3 Best Dubai Desert Safari In 2024


Dubai’s vast and beautiful desert sets Dubai city apart and makes it a destination in its own right since there are so many fun things to do there. There are many different things to do on a Desert Safari Dubai, from the exciting dune bashing to the relaxing camel rides.

Everyone who goes to Dubai in 2024 should plan to go on a desert safari. Still, choosing just one option that fits your needs from all the available ones might be challenging. We can give you a hand. We’ve listed the top three desert safaris you shouldn’t miss in Dubai.

Sunrise Safari, Sunset Safari, and Overnight Safari are just a few of our carefully chosen trips. We’ll talk about the details of these safaris, like;

  • Where to get the best deals on a Dubai desert safari
  • How much this kind of trip usually costs
  • And which travel agencies can you trust the most

Relax and let us show you the best desert safaris in Dubai in 2024 so you can prepare for an experience you’ll never forget.

1. Sunrise Desert Safari Dubai


Sunrise safaris in the desert are a magical time for people looking for excitement and peace. The trip starts early in the morning, so you can watch the desert come to life as the sun rises on the dunes.

Activities included in the tour

  • Dune bashing: Dune bashing is an exciting trip through sand dunes in a 4×4 vehicle.
  • Sandboarding: Sandboarding is a popular sport where you ride a board down a hill of sand.
  • Camel riding: A calm ride on a camel is something that many people like to do.
  • Breakfast: In a typical Bedouin camp, you can start the day with a hearty breakfast.

A dawn safari is different from other kinds of desert trips in a number of ways. In this peaceful place, you may feel at one with nature and be amazed as the desert comes to life with the dawn.

Benefits of experiencing the desert at dawn

  • Cooler temperature: The temperature at dawn is much more comfortable than during the day, making it easier to enjoy outdoor activities
  • Stunning views: Watch the desert come to life as the sun rises over the dunes.
  • Peaceful atmosphere: Get away from the crowds and into the peace and quiet of the desert.

When planning your desert safari vacation, consider how much it will cost and choose a reputable tour company that gives you good value. Sunrise safaris in the desert of Dubai are a fantastic thing to do. Plan a trip to Dubai today and you’ll be glad you did when you see the beautiful desert landscape for yourself.

2. Evening Safari


After a long day of sightseeing, the best way to go on a safari in the Dubai desert is in the evening. An ordinary desert safari looks like this.

Key features of the tour

  • Scenic drive:      A trip through the desert in a 4×4 is a beautiful thing to do.
  • Quad biking:      A thrilling ride over the sand dunes on a quad bike
  • Dune bashing:   Exciting ride in a 4×4 over the sand dunes
  • Camel riding:     The peace of riding a camel
  • BBQ dinner:       In a typical Bedouin camp, having a tasty BBQ

Highlights of the tour

  • Sunset watching:  See the sun go down behind the sand dunes.
  • Henna tattooing:    You can use henna to design traditional hands and feet.
  • Falconry:                 Learn about falconry, the UAE’s national sport.
  • Live entertainment: Live performances allow you to see traditional Emirati dance and music.

What makes a safari in the evening a great way to unwind? After a long day of touring or working, nothing beats an evening safari to help you grow and relax in the quiet desert. The classic Bedouin camp is a great place to eat a tasty barbecue while watching the sun go down over the sand dunes. Some extras that will make this an evening to remember are live music, henna tattoos, and falconry.

Evening safari companies like XYZ Tours and ABC Safaris are just two of many that run in the Dubai desert and allow people to see the desert at sunset. If you want to go on a desert safari, book it with a reliable company with a history of keeping its customers safe and happy.

3. Overnight Safari

People worldwide know Dubai for its beautiful buildings, expensive shops, and fun nightlife. But the Dubai Desert is a hidden gem that gives visitors to the city a different kind of fun. The best way to see them is on a guided desert safari. This part of our essay is about the Overnight safari, one of the most popular desert trips in 2024.

An Overnight Safari is the only way to spend the night in the desert and learn about how the Bedouins live. The trip starts with an exciting ride over sand dunes, then a stop for pictures at sunset and a drive to the desert camp. When you get to the camp, you’ll get Arabic coffee and dates, and you can relax in a tent decorated in the style of the Bedouin.

You can listen to traditional Arabic music while you look at the stars, dance the belly dance, or smoke a shisha pipe. Have a delicious BBQ dinner under the stars, get a henna tattoo, or wear real Bedouin clothes.

There are many good things about sleeping in the desert. The night sky in the desert is beautiful, and you might learn something about the Bedouin people’s customs and culture. The overnight safari is a real adventure you may remember fondly for many years.

Some tour companies provide extras like spa treatments, private camps, and trips in hot air balloons. Plan and make reservations if you want to have the best desert safari Dubai has to offer. You can’t go to Dubai without going on an overnight safari. It is a rare chance to see the desert and discover how the Bedouins live. Book a trip out of Dubai for the best desert adventure you can have.



The article details the different kinds of desert safaris in Dubai. It points out what makes each one unique. If you’re going to Dubai, you should plan a trip to the desert. The Dawn Safari lets you see the desert come to life before dawn.

It includes dune bashing, sandboarding, camel riding, and breakfast in a typical Bedouin tent. The sunset highlights the Evening Safari, including a scenic drive, quad biking, camel rides, a BBQ meal, and live entertainment.

The Overnight safari is a unique way to spend the night in the desert. It includes dune bashing, camel riding, sandboarding, henna tattoos, a BBQ meal, and live entertainment, all while staying in a beautiful Bedouin tent.

Finding a travel service you can trust is important if you want to get your money’s worth. Overall, people who visit Dubai should not miss the chance to go on a trip of Desert Safari Dubai.

Written by Kan Dail