6 Pros and Cons Of Free Divorce Lawyers


Getting a divorce can put a lot of strain on a person’s life. Every divorcee can testify that the end of a marriage is a highly emotional experience to go through. However, besides the emotional impact divorce can have on a person, people also have to deal with many financial issues. So yes, divorce isn’t just emotionally draining, it’s also quite expensive.

If you’re contemplating on finally filing for divorce, but you’re afraid of the financial consequences that may await you, then you might want to consider hiring a pro bono divorce lawyer. Hiring these free lawyers has its own advantages and disadvantages, which we’ll discuss further below.

The Pros

Well, they’re free!


Let’s be realistic: lawyers are expensive. Not everyone can afford a lawyer, but their help is of the utmost importance in most divorce cases. Representing yourself in court, even when it’s allowed, is never a good idea.

Well, pro bono lawyers do not require any payment! Many people get confused when they first encounter the “pro bono” concept. Why would a lawyer help you out for free? It’s way simpler than it seems, actually! These lawyers are usually just starting their careers, so they seek experience to build their portfolios! In other cases, they could be big-shot lawyers looking to give back to the community or promote their Law firm through pro-bono programs.

Whatever the case, the price for a pro-bono case is always zero! You’ll be able to get your divorce matter settled without spending a penny on lawyer fees.

They’re passionate


Lawyers who willingly take on free work are certain to help you with all their might. While yes, they do benefit from working on your case, that doesn’t mean they’ll do the job poorly. Remember, all of those big lawyer names you hear on TV probably started with a bunch of pro-bono cases.

Even though many people are skeptical about hiring these types of attorneys (since most of them are just starting), they’re still professionals who went through years of education. So, you can expect them to perform just as well as any other attorney! Visit a Legal Clinic or apply to open pro-bono programs at your local law firms. There, you’ll meet the lawyers to ensure you’re leaving your divorce in capable hands.

Their competence is examined carefully


Every lawyer has a duty to pass on a representation they’re not capable of performing. Keeping a good reputation is in the best interest of both Legal Clinics and Law Firms offering pro-bono options. So, you’re not going to be assigned a lawyer who’s not familiar with Family Law! Many people have these concerns, but they’re completely uncalled for! Just because the law firm is choosing to do offer some free work, it doesn’t mean they won’t put their care and effort into resolving your case.

Overall, every Law Firm is advised to have supervisors under all of their pro bono cases, so you can be certain you’ll get the best possible results if you decide to go this route.

The Cons

Not everyone can qualify


Unfortunately, not everyone can apply for a free lawyer. Depending on your country’s specific laws, legal regulations, and the Law Firm’s distinct policies, you’ll have to “fit” into a certain category to be able to apply. Even if you’re eligible for free legal assistance, it may take a lot of time until you’ve got it (if ever). We all know that divorce is a sensitive matter, and you probably want it all done as soon as possible. You can’t start healing from the toxic marriage until you’re legally done with your ex-spouse. So, unfortunately, there’s no guarantee as to how quickly and if you’re going to get a free lawyer assigned.

Make sure to read up on pro-bono regulations in your country before you apply, so you don’t end up wasting your precious time and energy.

Eligibility is not the only thing that’s uncertain when you’re looking for free lawyers. You also won’t be able to choose your lawyer yourself. You’ll find out about their experience, education, and skills only after they’ve been assigned. As we mentioned before, getting it over with your divorce as quickly as possible is probably your primary goal. You want everything to be dealt with quickly, efficiently, and without any errors. With pro bono lawyers, there are simply no guarantees.

Still, if your budget is tight and you don’t want to deal with any uncertainties, you could always try to find an affordable lawyer such as those at Kabir Family Law instead of a free one. There are many high-quality attorneys working in your local firms who offer reasonable prices for their services, so you could always try to consult with them first.



As we already mentioned, getting a free attorney can be a long process entrapped with uncertainties. If you’re in a hurry to get your divorce finalized, then pro-bono lawyers might not be for you.

We all know that many marriages don’t end amicably. If that’s the case for you, there’s no need to let it all drag on because you’re waiting for your case to get approved. Also, if your case involves children and custody matters, you’ll want to be able to choose your lawyers yourself.

Overall, unless you’re ready to wait a bit longer until you get the legal help you need, you should try to find an alternative to pro bono attorneys.

The final verdict

Hiring free lawyers comes with some advantages and disadvantages. Yes, you’ll get quality legal services for free, but you’ll also have to go through a time-consuming application process. Overall, your decision will mainly depend on your specific needs and the complexity of your case. If there are children involved, we suggest you try consulting with a couple of law firms first. With that being said, we don’t think you’ll get a bad attorney who can’t handle custody battles if you went with the pro-bono route, but it’s always better to be able to choose one yourself when the stakes are that high.

Written by P. Mito