Average Cost of Living in Toms River, NJ


Navigating the cost of living in Toms River, NJ requires a comprehensive understanding of various economic factors and personal expenses. Toms River, a charming town in New Jersey, has attracted many individuals and families over the years due to its blend of coastal beauty and urban amenities.

However, like any other place, understanding the cost of living in Toms River is crucial for potential residents, ensuring they are prepared for the financial dynamics of the area. From housing to utilities, each facet contributes to the overall living expenses, making it essential for newcomers to have a clear picture before making the move.

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Historical Perspective on Living Costs

Digging into the history of the cost of living in Toms River, it’s evident that the town has undergone significant economic shifts. The past saw a moderate cost index, making it a relatively affordable choice.

However, the last decade brought about changes. The surge in Toms River’s popularity, coupled with its infrastructural and community development, has played a crucial role. This isn’t just numbers and statistics; it’s about understanding the evolving fabric of a community that’s growing in every sense.

Breakdown of Costs



When talking about the cost of living in Toms River, housing stands as a pivotal factor. The housing costs in Toms River tend to lie above the national average, making it a prominent component of living expenses. Yet, when juxtaposed with places like Hoboken or Jersey City, Toms River presents a more balanced picture. The median home price has its weight, but the perks of location and community often justify the price tag. Renters could expect an average of $1,500 for a decent two-bedroom space, but this varies across neighborhoods and proximity to essential services.


Utility bills, comprising electricity, water, and sometimes gas, can take up a notable slice of the monthly budget. In Toms River, residents often find themselves budgeting around $150 to $200 monthly for utilities. Factors such as the season, size of the house, and personal consumption habits play a role. It’s worth noting that while these numbers might appear standard, efficient utility management can lead to substantial savings in the long run.



Transportation costs are an inescapable part of the cost of living in Toms River. Owning a car means being subjected to gasoline prices that closely match the national average. But Toms River isn’t all about cars. The town offers reliable public transportation options that don’t burn a hole in the pocket.

With monthly passes averaging at about $70, many residents find it a viable alternative. The cost index for transportation remains moderate, especially when one leverages public transportation to its fullest.


The monthly grocery bill is another significant component when discussing the cost of living in Toms River. On average, a family of four might be setting aside $800 to $1,000 monthly for groceries. These living expenses can be maneuvered. By opting to shop at local farmer markets, sticking to seasonal produce, and being alert to discounts, residents can experience noteworthy savings.


The cost of living in Toms River also extends to healthcare. The town’s healthcare facilities are commendable, offering a blend of quality and affordability. Generally, healthcare costs might seem slightly above the national median, but they’re competitive within the state. When one factors in the quality and accessibility of services, the numbers make sense.

Comparisons with other NJ Cities


The cost of living in Toms River might initially seem on the steeper side, especially when drawn against other NJ towns. But the value isn’t solely in numbers. Toms River offers a unique amalgamation of community vibes, scenic beauty, and modern conveniences. While cities like Newark might present varied living expenses, do they offer Toms River’s undeniable charm?

Cost-Cutting Tips

Housing Tips

The cost of living in Toms River, particularly housing costs, can be navigated with some clever strategies. Older neighborhoods often present more affordable rent options. Sharing a space or even considering multi-family homes can significantly cut down costs. Exploring such housing hacks can lead to impressive savings without compromising on the quality of life.

Grocery Shopping Tips

Toms River offers ample opportunities to save on grocery bills. Residents can frequent local farmers’ markets, invest in bulk purchases, and align their shopping habits with seasonal produce. A dash of planning and alertness to discounts can transform monthly grocery living expenses.

Transportation Savings


Reducing transportation costs in Toms River isn’t a Herculean task. Residents can consider carpooling, actively use the town’s public transportation, or even explore eco-friendly options like cycling. Such habits not only lighten the wallet’s burden but also contribute to a greener environment.

Why Toms River?

The cost of living in Toms River is a frequently searched term, and there’s a good reason for it. Beyond just the figures, the town presents an unparalleled lifestyle. The combination of a robust community, scenic beauty, and the conveniences of urban life make Toms River an irresistible choice. It’s not just about balancing the cost index but about embracing the value that comes with it.


The cost of living in Toms River might seem daunting at first glance. But when one dives into the specifics, like housing costs, utility bills, and transportation costs, the town offers a balance. It’s about weighing the living expenses against the quality of life, and Toms River certainly doesn’t disappoint in that regard.

Written by Alana Harrington