Know About the Traditional Emirati Culture on a Desert Safari Dubai


A Desert Safari Dubai is about dune bashing and immersing yourself in the rich Emirati heritage. There’s much to explore and learn, from Bedouin tents to camel rides, traditional Arabic costumes, and henna paintings. Get ready to experience the hospitality, the food, and the warm Emirati welcome. This blog post is your ultimate guide to understanding the traditional Emirati culture on a Desert Safari Dubai.

Understanding the Bedouin way of life: A glimpse into Emirati history

The Bedouin way of life has been integral to Emirati history and culture for centuries. During a Desert Safari Dubai Deals and offers, visitors can experience the Bedouin way of life by visiting a traditional Bedouin tent, where they can learn about Bedouin customs, traditions, and beliefs. From learning how to make Arabic coffee to hearing Bedouin music, Desert Safari Dubai offers a unique opportunity to learn about the Bedouin way of life and its impact on Emirati culture.

Exploring Bedouin Culture: What to Expect at a Desert Camp


You can learn Bedouin traditions and customs at a desert camp, such as Arabic coffee and dates, henna tattoos, and falconry. You can also watch a traditional belly dancing performance and even try a traditional Emirati outfit for a unique photo opportunity.

You can also enjoy a sumptuous Arabian feast with grilled meats, salads, and desserts. It’s an immersive cultural experience that will deepen your appreciation of the region.

From Henna Tattoos to Falconry: Unique Activities at a Desert Camp

A desert camp is not just about cultural experiences and food; there are also a variety of unique activities to enjoy. You can get a henna tattoo, a temporary body art used for centuries in the Middle East.

You can also try falconry, a traditional hunting method that involves using trained birds of prey to catch small game. Additionally, you can try sandboarding, a thrilling activity that involves riding down sand dunes on a board. These activities are a fun way to experience the desert environment and the local culture.

Watching the Sunset over the Golden Sands: The Ultimate Desert Safari Moment

One of the most magical moments of a desert safari in Dubai is watching the sunset over the golden sands. The sky turns pink and orange as the sun sets, and the sand dunes take on a beautiful golden hue. It’s a breathtaking moment that will leave you in awe of the natural beauty of the desert.

The art of Arabic hospitality: Emirati warmth and welcome


Arabic hospitality is an integral part of Emirati culture, and visitors to Dubai can experience it firsthand during a Desert Safari Dubai. Emirati people are known for their warmth and welcoming nature, and visitors can expect to be treated with utmost respect and kindness.

During a Desert Safari Dubai, visitors are usually welcomed with Arabic coffee and dates, a traditional gesture of hospitality. Visitors can also enjoy a traditional Emirati meal, which typically includes lamb ouzi and machboos, and experience Emirati music and dance.

Traditional Emirati cuisine: A taste of local flavors

Emirati cuisine blends flavors from Arabic, Indian, and Iranian cuisine, making it a unique culinary experience. During a Desert Safari Dubai, visitors can taste traditional Emirati dishes such as shawarma, hummus, and tabbouleh and regional specialties such as biryani and falafel. Emirati cuisine is known for its generous use of spices and herbs, making it a flavor-packed adventure for foodies.

The beauty of Emirati fashion: From traditional dresses to accessorizing

Emirati fashion is an intricate mix of traditional and modern styles. Women often wear long, flowing dresses called abayas, which can be decorated with intricate embroidery and beading. Men typically wear a long, loose-fitting garment called a thobe. During Desert Safari Dubai, visitors can try on traditional Emirati clothing and accessories, such as kanduras, ghutras, and agals, and learn about the significance of each piece of clothing.

The significance of henna: A cultural symbol of beauty and celebration

During Desert Safari Dubai, visitors can get henna tattoos and learn about the significance of henna in Emirati culture. Henna is believed to bring good luck and prosperity, and its intricate designs reflect the region’s rich cultural heritage. So, if you are going for the desert safari Dubai trip, we recommend you try this activity.

The spirit of Emirati sports: From camel racing to falconry

Emirati people have a long history of engaging in sports and activities closely tied to their desert environment. Visitors can witness traditional Emirati sports such as camel racing and falconry during a Desert Safari Dubai. Camel racing is a popular sport in the region and involves racing camels trained by skilled riders. Falconry, on the other hand, is a traditional practice of training falcons for hunting. You can also learn about the cultural significance and more.

Emirati arts and crafts: A celebration of creativity and tradition


Emirati arts and crafts are a celebration of creativity and tradition. During Desert Safari Dubai, visitors can witness the making of traditional handicrafts such as pottery, weaving, and embroidery. Emirati artisans use traditional techniques and materials to create beautiful, intricate pieces reflecting the region’s cultural heritage. However, along with all that, you can also buy different things like handicrafts and more.

The power of Emirati storytelling: The art of preserving culture

The best and most essential part of Emirati culture is storytelling, which tells about the culture and history of the Arabian Desert. During a Desert Safari Dubai, visitors can listen to traditional Emirati stories and learn about the customs and beliefs passed down from generation to generation. Emirati storytelling is a powerful tool for preserving culture and ensuring that the traditions and values of the past are not lost.

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The legacy of Emirati culture: Embracing tradition in a modern world

Emirati culture is a rich and diverse tapestry of tradition, history, and innovation. During a Desert Safari Dubai, visitors can experience the legacy of Emirati culture and learn about how Emirati people are embracing tradition in the modern world. From the art of Arabic hospitality to the significance of henna and storytelling, Emirati culture is a treasure trove of customs and practices that continue to inspire and enrich people’s lives worldwide.

Written by Kan Dail