5 Advantages Semi Truck Accident Lawyers Offer When Trying To Get Compensation


18-wheeler trucks weigh over 20 times more than a car. Therefore, the chances of getting severely injured after a truck accident are very high. Getting treated for severe injuries and possibly being unable to work while you recover can be economically burdensome. When you decide to sue a trucking company, you need a legally knowledgeable person representing you.

After an accident, you may assume that a trucking company already has enough money to compensate you for your injuries fully. While this may be true, their budget is also big enough to spend on quality legal representation, so they won’t have to compensate you. Without any legal representation, you’re the underdog in your claim.

Here are four advantages of hiring semi-truck accident lawyers.

1. Help Identify The Liable Parties


The first step to getting compensated is correctly identifying the liable party. Semi-truck accidents are often complicated because multiple parties can be traced to the accident. It could be the truck driver, trucking company, mechanic, manufacturer, etc.

Your lack of understanding of semi-truck accidents may limit how you handle the case. Claiming from all these parties while getting rejected may be a frustrating rollercoaster, especially while recovering.

Qualified semi-truck accident lawyers know strictly what to look for and how to directly link the parties to the accident. Victims of auto accidents have a limited timeline to make their claim against the party at fault, and if you go unrepresented and pick the wrong one, you could lose out on an opportunity to seek redress.

A consultation with a truck accident attorney will alleviate this burden. They will review the case’s facts, collect evidence, conduct extensive research, and identify the at-fault parties. After this, they will pursue them for financial compensation.

2. Help You Get Fully Compensated

After a truck accident, insurance companies gather information through the drivers involved, the police report, and all other evidence. They will consider all these to decide who was at fault and how much compensation the affected party should receive.

The insurance company will send you an offer on the amount of compensation they find appropriate. By signing the letter and accepting the settlement, you will lose your right to file future lawsuits.

The money the insurance company offers may seem like a lot, but you should always consult with a truck accident attorney. Minor injuries often take time to manifest fully, and you only want to settle a claim once you are fully aware of the extent of your injury.

Semi-truck accident lawyers have experience in negotiating with insurance companies. Instead of waiting on the insurance offer, your lawyer will conduct their tabulation and place a counteroffer. That way, your interests are protected in the negotiation.

3. Semi Truck Accident Lawyers Know What to Say


When an accident has resulted in costly damages, you’ll likely receive multiple phone calls from insurance companies requiring more details. This stress may worry you because of the fear of saying something implying that you were at fault.

Great insurance adjusters are good, leading claimants to admit partial or complete fault. Seemingly harmless questions like whether you have any eye problems and whether you were wearing prescription glasses can change the whole narrative of your claim.

Every word you say when speaking to the insurance company is recorded and can be used to nullify or reduce the value of your claim. The questioning is even more overwhelming as you are still recovering from the severe injuries and associated financial burden.

When you have a lawyer, you can ask anyone who calls to speak to your lawyer. Semi-truck accident lawyers know the tactics adjusters use and how to go about them. They are also aware of the laws surrounding your issue and know what to say to maintain the validity of your claim.

4. Offer The Right Legal Strategy

While you may be a driver and understand basic traffic rules, semi-truck drivers have unique rules and regulations guiding their practice. Some include weight limits for the various vehicle types, rest time, specific working hours, etc.

Semi-truck attorneys know all these rules and regulations. They can uncover any violations by the driver, client, trucking company, supervisor, and others that may be used in a legal strategy. The more such violations are uncovered, the higher the probability of proving their liability, which can significantly increase the amount paid out in compensation.

When you consider the nitty-gritty of building a strong claim, the advantage of legal representation is glaring. Insurance companies are known for protecting their pockets by pushing you to the corner with threats of ‘final’ offers. Having a truck accident attorney in your corner during an otherwise complicated legal procedure, if anything, is a necessity.

5. Help Recover Non-Tangible Damages


There’s a chance that an insurer may offer to cover all your medical bills, do not sign. A consultation with semi-truck attorneys will let you know that your compensable losses are way more than just the medical treatment cost.

By entrusting your claim to a semi-truck accident attorney, you can recover the income lost while at home recovering from the accident. If you can’t resume work when the case is settled, you can also get compensated for the future lost income.

Beyond the economic damages, your semi truck accident lawyers will help get you compensation for the emotional distress, pain and suffering, and loss of companionship if your close family was seriously injured or died in the accident.

The value of economic damages is easier to quantify with a background of legal knowledge. Attorneys have a past of working similar cases and will know exactly how to quantify the extent that the accident affected your quality of life.

Consult With Semi Truck Accident Lawyers

When unrepresented, insurance companies will play on your lack of knowledge in the field to coerce you to settle for lower amounts. Change the dynamics of your negotiation by entrusting your claim to a truck accident attorney. Allow yourself to heal, sit back and watch; let the law take its course.

Semi-truck accidents can be traumatizing and overwhelming. You deserve some time to heal with the peace of mind that you will receive compensation for the economic and non-economic damages you endured. Talk to a semi-truck attorney today.

Written by Kan Dail