What Is Like Living in Norfolk, Virginia (2024)

Norfolk Virginia

Living in Norfolk means living in Virginia’s largest city, with a population of 244,300 people. The majority of Norfolk’s residents are renters, giving the city the feel of a densely populated suburb. Norfolk has a diverse range of food options, coffee shops, and parks. Norfolk is home to both families and young professionals.

Norfolk, Virginia, is a fantastic alternative for anyone who wishes to live near the seaside but does not want to pay exorbitant rates. The city has about 125 miles of navigable canals, which add to the city’s overall appeal as a location to live.

As new residents in this area, job seekers will discover a wide range of employment opportunities and other ways to succeed.

Cost of Living in Norfolk

Want to learn one of the most effective ways to combat price inflation? Relocating to Norfolk, a region of the nation with a cheaper cost of living.

Here is where, in our opinion, Norfolk’s actual assets may be observed and appreciated. The majority of people are unaware that the cost of living in Norfolk is far cheaper than they believe.

The prices of housing, power, and food are all slightly below the national average. In addition, the median price of a home in this city is around $242,000.

It is realistic to suppose that you will be able to save a significant amount of money in this area. Which of these will afford you the most opportunity to appreciate this?

Is Norfolk a Safe Place to Live?

Is Norfolk a Safe Place to Live

To begin, keep in mind that Virginia is one of the safest states in the country, and you will be safe living in Norfolk. Virginia ranks eighth overall on the Crime Index.

As with any large metropolitan area, some portions of Norfolk are seen as more dangerous than others (we will discuss some of these locations in more detail later). When all of these neighboring areas are included, Norfolk emerges as one of the most dangerous cities in the state of Virginia.

Having said that, the city’s violent crime rate is comparable to that of many other American cities.

According to the website, Norfolk has a safety score of C+, putting it in the middle of the pack. This indicates that half of the cities are deemed more dangerous, while the other half are deemed less dangerous.

Things To Do

The city of Norfolk provides a wide variety of activities that are appropriate for the participation of all members of a family.

People who are living in Norfolk want to enjoy an exciting date night may check out the city’s museums, wonderful eating places, art galleries, and nightclubs if they want to.

The trip to the beach, time spent at the Virginia Zoo, or time spent on a boat will all provide the youngsters with a great deal of pleasure.

In addition, if you are the type of person who is easily bored, there is a flourishing culture of bird-watching in Norfolk, which you may participate in.

This is something that is likely to keep people of advanced age as well as people who commit serial killings happy.

The Sports Season Never Ends

Sports Season in Norfolk

It’s certain that Norfolk’s propensity for sports has contributed to the city’s success in maintaining a vibrant culture rich in recreational opportunities.

Even if the Tides are playing at Harbor Park in the downtown area, you may still watch athletic events there. A good alternative to baseball in the fall would be to see one of Old Dominion University’s football games.

If you’re looking for options, here is another one. Moreover, during the summer months, the Lafayette River has occasional sailboat races, and during the winter months, the Scope Plaza hosts games by the Norfolk Admirals, a minor league hockey team. Norfolk is the setting for each of these occurrences.


One of the most convenient parts of living in Norfolk is being able to travel to the beach quickly and effortlessly. Residents may also enjoy three beach parks in the city.

Other examples include the Community Beach Park, the Ocean View Beach Park, and the Sarah Constant Beach Park. Furthermore, if none of those beaches appeal to you for any reason, you will have access to a plethora of alternative beaches all along the coast.

Being so close to the water has numerous advantages, one of which is that burglars avoid the region. Consider the consequences. When was the last time you heard of someone committing a crime while on vacation?

Exactly. If you ever need a break from all of the police chases and gunfights in Norfolk, all you have to do is go to the nearest body of water and if you decide to live there you can contact local movers in Norfolk Va.

Professional movers and reliable local movers are taught to treat your belongings as if they were their own. This starts with giving free estimates with no strings attached and ends with padding all of your furniture before it leaves your home.

Educational Center of Incredible Excellence

Norfolk Education

Another reason the majority of people want to move to Norfolk is the exceptional educational opportunities accessible there.

There are around 34 primary schools and five secondary schools in the region, giving you a respectable number of options from which to choose. This city’s schools are outstanding and leaders in their respective disciplines.

Academy for Discovery at Lakewood is regarded as the best public elementary school in the city, followed by Larchmont Elementary School. Granby High School is now ranked second among secondary schools, while Maury High School is at the top.

In addition, if you intend to complete your degree in Norfolk, you will not encounter any obstacles. From elementary school to tertiary education, this city offers its inhabitants indisputably outstanding educational possibilities.

Both Norfolk State University and Old Dominion University are among the town’s educational institutions that serve college-level students.

In Conclusion

Norfolk VA

If you can find ways to enjoy the southern Virginia city of Norfolk, you won’t have any trouble filling your time.

The city is proud of its naval history, its great tourist spots, its booming business, and its lower tax rates. It is also a great place to find a balance between work and play because it has 114 miles of beautiful coastline.

Written by Kan Dail