How A Job Agency Operates


How a Job Agency Works: Understanding the Basics

Although finding a job is a challenging process, getting the right person to guide you to get the right role makes the process easier. Many people are not aware that you can take advantage of a job agency to find a job because they do not know how these agencies work.

A recruitment agency works with companies to match job seekers with job vacancies in the company. When a company has a vacancy, they contact the recruitment agency and the agency carries out the process of recruitment from the start to the end; that is advertising the job vacancy to getting the right person for the position. See more details here.

Is it easy to find a job?


It depends upon your exposure and contacts. You should start job hunting during your study time. It is easier for students to do so. Furthermore, they do not have much pressure of getting employment. If you are a student, you might think that we don’t know what you are going through. And how much we want to get a profession. But we do know, of course not all, but certain things.

It might seem too much right now. However, if you began at this time, it will be better for you. How? Because you will drop your CVs at various companies and wait for their replies. Likewise, you will contact a number of friends and relatives and even your professors.

What’s more, is you will have more contacts at this time. Therefore, you can ask someone to help you out. For example, your professors, have contacts with various companies. Furthermore, companies do ask universities to provide them with rare talents. So if your professor could help you out, it would be a great reference.

But wait,

This is all for students. What if you have already graduated for a year or two and you are still looking for a job. This problem occurs when you have a small find circle and you cannot ask someone for a favor. So definitely it will be hard for you to find a career. Furthermore, recommendations do work a lot. In addition to all this, you don’t know how to deal with your expenses. So what choice you are left with?

Yes, the recruitment agencies.

1. What are they?


The recruitment agencies are companies that find jobs for their clients. You will have to go there and give your CV. Afterward, they will find the right profession for you. Such agencies have a wide range of contacts and contracts with other companies. So instead of posting an advertisement and interviewing people, some companies contact recruitment agencies.

So when they receive a request from a company for a certain employment vacancy, they will contact all their clients. Afterward, they will go through their CVs and improvise and improve them according to the company requirements. Furthermore, they will also prepare the candidate for the interview.

Thus, you will go for the interview with complete preparations. As the agency will also have some inside information that will help you a lot during your interview. To put it simply, these job recruitment agencies will streamline your whole job-hunting process.

2. How Do They Work?

Recruitment agencies help companies find employees. When the company has a vacancy, they send a work description to the employment agent, who then advertises the position. Job seekers send their CVs to the recruitment agent, and the agency goes through the CVs and shortlists potential candidates. They then carry out interviews and select the most qualified candidate for the position. Once employed, the candidate gets their salary through the recruitment agency but works for the company. Depending on the terms of the company, if they permanently employ the new employee, he/she will be getting their salary directly through the company.

3. How Can Someone Join a Recruitment Agency?


If you are a job seeker, you can research the available recruitment agencies. The best thing would be to walk to their office and sign up for work. Before committing to one, ensure they offer jobs in line with your qualifications. You can also search through the internet and contact an employment agent. Again, check if they offer jobs in line with your profession. Some of them will require you to do an interview either in person or through video. Another way you can land a recruitment agency is by them contacting you. This happens if you have your CV on an online database. If they have a position that aligns with your qualification, the recruitment consultant will contact you and let you know about the position.

4. Can I Apply For Jobs Through Agencies?

Recruitment agencies are meant to match job seekers with positions they are qualified for, so, yes you can apply for jobs through a job agency. When a position comes up, you send your CV to the recruitment agency, and they go through it. If you have the skills, they will put you forward for an interview. The employment agency helps you prepare for the interview, by giving you tips and pointers about the interviews and teaching you how to behave in an interview. They are always willing to help you win the interview and get the job.

5. Are There Benefits Of Using A Recruitment Agency?


Finding a job on your own is not easy but it is made easier by using a job agency. The recruitment agency has built a relationship with employers, so they get first-hand information that there is a vacancy in a certain office. Some of these positions are never advertised publicly, so if you know of a recruitment agency, you get the advantage to learn about such positions. The agencies are always ready to make your CV and cover letters presentable, to increase your chances of landing a job. They also give you expert interview coaching before you go for an interview. The coach will advise on what to wear, how to answer questions, and how to behave. While most jobs don’t give feedback after an interview, a recruitment consultant will ask for feedback from the employer so you will be informed of all the recruitment processes. You choose a recruitment agency according to your field of specialization so there will be many jobs being advertised. This will help you land a job fast.

6. How Much Does It Cost To Use A Recruitment Agency?

Recruitment agencies are paid by the company looking for an employee, so you should never pay to use an employment agency. Furthermore, if you get hired and are working successfully, the agent will get his share then. So there isn’t something that you are supposed to give them.

Therefore, if someone asks you to pay a certain fee or advance, it might a trick to scam you. But if you still want to take the chance, you can ask them to get their share after you secure a job successfully.

7. What Happens After You Have Been Employed?


The role of your agency continues even after you have secured a job. They have the responsibility of handling the paperwork from the first day onwards. They also help you to negotiate the salary. You will get your salary through the job agency until the company employs you permanently. After that, they will be paying your salary directly.

As you will have the chance to negotiate your position in the company, it is best to go for the one that suits you. If you make a hasty decision, it might affect your career negatively, get the position according to your qualifications.

Written by Marinelle Adams