6 Best Ways Boomers Can Make Legit Money Online


The remote culture is taking the world by storm. More and more people are looking for opportunities to work from home. Working online requires no costs, and you can work flexibly. All you need is a laptop and a stable Internet connection.

Many companies are looking for freelancers and remote workers who will do the job regardless of location. This increases their chances of finding qualified professionals in the talent pool.

We are living in the perfect time to take advantage of such work-from-home opportunities and explore how we can make money online, especially if you’re in the “boomers” generation that grew up as technology took its highest peak so far.

These are the 5 best ways boomers can make money online and use their talent and skills.

1. Social Media

Earning money on social media can be as easy as creating content for posts to more challenging tasks like managing corporate social media profiles. And since social media is continuously changing and growing, the chances of it disappearing soon are pretty low.

So how can you earn money on social media? There are many social media platforms you could try out and check their policies. For example, Instagram is mainly for content creators and influencers who post pics, whether it’s fashion-related, traveling, science, food, etc.

Facebook is mostly used for Facebook Ads and marketing campaigns. TikTok is becoming more popular in the last couple of years, and the popularity doesn’t seem to stop there.

OnlyFans is mostly used by content creators as a platform to post explicit and adult content. You’ll find all types of accounts and content there, from musicians to famous stars, athletes, and even explicit content. Contrary to popular belief, OnlyFans has been a lucrative platform for seniors to make money from posting content daily. Older women are present on the platform and make money with nude content. You can check the best mature OnlyFans creators at to get the idea.

As a creator, you can unlock your earning potential by increasing your following base. You can earn through partnerships with brands, affiliate programs, selling your merch, offering valuable services like coaching, or starting a membership program. The possibilities are limitless; you must find your passion and follow along. The best thing is you can connect all your social media accounts and get your followers across platforms. This helps you establish several income streams, as you will learn that different platforms bring different types of audiences.

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2. Write an E-Book


If writing is your strong suit and what brings bread to the table, you could use those skills for something bigger, like writing an e-book and selling it online on sites like Amazon, Lulu, Kindle, iBooks Author, or Smashwords.

There are a range of opportunities within this side gig that can bring you a lot of money if you have the right marketing strategy and a unique idea for writing the book. Once you’ve written the book, you’ll need to create an account on some publishing sites, and voila!

3. Freelance Services

You can use freelance sites and find various side gigs if you’re multi-skilled and willing to take on a higher scope of work. Many employers post job ads on sites like Fiverr, Upwork, Freelancer, People Per Hour, Toptal, etc., to find qualified individuals for a lower wage.

And if you’ve been considering freelancing as part of your life, it’s time to get involved. There are many tasks posted on the marketplaces that you can bid for and get the deal. For instance, you can earn money by editing a piece of content, proofreading an article, doing data entry, transcription, and anything in between.

4. Tutoring


Tutoring or teaching English online is a great way to earn money. You can sign up for multiple platforms, pass the interviews and tests, and start teaching. You can create your schedule and work from anywhere in the world.

Most platforms where you can work as an English teacher have the flexibility to choose your teaching hours and start earning from the comfort of your home. Some of the sites you can check out are Engoo, Yup, Tutor, Tutor Vista, Kaplan, Preply, VIP Kid, etc.

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5. Photography

If photography is your cup of tea, it’s time to show your skills and sharp eye by uploading pictures to various sites like Stock, Unsplash, Pixabay, etc. These sites usually have specific terms and conditions for uploading and accepting a photo on the platform, you should check them before you set out to take your photos.

Stock photographs can be sold repeatedly, so it’s a great way to earn money and enjoy your hobby.

6. Content Writing


Seniors pride themselves on life experience, many interests, and the information they gathered during their lifetime. Almost every one of us has a hobby, a major interest that was once part of the profession, or just a passion in our spare time. If you are proficient in a certain topic, such as gardening, nutrition, or embroidery, or you are traveling, exercising, or playing an instrument, it is about time to put your thoughts and experiences into writing. You can either create a personal blog with the help of a web developer. That blog can be monetized in time.

Another option is to search for freelance content writing jobs in the niche you are interested in and proficient in. Content writing is a creative task most people enjoy. Apart from being paid well., you will enjoy the time you spend researching and learning new things. You can check out websites that offer freelance gigs to find one that is looking for writers in your preferred niche.

Roll Your Sleeves

There are many online opportunities where you can implement your skills and knowledge and earn pretty well. All you need is a positive mindset, persistence, and a portfolio of your previous work (in case the employer requires one). It is never too late for a fresh start. Start earning some money and enjoy the benefits of today’s technical advancements.

Written by Kan Dail