Common Mistakes To Avoid When Renting a Bounce House for Your Party

A bounce house is an excellent addition to any party involving kids. In the inflatable bouncy castle industry, you need to be more open-minded and get proper advice and support from seniors. Kids’ parties are more fun when they have a bouncy castle for them to play.

Children are very active. If you don’t want them to run wild every few minutes at a party, despite that, one alternative is to provide them something to spend their energy on. Endless party games are excellent, but a bouncy castle is way more fun. These inflatable playgrounds will provide all the fun your little one needs for the day.

In a city like Seattle, famous for its lavish events like the Seattle International Film Festival, one must ensure that the party stands out. Bouncy castle rental in Seattle fits your budget and can make any party hyped. They are safe if the set-up is appropriately done. You can enjoy the party while the kids keep busy with this game.

When choosing the proper bouncy castle for your party, consider the following factors below. It will help you rent and make the set-up much smoother.

Choose Better Quality Over Cheap Quality

Quality comes first in this business. If you are getting one for your party, ensure the quality is top-notch. Bouncy Castle is primarily for younger audiences. Event planners and parents need to ensure the houses they rent are safe and won’t give in when the kids are having fun.

If you receive a bouncy castle with flimsy material or if it has holes, please send it back and find a better manufacturer. Bouncy Houses are more than just a place to bounce around. There are different types, such as dry slides, wet slides, obstacle courses and multiple floors. Please choose according to the theme of the party.

The more complex settings are obviously more expensive. Still, they offer much better entertainment options, especially for the kids in the group who are a little older in the age category.

With better quality, you shouldn’t have to worry about the child’s safety and can enjoy the party as well. For checking quality, always try and ask for a demo or a sample of the house and then eventually close the deal. Suppose you are getting a house on a primary day. In that case, the manufacturer may not take any responsibility for the mishap that happens. Ensure your child’s safety by testing everything before the event.

Try Not To Go Overboard

One critical factor to consider while renting a bounce house for the party is the budget. Always look at the competitors’ prices and compare them with the company you are going forward with. Are they the same quality as Bouncy Castle? You can check on the extension of the rental time or look for perks and discounts. Always try to choose quality over budget but try not to get overboard. Choose the best deal possible.

Many services out there have set the price low and offer excellent quality bouncy houses. Don’t settle down one. Keep your research going and select the one that fits your budget. Remember that it’s the star of the party and not the party itself. You need to invest in other elements for the party, like catering services.

You can initially prepare a plan by sitting down with the event organizer and then, after allocating the budget for every element that goes into the party, separate the finances for the bouncy house. In this way, you would have a confident expectations but before going for a company, make sure you do your research well.

Research And Select The Right Company

An excellent company to hire a bouncy house should have many options per the party’s theme. The company should be licensed and insured and provide excellent customer service. One should also take care of inflatables, use non-toxic materials, and keep them clean all the time.

It is essential to ask about safety procedures for inflatable houses. It would be best if you went for ones that set up the house in case you don’t have an event planner to do this job. The price asked for renting a bouncy house should be worth the whole experience provided. Proper planning makes this game an excellent investment for a memorable children’s party.

At the same time, consider asking about the weight criteria for the game set-up because children tend to jump in even when not asked to do so. Knowing the weight the house can carry, you can easily keep a person to check and guide the children.

Multiple bouncy castles can also be rented for larger groups to avoid crowds. It’s essential to research and choose the company that does the job for you and ensures children’s safety.

Prioritize Safety Always

When you’re a party host, the first priority should be the safety of the little munchkins attending the event. Children tend to be more active, so you should have safety and precautions done in advance. In a rental house company, ensure that they have insurance so that even if any mishap occurs, the company takes charge of it and pays you if required.

The other thing you need to ensure is that the company should have a safety license and inform you of the rules and regulations before the event. You can take necessary actions or ask the company’s representative to stay back just in case anyone fails to follow the rules. Precautions are necessary, so the company should be legitimate and not a scam. The event should be fun and marvellous.


While renting a bouncy house, people tend to fall short on quality or don’t check that the company is licensed or insured. You shouldn’t make these mistakes and try to prioritize these things. The experience should be memorable, and kids must enjoy it. Let the party stand out and be the special day of their lives. Avoid making mistakes and take necessary precautions to have a blast at the event.

Written by Taisa Mellow