5 Things to Know About the CCNP Data Center Certification


CCNP data center certification is everything you need to be adequately equipped for the 21st century since with this type of recognition many doors will be opened and you will be able to apply for a job anywhere where data centers are used. Namely, without data centers there would be no way to exchange any type of data, hence, networking would be unimaginable, and since it is a job of a CCNP to devise and provide different solutions for data centers it is reasonable why this craft is both appreciated and well paid in IT sector. On the other hand, even if you have the knowledge, you would still need the certification, so read the following lines to learn about the things you should know about the CCNP data center certification and why it should interest you.

Why Do You Need to Have It?


Having a CCNP data center certification gives you both the opportunity to apply for better positions related to data center regulations and to aim for a higher paycheck. The abbreviation stands for Cisco Certified Network Professional, so basically you become officially accredited for handling data centers that are related to Cisco technologies. Now, you might be capable of working with data centers already, but that does not make you a certified pro, so by acquiring this title you basically move through the ranks of your profession. Thus, if you work as a system or network administrator or an engineer, this type of career enhancement could put you in a position to charge more for your knowledge and obtain a better position in the future.

Salary Increase


Your paycheck depends on your position at the company you work at, and it will always be like that. But if you have the CCNP data center certification, you will be qualified to make progress and participate in more demanding projects related to data center solutions. Besides modifying old data centers, you will have the opportunity to construct new ones and create infrastructures according to your design. Thus, with greater responsibility comes greater financial reward, and if you are capable of obtaining a certificate you would be eligible to lead certain projects related to data center restructure and modification.

How to Prepare for the Test


Fortunately, you do not have to meet any requirements to be considered a valid candidate for test-taking. On the other hand, you still need to show proficiency in order to pass. Namely, a test you need to take is divided into 2 main segments. The first one is known as the core exam, and it should test your knowledge of networking, computing, storage networking, automation, and security. Surely, how the test would look depends on multiple factors, and related topics might be tested as well, although the focus is on the aforementioned subject matters. You will have to have finished everything not later than two hours once the test starts.

When the second part of the certification is in question, it is important to emphasize that you will have to choose between six different tests depending on which industry topic you want to specialize in. Thus, you would choose the test depending on whether you want to deal with designing, troubleshooting, implementation, configuration, or combined approach to providing solutions to data center construction.

At you will find additional info on how to adequately prepare for each of the aforementioned CCNP data center certification tests, as well as test your knowledge on the subject before you go for the real deal.



You should be aware that your job is not finalized once you acquire CCNP data center certification. Namely, the certification lasts for 3 whole years, which is not short if you take into consideration the fact about the ever-evolving computing industry. Fortunately, you will not have to prepare everything anew once the time for reevaluation comes, due to alternative means of obtaining credential points via continuing education credits. Surely, if you lack in obtaining sufficient credits you will take the test and if the score is satisfying your accreditation shall be extended for another 3 years. You should not be worried about taking tests again since the knowledge you will be asked to demonstrate should be closely related to your professional engagement and within your bailiwick.

Where to Practice for the Test?


Although you should not rely on the tests from past years, you can use them to test your proficiency and find out how you handle the materials within a limited timeframe. Namely, the last year’s tests should serve as an indicator of what practical knowledge you should have and make you familiar with the form of the text itself. Reasonably, this year’s tasks would be different, but the essence should remain the same, since the knowledge related to data centers only evolves it would be awkward for the form of the test to get changed from the ground up without any revolutionary outbreaks happening in the industry. Fortunately, you can access last year’s test via the Internet, but you can also find numerous mock tests and examples of how this year’s examination should look like. Therefore, all you need to do is do as many tests as you can before the time for a real deal comes so you can attend to segments you consider you should work on a bit more.

Hopefully, the aforementioned pieces of information and suggestions will help you prepare for your CCNP data center certification and get it over with easily. The truth is that this type of certification will help you make a name for yourself in the profession and stand out from the crowd for a reason. Acquiring CCNP should be just a small step in your career, but its magnitude is of that type that further advancement would be almost impossible without it. Thus, make sure you read the lines above as many times as you have to gather all the necessary data and devote yourself to determining the date of enhancing your career.

Written by P. Mito