Taking Flight: Everything You Need to Know about Aviator Game 

Everything You Need to Know about Aviator Game 

Do you love to play casino games? In that case, you might have heard of Aviator. There has been a lot of buzz surrounding this new gambling game introduced by Spribe in the i-Gaming sector recently. There are many top-rated online casinos where you can start playing this game.

Aviator’s simplicity is part of its appeal. It will take hardly a few minutes to figure out the gaming rules and enjoy the action. Moreover, the double bets, multiplier angle, and constant thrill will compel you to play again and again. However, if you are a newbie, knowing about this game in detail is crucial. So, let’s try to uncover all the important facts related to this game in the article below!

What is the Aviator Game?

The Aviator game is nothing but a type of crash game where you have to wager on a plane taking off and cash out before it crashes down. Its easy-to-understand gaming rule is the main reason behind the immense popularity of this game. All you have to do is select the right moment to claim your winning. Too early or too late will lead to losing all of your money.

With an RTP rate of 97% and developed by Spribe, this game can easily compete with any popular casino slots. Aviator game also has incorporated blockchain technology, and you can enjoy this fast-paced game with your friends, where each session lasts around 5 to 30 seconds.

Who designed this Aviator game?

Who designed this Aviator game

Spribe is a software manufacturer who has created this gambling game and taken the i-gaming industry by storm.

The Aviator game came into the market in 2019 and got the license from the UK Gambling Commission and Malta Gaming Authority. Their mission was to create a game casino game that also would give the vibes of playing a video game. And they have definitely made it successful.

How to Play the Aviator Game with Real Money?

Playing the Aviator game is not rocket science. There are just some simple steps to follow with no tricky rules, and you can win the game. So, here is the breakdown of how to play it and win some good cash.

  • Choose a top-rated casino operator: Like any other casino game, you need to register to a casino site first that offers an Aviator game. You can use your smartphone to download it and then create an account after that.
  • Make the payment: In the next step, you have to make your first deposit in the casino account. However, this amount can vary depending on the casino platform you are registering.
  • Start your game: After depositing the money, you can start playing this game. The gaming rule is pretty simple, as mentioned earlier. Users have to click on the “bet” button when they want to wager on. Upon taking off, the plane will start flying, and if you cash out before it crashes, you will be the winner.

Why The Aviator Game Has Become So Famous?

Why The Aviator Game Has Become So Famous

The online gaming industry has been performing well these days. And the real reason behind that is the launching of the games like Aviator. It makes it so simple for people who don’t know how to play complex casino games like poker or other table games. So, let’s check out the significant factors behind the incredible growth of Aviator,

Give the feel of a video game

You will find uncanny similarities between this game and any other video game you play. The reason behind that is not having pay lines and casino grids. In addition, this game also demands sheer skill to win instead of trying your luck, just like any real gameplay.

Simple gaming rules

Aviator will suit perfectly for people who love to play simple games. You don’t need to learn complex casino gaming rules like understanding the odds, pay lines, or classic grids. Just place your bets, wait for the plane to start flying, and cash out the money before the plane crashes down.

Return to player

Check the return to players percentage is crucial when you are looking to get good profits from casino games. Generally, you will receive high payouts for your initial bets when the RTP (Return to Player) rate for a game is high. And for the Aviator, the RTP is 97%. This is higher than any other table games or casino slots you play.

Enjoying the tension

There is no doubt this fast-paced game will give you a real adrenaline rush. You can’t predict when the plane will crash, but it will ultimately give you real fun and excitement in each round. You have a much greater stake in the game than in spinning slot reels because your decisions are a lot more crucial here.

Setting autoplay

Its autoplay feature is another unique quality that has made this game popular worldwide. It is possible to set up autoplay to enter a set wager repeatedly, and the wager can be extended to ten rounds at a time. Moreover, the game can be set to cash out when the odds reach a predetermined limit each time.

Smart Tips to Win The Aviator Game

Smart Tips to Win The Aviator Game

There is no sure-shot way to win this Aviator game. However, you can follow a few smart tricks to increase your winning chances.

  • Always go for the small bets while playing Aviator. This will help you cover your losses when you lose a round.
  • Go for the double bet feature. It will double the number of your active bets in the same session you are playing.
  • Don’t get overwhelmed when looking for a higher multiplier
  • Fix your budget and stick to it before you start playing this game.


In the world of the i-Gaming industry, the popularity of Aviator is astonishing. You can enjoy this casino game using your Android or iOS. And by following some gaming tricks, it is not a big deal to predict the flights and earn some good money from it.

Written by Kan Dail