2023’s Most Popular Bridesmaid Dress Colors

As the year 2024 is quickly approaching, brides are already dreaming about their perfect wedding and their beautiful bridal party. After shopping for your bridal dress, you will move to the next part: bridesmaid dresses for your squad. The 2 important factors are style and color, in this blog post, we’ll discuss trending colors for bridesmaids in 2024. We have bold colors, bright hues, and soft and subtle shades, read on and get inspired by the 2024 trends!

Eucalyptus Bridesmaid Dresses


Eucalyptus is set to be one of the top bridesmaid dress colors for 2024. This muted, the earthy green hue is sure to add a touch of elegance to any bridal party ensemble. The cool, calming shade can easily be paired with white or ivory gowns for a timeless look. With its subtle, yet sophisticated hue, eucalyptus is the perfect color choice for those wanting a unique, yet traditional feel. For a fresh, modern look, pair eucalyptus with metallic accents such as gold or silver. Or if you’re looking to soften the overall look, add blush tones to create a romantic feel. Eucalyptus is sure to make your bridal party look unforgettable!

Terracotta and Rust


Terracotta and rust are two complementary colors that make for a unique and beautiful bridesmaid dress color palette. The terracotta and rust palette is perfect for a warm, rustic-inspired wedding, adding a touch of warmth and romance to any event. Terracotta and rust create a vintage feel that is perfect for an outdoor ceremony. When paired together, terracotta and rust can bring out the best in each other; terracotta is bold and passionate while rust is more subdued and muted. Whether you are looking for a subtle statement or something bold, this color combo can work with many different styles of weddings. Whether you choose light, medium, or dark hues of terracotta and rust, these shades will be sure to add a beautiful dimension to your big day.



Black has become increasingly popular as a bridesmaid dress color, and this trend looks to continue in 2024. This bold choice is perfect for modern or minimalist weddings, or for any occasion where you want a sleek, sophisticated look. Black can be easily dressed up with statement accessories and jewelry, or it can be kept classic and timeless with simple silhouettes.

Black is especially versatile for those looking for a more formal look, as it pairs well with both metallic and pastel accents. To make a bolder statement, opt for a structured piece with interesting details such as a ruffled skirt, off-the-shoulder sleeve, or peplum waist. For a more classic look, choose a timeless black shift dress with minimal embellishments. Whichever look you choose, you’re sure to make a stylish statement with black bridesmaid dresses!



When it comes to bridesmaid dress colors, neutral shades can be just as stunning as their brighter counterparts. Whether you’re looking for a classic look or something more unique, there are a variety of options available. For 2024, some of the most popular neutral shades include champagne, cream, and ivory. Each of these colors will work well with a variety of other shades, making them ideal for a mixed-hue wedding party. For a subtle look that won’t overpower the bride’s ensemble, try pairing one of these neutral hues with a bolder color such as teal or burgundy. If you’re going for a more classic look, try mixing two shades of neutral together for an understated elegance. No matter what you choose, a neutral bridesmaid dress is sure to be chic.

Sage Green


Sage green is a timeless color for bridesmaids that continues to be popular in 2024. This light and subtle hue works especially well for rustic or country-style weddings, but can also be incorporated into a wide variety of wedding themes. Sage green is incredibly versatile and pairs easily with other colors such as blush, dusty blue, ivory, and champagne. It’s perfect for creating a delicate and ethereal look while still providing plenty of contrast and making a statement. When paired with bolder colors like navy or burgundy, sage green is a great way to bring some balance to the overall look. It’s also a great color for casual garden weddings, as it can give a relaxed and laid-back feel. Whether you choose to dress your bridesmaids in matching Sage Green Bridesmaid Dresses or mix and match with other colors, this color is sure to be a hit in 2024.

Written by Kan Dail