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Does Insurance Cover Getting Locked Out of the Car? – 2024 Guide


Locking out of the car is one of the situations that is happening almost every day to different people, and even though you may think it won’t happen to you, then chances are it will, at some point in your life. That means you will immediately have to find a locksmith who will come where you are located, and open the door for you. Sometimes it can result in tiny damages, depending on the type of the car, which is an additional expense for the vehicle’s owner.

So, the first thing you need to do is to look for a professional locksmith, and we suggest you look first for those near you. The location can also change the price. So, in the Netherlands, if the accident happens in Roermond, you need to check this one and see how things will go.

And the magical question is – would the insurance company help you pay the expense? The answer is not simple, because some companies don’t even offer this coverage in their policies. Others may have it, but did you consider buying it in the past?

So, if they don’t cover the locking out and locksmith intervention, it’s on you to pay for it. Anyway, we are sure it wasn’t really fun to be locked out, especially if you have to travel. Sometimes you will find someone who will open the car for a few euros, but if the expense is bigger, it can be pretty hard on your budget.

So, what are your options?


You can call roadside assistance and help on the road services, if available around. Usually, even the insurance companies offer this type of service, but there are private companies who will do that for you, never mind if you have insurance coverage or not. Also, they are pretty cheap, so even if the insurance doesn’t cover it, you won’t really spend a lot of money on that. Don’t forget to check that with the insurance company, because they may still work with the roadside assistance services, and cover that expense for you.

But, what if there is no roadside assistance option?


As we said, the locksmith is the only option here. Their prices may vary depending on the type of lock and car. Older models are easier to unlock, so the service will be cheaper than opening some of the newer models.

If you have to renew your policy, and you still haven’t locked yourself out, we suggest you talk about this with your insurance company. It will be a few more dollars on your policy, but you will have one of the most common road accidents covered. They can also give you a list of trusted locksmith professionals from reputable companies, to call them if needed. That’s the only way to be sure that they will pay for that, from your insurance funds.

Once you are ready to get back in your car and continue with the trip, it’s not even important how did it happen, and how you got it fixed. You need to be thankful that there is someone to help you out, even though it’s not in your insurance policy contract.

Also, keep in mind that not every state or country offers this service for the people who bought their policy. You have to check if it’s available as a general service before you apply for it.

What you can do to prevent situations like this?


Once you buy the car, you should make a copy of the keys. Some models come with reserve copies from the manufacturer. Make sure you always know where are they. Don’t take them in your bag, because you can easily leave the bag in the car, and stay locked out with all the keys you have.

They should be at home, or with someone you know and trust, like your mother or father, partner, or siblings. If you lock yourself out of your car, they can easily find the copies and come to you, even if you are miles away from home. You also need to understand that this is kind of an accident, so you must be ready for that risk, just like you are ready for everything else.

Preventing locking out is not possible. Being careful is. Putting it in your insurance contract also is. Make sure you have someone to call in situations like that, never mind if it’s a locksmith or someone who will simply take the copies from the case and bring them to you.

If something like that happens, try to stay calm as much as you can, and think with a cool head. Don’t panic, because there are simple and cheap solutions.

Or simply call the insurance company today and include the option in your policy, and go to the next trip completely relaxed.

Final Words

First, you have to be very careful when getting out of the vehicle, and taking your keys with you. Sometimes we have those “brain farts” in our head, and we forget some basic things, like washing our teeth, taking the wallet from the other bag, or forgetting to lock the doors.

Locking out of the vehicle is a pretty common accident, but as you can see, you have some options to fix all of that. If it’s covered with your policy, you have to tell the locksmith, so they can give you a detailed invoice and provide the copy in the company. Once you submit it, they will cover the expense for you.

If you don’t have it, keep in mind that the price you pay is not that costly as it seems, and it won’t change a lot if you pay it by yourself.

If you read this article today, we suggest you check the documents from the policy, and call the company even today, so you can prevent unpleasant situations in the future. Again, it won’t add up much on your contract, but it will save you a lot of nerves if something like that happens.

Written by Ana Weaver