Buying A House In Vermont 2024: Is It The Right Move For You?


With the shift in the statistics, the ball is in the buyer’s quote for 2024.

If you are looking for properties in Vermont, this is the correct investment time, as the prices are decreasing. In Vermont, the median sale had seen a significant shift of 16.1% in September 2024. However, the real estate market aslo had a drop in sales because there was a drop of 9.2%.

Furthermore, mortgage records have also spiked in the last 20 years. As houses stay long in the market, the seller agrees to sell them by lowering the price.

We have made predictions based on various stats after talking to various real estate agencies like barnard vt real estate. Keep reading to get insights on the market prediction of reals estate in Vermont.

2024 Housing Market Prediction


Given all the parameters are going crazy after the pandemic, both the buyer and eh seller are under immense pressure regarding the buying and selling of houses. But things are going to cool down soon, and if you want to invest in a property in Vermont this year, you may go ahead.

Let us have a detailed look at the market prediction for 2024:


Experts predict there will be a fall in property pricing but not a drastic one. Given, the interest rates will not see any kind of ups and downs even though the selling price of the houses will go down.

The mortgage price will not go down, and the houses will also view a surge in pricing later in the year.

There is a hope that 2024 will be a good year and see a fall in mortgage rates.

Selling Price

Regarding the selling price of the house, the experts are divided into two poles. Some believe that the selling price will decline, while others do not.

The former believes that due to low inventory, the selling price of the house will go down. While the latter believes that the higher interest rates will make the sellers lower the price.

2024 might see a 5% to 10% downfall in the cost of the house.

Mortgage Rates

According to the country’s current affairs, the mortgage rates will keep climbing. There is anticipation in the market that the FED will raise the FED funds by 175-200 from the primary level. It will make the mortgage rates for 30 years- 8.50 and 15 years0 7.70 (rough average).



The last market crash was witnessed in 2008. Before it, the housing supply peaked at 13 months supply.

Some people who have knowledge in this field believe that the housing inventory will see a better picture with the rise of interest rates making homes affordable.

Housing supplies will remain low as the owners will not trade their mortgage rates (3%) in exchange for new how with a 7% loan.

Home sales

The mortgage rates will definitely show their imprint on home sales. Further, if the interest rates keep on increasing, home sales will fall. The inventories will have houses listed for a more extended period. Currently, the median days on the market is 45 days.

Critical Factors Affecting The Property


When you see the value of a property, little do you guess what goes behind the valuation. There are a lot of factors that affect the valuation of a property. If you have an interest in investing n properties and if you want to make better predictions by yourself about prices going up and down, looking closely at this factor will help you.

Political Factors

The political scenarios of the country are a crucial factor that decides home prices. Any major political shift might either increase the prices or lower them. A stable condition in the politic will keep the economic factors stable along with the property selling price remaining moderate.

Economical Factors

Factors like the poverty index, GDP, human development index, etc., decide the price of houses. The higher the economic performance a country will have in terms of income, employment, etc., the prices of houses will also increase.

Location Of The Property

This factor plays a significant role in deciding the price of the property. There are some localities that are costlier than others. It is decided by various factors like the closeness of recreational facilities, schools, hospitals, or natural scenic beauty.

Age And The Condition In Which The House Is


If a house is a lot older and also not in good condition, you might get a lot of discount on it. Significantly and dispute found in the property will help you negotiate the price.

But if the house is brand new and has all modern technologies installed, you might not get a penny discount on that house, and the selling price will also be higher.

The Size Of The House

The seller fixes the market value of the property by calculating the usable space and the size of the house. They calculate the whole area of the house in square feet and then multiply it by the amount that they think is suitable for the property.

Supply Demands

The supply-demand is determined by how long a property will stay in the inventory. The quicker a property sale in an are,, the higher the price of the properties there will be.



Now that you have a basic idea about properties in Vermont and the factors affecting their prices, you can decide for yourself if you want to invest in property now or if you should wait for a few ways. You can talk to a real estate agent in your area who is experienced in this field. They will help you and guide you better regarding making a decision of whether you should invest in a Vermont property or not.

Written by Kan Dail