7 Budget-Friendly Kitchen Remodeling Tips


The kitchen is more than just a place where meals cook. It is where families sit together, laugh their hearts out, and create memories. So, there’s no doubt that every homeowner wants their kitchen to be functional, aesthetically pleasing, and comfortable.

And honestly, kitchens deserve all the TLC they can get. Regular use can damper their appearance – oil-splattered backsplashes, rusty hardware, and dull paint. So unappealing.

So, if you’re ready to transform your average-looking kitchen into a wow-some one, here are some helpful tips.

Remember, kitchen renovations require a pretty penny. If you’re unprepared to shell out big, do your homework and learn where to invest for the most results.

1. Work on Your Cabinets

Let’s start with the kitchen cabinets – the superheroes that store our goodies for us yet get minimal attention. If your cabinets have seen better days, let’s give them a do-over.

Cabinet refinishing is an affordable and transformative way of bringing your kitchen’s life back into action. It allows you to give your current cabinets a new, modern look without the high price of complete cabinet changes.

Depending on the state of your cabinetry, you could either DIY or hire professionals. Depending on your style, you can repaint or dye to change your cabinet’s appearance.

We recommended a reputable cabinet refinishing company for the best results in reviving our worn-out cabinets. Moreover, refinishing minimizes waste and chaos in your kitchen while providing considerable cost savings.

2. Improve the Lighting


You can improve your kitchen’s setting and features entirely with good lighting. Add under-cabinet lighting to bring attention to your refinished cabinets and create an inviting environment. Replace the outdated bulbs with some chic shades for a wow factor.

Pendant lights are another excellent addition. They use less space and work as focused lighting for meal prep, cooking, and dining. We recommend choosing energy-efficient LEDs for your kitchen. They’ll do the job while saving you some bucks.

If you have windows in the area, that’s even better. Nothing beats the ambient lighting of the sun.

3. Paint the Walls

A kitchen’s walls can quickly become dull and dated because of the heat from cooking fumes, moisture, and regular wear and tear. Of course, ketchup stains are a major culprit too. Luckily, paint jobs are considered the easiest and most affordable option when it comes to transformations. So, grab the roller and get to work.

Pick a unique color that goes well with the rest of your fittings – flooring and cabinetry, to be exact.

What color should I pick?

That’s your personal preference. Usually, neutrals like grey, beige, and white work great in kitchens. What’s more important than the color is the type of paint you choose. Semi-gloss and satin finishes are made for kitchens. They are easy to clean, can withstand moisture, and are durable.

4. Add Some Greenery

Do you want to add some greenery and freshness to your kitchen? Well, in that case, bring in some outdoor wonders – plants. They will purify the air and add some color to your space.

Here are some suggestions for adding plants and making a kitchen garden:

  • Make room in your kitchen for growing herbs. Herbs like basil, rosemary, thyme, and mint are helpful when cooking and give your kitchen a lovely fragrance. They can be planted in pots or herb gardens built on a wall or outside the window.
  • Use plant hangers to hang your plants from the wall or roof. Spider plants, or succulents, are hanging plants that provide decoration and clean air in your kitchen.
  • Growing little plants or herbs on a sunny window frame is also a great idea. Arrange pot plants like little flowering plants, mini veggies, or small lemon trees to create an attractive and practical garden.
  • Place window boxes outside the windows of your kitchen and fill them with herbs, flowers, or small vegetables. This gives your kitchen a pleasant look and makes reaching and caring for your plants simple.

5. Work on the Backsplash


Your beautiful backsplashes get a lot of beating from oil splatters and general cooking. They can become worn off and spoil the overall look of your fancy granite counter or shiny silver hood. So, how about you give it a new lease on life?

Revamping backsplashes is an easy project that you can DIY.

Consider using inexpensive materials like paintable bead board or peel-and-stick tiles for a cost-effective remodel. Subway tiles, chevrons, and basketweaves are some patterns that you can pick from.

For something extraordinary, you can do a wallpaper with a funky print. It’s YOUR kitchen, after all. Do what you like the best.

6. Upgrade Flooring:

Next up is flooring. Let us warn you, though. Changing your entire flooring can be expensive and a lot of work. Of course, the time investment is real too. But if you get the flooring right, it’ll make a big difference in your area.

Depending on your budget, you can choose from various options, including laminate, vinyl, or hardwood floors. Each of these has its upsides and downsides. Hardwood flooring, for instance, is evergreen and durable. But it requires big dollars. Vinyl flooring is a good alternative. It gives almost the same vibe and is easier on the pocket.

Again, ensure the color and pattern you pick compliments the rest of your kitchen.

7. Change Hardware:

The kitchen’s cupboards, drawers, and appliances can appear new by upgrading the hardware. The following hardware modifications are worth changing. You should change the handles, knobs, and drawer hooks of your cabinet and drawer.

Experiment with various finishes, such as silver, copper, and metallic that coordinate with other things in the area. Focus on shelving and storage. Use cabinets with dividers and open drawers to maximize your storage space.



Kitchen renovation projects are worth every minute and penny spent on them. They make your home’s heart look more inviting and become more functional. However, it’s an expensive project to take on.

We recommend browsing and comparing costs for different materials. It would help if you also looked for promotions and discounts. You never know; you might get lucky.

Consult experts for help and direction, especially when working on larger projects like flooring and cabinetry. Spend time on images as inspiration, change the concepts to match your kitchen and personal choices, and start your kitchen remodeling project. We know you got this!

Written by Kan Dail