a lot of trouble. If you’re into competitive gaming or if you simply spend too much time on your PC, I highly recommend that you invest in an ergonomic chair, mostly because it’ll prevent serious back pain and health issues that could develop because of how long you sit.

Most will have a wide array of beneficial features such as a design that can hold your back properly, adjustable armrests, a pillow where you can place your head, as well as a handle that you can use for tilting it, thus, you can ensure that you’re completely comfortable while enjoying your favorite games. It’s worth mentioning that there are various options on the market, thus, ensure that you research them before choosing something for yourself.

7. A High-Quality Monitor

Last, but not least important is that you must have a high-quality monitor if you want to boost your gaming experience. Not only will it be more comfortable for you to play, but the graphics of the game you like will look completely different, thus, you can enjoy every single detail that the developers added to it. Large, 4K monitors are best for gaming, which is one of the main reasons why you should consider getting it if you have the budget for it.


If you’re someone that really enjoys playing video games, then the gadgets and items we’ve mentioned above need to find their way into your arsenal. Of course, you might not need all of them, so, before purchasing any, ensure that you determine which one might suit your needs.

Since you’ve now learned what things you should add in order to improve your gaming experience, you really shouldn’t waste any more of your time. Instead, you should go through our article one more time, determine what you might need, and then find a company that’ll provide you with the best deals for the items you want!

Written by Kan Dail