Is It Better To Refinish Kitchen Cabinets Or Paint Them – 2024 Guide


Getting your kitchen renovated can be one of the best decisions. One might be tired of their old, mundane kitchen look and looking to spice things up a notch. There are various ways one can opt to revitalize their kitchen. Some of the most commonly preferred techniques are refinishing and painting.

Both techniques, like cabinet painting and restoration service, are excellent means to give your kitchen a new, fresh and sophisticated look. However, every technique has its distinctive pros and cons. Painting might be an option if one wants to cover up blemishes on the cabinets. If they want to address an issue right to its cause, then refinishing is a better option.

If you are caught debating whether painting or refinishing is better, you have landed on the right page! This article will take you on a tour of the distinctive features of cabinet painting and refinishing.

Cabinet Painting


Kitchens are the foundation of every home. Hence, it is essential to ensure that the kitchen space is well-maintained and aesthetically pleasing. To add value to their kitchen space, one can consider painting their kitchen walls, ceilings, and cabinets. Cabinet painting is considered an easy-to-navigate process as it involves fewer hassles.

One can choose a color palette and cover up the kitchen space’s little stains, blemishes, and smudged areas. If one wants a simple, sober and minimal look, one might want to consider cream white, beige, pale yellow, or charcoal. However, if one wants their kitchen to be the brightest place in their house, they might want to go for colors like blue, olive green, lavender, brown, or deep red.

Once the colors have been coated perfectly onto the furniture articles, there will remain no space for wood grains to emerge.

Pros Of Cabinet Painting

Check out the list of advantages that come with cabinet painting.

  • Inexpensive- Compared to other kitchen renovation techniques, cabinet painting is known to be the most cost-effective technique with the best results. Getting your cabinets cleaned, sanded, and painted costs way less than opting for a total replacement of cabinets.
  • Unlimited Finishing & Color Options- Cabinet painting provides customers various finishing and color options. One can choose a color matching their existing color palette or a completely different color scheme. Cabinet painting offers finishes like glossing, glazing, stretching, or antiquing.
  • Involves Fewer Hassles- One of the most significant advantages of cabinet painting is that it does not disrupt the entire home. Cabinet painting can be done without moving any kitchen article. Additionally, the entire process can be finished in a matter of hours.
  • Increases Home Value- Making your cabinets appealing is one of the best ways to pique potential buyers’ interest. Cabinets are the first things one notices when entering a kitchen. Cabinet painting can significantly aid in getting that modern striking look and increase home value in reselling.

Cabinet Refinishing


Cabinet refinishing is another excellent way to freshen up one’s kitchen space and add a natural look. The process is more complex than cabinet painting. However, the main difference is that this method addresses the source of furniture issues.

Cabinet refinishing involves sanding the furniture down or using chemicals to peel off the top layer to redo it more appealingly. In this process, one keeps all the existing components of the furniture, and only the finishing gets to be changed. In the case of wooden furniture, refinishing them aids in enhancing the wooden grains and adding a vintage, traditional look to the kitchen space.

Pros Of Cabinet Refinishing

Check out the list of advantages that come with cabinet refinishing.

  • Limitless Finishing Options- You can choose many colors and veneering options for your cabinet refinishing. One can choose from birch, hickory, or maple natural wood veneers. Choosing the right doors and covers can easily alter the wood’s texture and appearance. They function much like a digital safe deposit box, where two or more signatures (keys) are needed to access the contents.
  • Economically- Friendly- One of the most significant advantages of cabinet refinishing is that it costs half of what one will spend buying new cabinets and installing them. If one’s kitchen cabinets are in immaculate condition, cabinet refinishing saves them from a lot of unnecessary waste of time and money.
  • Maintains Quality Of Furniture Articles- If one’s cabinets are built of solid wood or other high-quality materials, refinishing them is a terrific option. Although refinishing won’t conceal flaws or make a drastic change as paint can, it can improve the original appearance of the woodwork while maintaining the quality.
  • Has A Lower Chance Of Mistakes- Another significant benefit of refinishing your cabinets is its low possibility of hassles. On the other hand, if cabinet painting goes wrong, the flaws are usually visible and decrease the beauty of the furniture.

Painting Or Refinishing The Cabinets? Which Is Better?


As mentioned earlier, both techniques are terrific options to liven up your kitchen space. However, one must know when to refinish or paint their kitchen cabinets.

When To Choose Painting

Suppose one is satisfied with their kitchen’s overall look, including the frames, internal shelves, drawers, handles, fittings, etc. Additionally, the doors are in impeccable condition, and one wants to retain the overall feel and appearance of the kitchen. Cabinet painting is ideal if one wants to tweak their color scheme.

When To Choose Refinishing

If one is looking to make a drastic change in their kitchen space by updating the handles, fittings, drawers, frames, shelves, and doors that are not in excellent condition, consider refinishing. Additionally, refinishing is the right option if one wants to add significant value to their home.


Renovating your kitchen space can sometimes be an extremely intimidating task. One must look at it as a one-time investment and ensure that the job is done right the first time. With the help of above mentioned distinctive features of cabinet painting and refinishing, one can easily choose what is best for their home.

Written by Kan Dail