6 Factors to Consider When Buying Baby Clothes Online

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For each parent of a newborn or small child, changing pad covers are a need. These covers are made to fit over a changing pad and offer your baby a cozy and hygienic surface for diaper changes. There are a few things to take into account while purchasing changing pad covers online. To find out more about this, check out Caden Lane.

Whenever we buy clothes we worry about all the possible factors. Fabrics, sizes, comfort, and many other factors play a big role whenever we are purchasing something. It should be no different when buying baby clothes as they are even more sensitive and require some special care.

When buying online, we get a new list of things to pay attention to due to the online market’s way a of operation. We’ve compiled some of the most important information below, for you to read so your next baby clothes purchase can be as perfect as possible.

  1. Pick out comfortable fabrics

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Baby clothes have a lot of interesting, cute options. Whether it’s just a simple onesie with adorable patterns or elaborate dresses, our baby can be dressed up for any occasion. However, babies are delicate. The choice of fabric for their clothes is very important. Rougher fabrics can feel uncomfortable for the baby and certain fabrics could give it a rash. Both issues can be avoided if we know the right fabrics to buy. The best choice is usually cotton.

Fabrics that don’t allow the skin to breathe and don’t absorbs moisture, nylon and the like, should be avoided as well due to making it harder for baby’s body to adjust its heat. The online stores will often have all the information on the piece you are buying, fabric included. However, some sellers may leave that information out either due to a typing mistake or forgetting about it. If this happens, contact the sellers directly to confirm what fabric the clothes are made out of.

  1. Plan for growth

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Babies are fast growers, sometimes it can feel impossible to pick out proper clothes due to this. To prevent disappointing purchases and the hassle of returns, check out all the available information and plan ahead before buying baby clothes. The size charts should help you with this part of the purchase, check them out whenever you are buying new clothes for your baby. Because they grow so fast, it’s good to keep in mind that the clothes need to grow with the baby without feeling too loose to wear. Take the delivery time into account as well, if it’s more than two weeks it’s likely the baby will grow a few more inches in the meantime.

Not to mention that we have to account for diapers. We don’t want the clothes tightening up the diaper and causing discomfort and redness. While most baby clothes account for it, leaving some extra space for the diaper to fit comfortably, it doesn’t hurt to double-check. Measure your little one before ordering and pick out a slightly bigger fit that’ll be perfect for them.

  1. Pay attention to neck size

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While regular size charts give us information on the measurements of the baby’s body the clothes will fit with, neck size is a wholly different concern. The size of the neck hole of the clothes may be smaller or tighter by default. Avoid these pieces of clothing, they are not only uncomfortable but dangerous as well. If the neck hole is too tight it may make it harder for the baby to breathe or cause irritation to the skin. While the information on the size of the neck hole may be present on sites they may be left out, making it more difficult to deduce the comfort of it. Check the reviews to confirm the pieces of clothing that interest you do not have any issues with tight neck holes or gauge how spacious they feel through pictures. If you don’t know where to look, perhaps visiting will help you.

  1. Make sure the clothes are safe

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As they grow, kids get to understand the dos and don’ts of life but a baby doesn’t. Babies are prone to putting everything they find into their mouth so it’s important to avoid clothing that could contain choking hazards. The clothes with buttons, hooks, ornamental bits, and bows are out of the question. These accessories may look adorable and make the baby even cuter but they pose a great risk to them as well. It’s not hard for these bits to end in our baby’s mouth which is already troublesome, even without the risk of choking, due to containing a lot of foreign bacteria. Other safety measures to take into account include checking the type of coloring of the clothes.

Artificial coloring used for the clothing may be harmful and as such pose a risk to the child’s safety. On top of that, the materials used could provoke an allergic reaction that we aren’t aware our baby has. Waistbands are also not a good idea. They can pose a risk of suffocation, just like smaller neck holes, and could pressure the baby around its sensitive spots. It doesn’t hurt to double-check regardless, especially when health is concerned.

  1. The cost of the order

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The benefit of online shops is that there are so many available options for every budget. However, you shouldn’t jump for something cheap. Plenty of low-quality clothes may tear way too soon or have some issues like frequent pills, increasing our expenses due to frequent purchases. When checking out lower-cost options make sure they fulfill the previous prerequisites before purchasing and educate yourself on the item by reading available reviews. Make sure delivery is not breaking your budget too as some services may bill extra for your location.

  1. Focus on functionality

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Babies spend a lot of time laying and rolling around and thus they require clothing that fits these purposes. The clothes shouldn’t have prominent frills or elements that could cause friction burn and injury. Something simple but colorful is the perfect mix of functional and cute. The more elaborate clothes such as baby gowns exist and you can dress them in these clothes during celebrations or for special events but they shouldn’t be frequent wear.

While they give to the cuteness factor, they don’t make for great laying down clothing. The best way to assures clothes you bought online will be perfect for the baby is by consulting the seller and the reviews below, as well as taking additional care in picking fabrics as we’ve discussed before.


When getting clothes for our little ones or as a gift it’s important to get the best possible items. The little ones deserve the best and anything less can also cause issues with their health. Anything from strains to choking hazards should be taken care of in time. Give the purchase more time and explore available information to confirm this is the right choice for the baby. These clothes may last them a while and help us form beautiful memories with them while giving them the most comfortable experience.

Written by Ana Weaver