Potential Pitfalls to be Wary of when Buying a Used Car


Cars are what we all want to be well-designed and attractive, don’t we? When we look at a good car, we imagine ourselves driving it, but a look can deceive us. The sleek appearance can mislead us into buying a used and old car, and that’s what we don’t want to allow ourselves. It tells us one fact – buying a used car is a huge challenge for people. Most owners shall lure you into buying their cars, but you don’t need to get tricked every time you’re about to buy a car.


Don’t forget that you can walk off whenever you feel insecure about the purchase. Find yourself a car that you will feel good in. We will tell you what things you should be wary of when buying a used car.

1. Don’t shop a car based on your payments only


When we want to buy something relying solely on our paychecks, we need to save some money aside and not borrow it from someone. That’s good for people who know how to handle their economy. We must admit that not all of us can do that.

Long-term payments can be hard to pay off, so pick it wisely. Don’t rush to buy a car as soon as you see one because you will find yourself in a problem. Deal a price you can afford based on your monthly income and be sure to pay it off and keep yourself some money to live fine for the rest of the month.

Also, make sure to check out various dealerships that offer used car leases, and they can be sold only under certain conditions – a car needs to have mileage under 48000 miles and it can’t be more than four years old.

2. Don’t forget to do a test drive with a car


We don’t like risks at all, none of us. Let’s avoid it and make it persuasive so we can sleep nicely at the night. You don’t buy a thing without running a test before the purchase, remember it. So, take a tight seat, turn your car on and go for that test drive.

A very small percentage of vehicle purchases are done without previously conducted tests. Do few tests if you must, but don’t let yourself fall for the wrong one.

3. Make sure your mechanic got the car checked


Why is this important? Well, mechanics are professionals. Just like doctors can say if you’re ill or not. That’s the same concept.

You’re still allowed to do a test drive before bringing a mechanic to check the car out, but don’t forget that a mechanic is still an option. Mechanics can protect you from bigger expenses. Sellers can offer to pay for an inspection, but it’s not very recommended to do because private sellers can pay an already known mechanic to praise the car.

4. Negotiate over the phone or e-mail


Dealerships are devil’s nests. Once you find yourself on the dealership’s property, you can’t walk away without a car. How come? There are many cars, different car brands and you’re left to choose which one is coming with you. Negotiating over the phone or e-mail, if possible, is a very smart move because it’s easier to give up on a car that isn’t there.

Even with private sellers, you are convinced that you don’t have an option to walk away.

5. Don’t buy only a good-looking car


An appearance knows how to trick. An upgraded car can mislead you into buying a not properly working one.

It’s okay to buy an upgraded car, or maybe something more elegant, but it isn’t very encouraging to buy a broken car. Repairs can cost you too much. Now, we come to the conclusion that paying a visit to your mechanic and performing a test drive is a very safe move.

6. Run a vehicle history check


Besides all the test drives you did and consultations with your mechanic, you might want to do something else so you can make sure your vehicle is worth it.

Run a vehicle history check if you want to ensure yourself that you are buying the right one. Private sellers aren’t likely to pay the third-party service, but dealers are the ones who probably do that for you.

What does a vehicle history check do for you? It ensures you that a vehicle wasn’t involved in prior accidents, suffered extensive damages, experienced vehicle problems, or got stolen.

What do you need to do? You need to enter a VIN code, pay for their service and receive the information within one or two working days, it’s that easy.

What is a VIN code? It’s a 17 digits number located on a car’s windshield or the inner part of the driver’s door. Every car has a different VIN code.

Vehicle history checks are reliable, based on government-issued information. They are very affordable and easy to use, with few clicks and you’re on the way to receive information.

The best thing about vehicle history checks is that you don’t have to go to any branch office to receive feedback. You shall receive information via SMS or e-mail, instantly.

Visit quickppsr to fill out a vehicle history check report and do it for a very low price.

7. Car authorized service centers


You might want to buy Toyota or Hyundai, but what can you do once your car stops in the middle of the highway? If you live in a city that doesn’t have a car authorized service center for that car brand you should probably consider buying another car brand.

Pick a car brand that fits your possibilities to repair it. Choose wisely and make sure to have an affordable deal on your desk. With a vehicle history check, the only thing you need to worry about is your money.

Written by P. Mito