5 Ways Find Out If a New Casino Site is Trustworthy or Not

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With the increased growth in the gambling industry, it’s critical to gamble safely. Just like any other business out there, the gaming industry has both scammers and trustworthy casinos. Hence safety is paramount if you want real money.

With trustworthy casinos, you are sure you will find tons of bonuses, payment methods, and comprehensive game selection that will soothe your gambling needs.

But how will you differentiate between a genuine and scamming casino that just launched into the market? Worry not. In this article, we will talk about what a safe new casino is and how to find one.

What is Safe Casino?

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With many casinos promising gamblers real money, some are there to exploit their cash with only a few winnings. Mainly, online gambling is a risk if you don’t research well, and you can easily fall victim. But that should not worry you as there are unlimited online casinos that are trustworthy in the industry.

While looking for a gambling site, ensure it has a license and certificate from a government body that regulates its gaming activities. A safe gambling site will have a third party certificate of regulation like the UK gambling commission or any other trusted body. With a regulating body, the casino will have safe banking methods, wide game selection, and safe payouts with no game manipulation.

Never risk gambling on a site that lacks certification and licensing, as you may lose your money quickly without making any earnings.

Since now you understand what a safe casino is, let’s looks on how to find one;

Casino Licensing and certification

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A new trustworthy casino will have a valid license from a respected body like the UK gambling commission and Malta gaming authority. The casino will also attach the license details in their footer section; hence once you log in to the website, scroll to the bottom and confirm their certification.

Gambling commissions ensure safe gaming by monitoring the casino finances, game selection and testing the gaming equipment. They also check the ownership, terms and conditions to ensure they are genuine and fair.

Note, any casino running in Britain Must have a UKGC permit. Thus, check whether you will see any hyperlink in the licensing details and check where it will take you after clicking it. If the link directs you to the UKGC website, you are safe.

If you don’t see any licensing details on your casino website, your security isn’t guaranteed.

Check the Safety of Games

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Here, check whether casino games are tested, meaning the site will have a testing certification in the footer that guarantees you no fraud while gaming. Also, check the game providers as they should be reliable and safe.

Most of the safe game providers in the UK include; Microgaming, NetEnt, Play’Go, Big Time Gaming, Evolution Gaming and Playtech. The software providers are experienced and licensed for providing eminent games; hence, no doubt their games will be friendly.

Besides, check the number of players and casino games as they tell a lot about casino safety. A casino with few players will likely have high withdrawal fees, low payout percentages, and poor game selection. A safe casino will reveal the number of users they got and different games they offer where at least a casino should offer seven games and above.

Check the Security and Payment Methods

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About the casino security, confirm whether the site has a padlock sign or not. If there is a padlock, it means the site has SSL encryption that protects your data from cybercriminals. Also, confirm whether the casino complies with Payment Card Industry Security Standards. The PCI compliance means your financial data is safe, and the banking methods the casino allows are secure.

While creating your account, a trustworthy casino will allow you to create a unique password and security question that will hinder any malicious person from accessing your account. With this place, you are sure no one will hack your account and access your confidential details like your email address or bank account.

A secure casino will never limit you on specific withdrawal or payment methods as it will varieties meaning, you can choose your best. And the payment methods Must be from prominent finance operators like Visa, credit cards, bank transfers and MasterCard. The casino should have a sound withdrawal time frame where it should not extend a week.

Check the Casino Bonuses

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Due to the increased demand for gaming, almost every casino will have bonuses to attract more gamers. However, this doesn’t mean a casino is safe as some will have unreasonable requirements to claim the bonuses. Check the terms and conditions of casinos bonuses, and if they appear so demanding, that is a sign of scamming site.

You can also text these bonuses by redeeming the minor offer with low wagering requirements. After fulfilling the wagering requirements, try to withdraw the money to see whether the casino will approve the process. A fraudulent casino will still frustrate you after fulfilling the wagering requirement; hence if the casino does approve the withdrawal, that’s a red flag.

Besides, you can also check the customer reviews about the casino bonuses on their sites, as many gamers will leave comments about their experience. If you see gamers complaining about the harshness of their offers, consider leaving the site.

Check the Customer Support Services

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Here check whether the casino has contact details where you can reach them if you need technical support. The most secure casino will have an email address, social media address, phone number and even chatbox. In that way, you can use any method of your liking to contact customer care, and you will get helpful feedback within the time frame.

Gaming site always indicates their availability where some will have instant response while others may take up to 24 hours. You can test their response by contacting them and if you don’t get a response, consider opting for another site.

A trustworthy casino will also offer gaming addiction assistance to their gamers if the need arises. Hence, you should also check that since scamming sites won’t have that service and instead will close your account. If the casino has addiction channels to get assistance, that site is secure and cares about your wellbeing.

A safe casino will also offer gamers tools for controlling their gaming budget to set their limits per day or weekly. This means you won’t be able to extend the budget you set while creating your account, thus, safe gaming.


Gaming is enjoyable when it’s safe, and with the continuous growth of the gaming industry, you need to ensure you are on the safe side. Research appropriately on your preferred casino and confirm whether it complies with the above methods. If not, opt for another reliable website.

For safe gaming, ensure you set your gaming limits to avoid losing a lot of money which may deprive your financial standards, leaving you stressed. If you find yourself, you can’t control your gaming needs, close your account, and immediately look for addiction assistance.

Written by Ana Weaver