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What Are The Factors To Consider When Choosing Clothes For Kids?


Did you go shopping today for your little one but return empty-handed as you could not decide what clothes to buy? Markets are flooded with options. And instead of making you comfortable, so many options confuse you. So, how do you wade your way through this sea of clothing for kids? By picking what’s best for them. They have to look smart and feel comfortable at the same time.

Read on to know what factors you must consider while choosing clothes for your kids.



Due to growing age, one cannot be too sure of the kids’ size. The dress bought can either be small or large. In both cases, wearing the wrong sizes makes kids look awkward, until and unless they are in fashion, like oversized tops, sweaters, or skinny jeans. You can try kid’s clothing boutique tutu du monde for that perfect fit.

The clothing you choose should enhance your kid’s appearance. Tighter or smaller-sized clothes can make kids feel suffocated, whereas oversized garments can make them uncomfortable. They may even step on them and fall. Kids’ clothes should always be easy to put on and take off.

It is always better to make kids try the clothes before purchase, as there can be size issues. If you take them to shop for their clothes, you can make them try in the store itself. But if kids are not accompanying you, you must know the store’s return and exchange policies.

Though most stores have exchange policies in place for the convenience of customers, it is always better to ask. You may need to exchange due to size issues. The same applies when buying online through a website or mobile app.

 The Fabric Of The Cloth


As kids’ skin is very sensitive, the fabric is the first factor to consider. The fabric should be soft and light on the kid’s skin. It should not be irritating or cause discomfort in any manner. Always opt for skin-friendly and breathable fabrics. You can even try organic materials available nowadays, which are free from any chemicals.

Kids’ clothing has to be funky, colorful, cheerful, and stylish. They cannot be boring. Some synthetic fabrics may look flashy but cause rashes and skin irritation. Especially party-wearing apparel focuses more on fashion and bling. So, for party wear, you may consider clothes that come with cotton lining.

Also, consider the weight of the fabric. Heavy fabric can put weight on kids and limit their movement. Cotton clothing is best to wear on a playground as everyday wear. It is pretty comfy and light and allows for fluid movement. Also, it is reasonably priced.

The good quality fabric also increases the durability of clothes and makes them long-lasting. Children can play and make them dirty as they wish to.

Ensure cutting factory tags and hanging strings for comfortable wearing.


Kid’s clothes come with many accessories like bows, hooks, flowers, buttons, and zippers, which may be sharp at the edges. Cross-check for such accessories if they are causing any skin rash or are cutting into their skin. Avoid such clothes for daily wear. Also, educate your kids not to rub their hands on them.

For newborns and infants, check the drawstrings attached to the apparel. Also, always check the neck size while purchasing high necks. Kids should not feel choked around their necks.

Be Weather-Wise


Kids should always wear weather-appropriate clothes. It can save them from catching any weather-induced cold, cough, frost bites, fever, or heat rashes. So, while shopping for their clothes, consider the weather they will wear them in.

You can choose fabric and sizes as per the weather and when they are going to wear those clothes. You may have plans to buy in advance for an upcoming family trip or a party.


Go for tried and trusted brands. If your kids are comfortable with certain brands, like their cuts, and their fabrics suit them, you may continue buying from those tried and trusted brands. This especially applies to inners, pajamas, socks, and other comfort clothing, which your kids outgrow yearly.

Also, it brings some peace of mind to you while purchasing from your trusted brands, as you understand their value for money.

Kid’s Choice


If your kid is big enough to point out their likings, you must consider them. Children may get attracted to certain colors or designs and want to buy them. You must consider their choice and let them wear their favorite colors and styles.

They feel more cheerful and confident in the clothes of their choice. The ones they don’t like are anyways going to end up lying in their cupboards only.

Give your child other options if you feel their choice of clothing is improper. After outlining why their selection might not be appropriate, provide them with alternate options. It aligns with freedom of choice.

Easy To Wash And Maintain


Kids keep getting their hands full with food or colors, or dirt. And then they go on to smear their clothes. So, kids’ clothes should be easy to launder and maintain. Daily wear clothes, especially, should not require special care or dry cleaning.

Value For Money

It is imperative that you choose clothing that is worthy of the money you intend to spend on it. Children grow fast; therefore, spending too much money all at once makes little sense. Decide how much you want to spend, and then shop accordingly. The clothes you buy should have a good ratio of quality to price.

Fashion Trends


Kids become more aware of fashion trends as they grow up. And they like to keep up with these trends. As trends vary yearly, it is better to stick to classic styles. Though, 2-3 trendy outfits for those playdates would not hurt.


Choosing clothes for kids is more than just shopping. It is an emotional feeling, and the clothes you buy for your kids are a reflection of your sentiments. But do not get lost in the overwhelming crowd of so many options. Keep the abovementioned factors in mind while choosing your kid’s clothes, and enjoy dressing them up.

Written by Kan Dail