The Advantages of Gender-Neutral Bathrooms


The concept of gender-neutral bathrooms isn’t a recent phenomenon, but its acceptance has surged in recent years. These bathrooms—also referred to as gender-inclusive or unisex restrooms—offer facilities without designating a specific gender.

As society evolves, the move towards inclusivity and equality is apparent in many areas, and the emergence of gender-neutral restrooms in public spaces is a testament to that progression.

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Benefits Overview


Gender-neutral bathrooms bring several benefits to the table—from social and psychological to practical and economic.

Many public institutions, schools, and local businesses are increasingly recognizing these advantages, and are making the switch to a universal design that celebrates privacy and equality above all else.

Safety and Privacy

One of the biggest concerns of any establishment with restroom facilities is to ensure safety and privacy. Gender-neutral bathrooms often come with added safety measures like enhanced safety locks, informative signage, and well-partitioned stalls.

These measures not only ensure a user’s privacy but also boost their confidence in the business, while removing any fear and hesitation in using the facilities.

Promoting Inclusivity

Gender-neutral bathrooms are a beacon of inclusivity and they aim to cater to everyone of all gender identities or expression. This inclusivity is especially important for the LGBTQ+ community—including transgender and non-binary individuals—who often face discrimination or discomfort in gender-specific restrooms.

Simply put, an inclusive bathroom design will foster acceptance and ensure everyone feels welcome while they’re doing their private business.

Economic Advantages


For businesses, adopting gender-neutral bathrooms can be a financially savvy decision because they require the use of less space and can serve more individuals at the same time. Moreover, establishments that install gender-neutral bathrooms usually save on costs by not having to construct separate facilities for each gender. In the end, everybody wins.

Reducing Wait Times

We’ve all seen the long queues outside women’s restrooms while the men’s facilities remain comparatively underused. Gender-neutral bathrooms can alleviate this imbalance by giving everyone equal access. This way the flow becomes smoother and leads to reduced wait times and a better experience for patrons.

Design Flexibility

The design potential for gender-neutral bathrooms is vast. Architects and interior designers are experimenting with layouts that are extremely functional and aesthetically pleasing.

From customizable stalls to innovative layouts, there’s a newfound freedom in creating spaces without the constraints of traditional gendered designs.

Supporting the Law

Several regions—especially in North America and Europe—are enacting laws that mandate and/or support the establishment of gender-neutral bathrooms, especially in public spaces.

By opting your business in for such designs, you not only show their commitment to inclusivity, but you also ensure you’re in legal compliance with current and future mandates.

Get Started Now

The shift towards gender-neutral bathrooms is not just a trend but a reflection of a society that values inclusivity, equality, and forward-thinking. As a business owner, you and your customers can only gain from providing a safe and welcoming space and stand as a symbol of progress and unity in the workplace.

Gender-neutral bathrooms offer a progressive and inclusive solution to the challenges faced by individuals who do not conform to traditional gender norms. One of the key advantages of these facilities is the promotion of equality and the dismantling of gender-based discrimination. By eliminating the need for separate male and female restrooms, gender-neutral bathrooms create a more welcoming and tolerant environment for everyone, regardless of their gender identity or expression. This inclusivity extends beyond the binary understanding of gender, acknowledging and respecting the diverse spectrum of identities that exist.

Moreover, gender-neutral bathrooms contribute to fostering a sense of safety and comfort for transgender and non-binary individuals. Traditional gender-segregated restrooms can be sources of anxiety and discomfort for those who do not fit into the prescribed categories. Gender-neutral facilities alleviate this stress, providing a space where individuals can use the restroom without fear of judgment, harassment, or discrimination. This inclusiveness is especially significant in educational institutions and workplaces, where people spend a substantial amount of their time. Gender-neutral bathrooms affirm the right of every individual to access public facilities without compromising their sense of identity and dignity.

Another advantage of gender-neutral bathrooms is the increased efficiency and accessibility they offer. Traditional restrooms often lead to long lines, especially in venues with a large number of attendees. By eliminating the need for separate facilities, gender-neutral bathrooms can help alleviate congestion and improve overall restroom accessibility. This is not only a matter of convenience but also an issue of equal access, as the traditional restroom setup can pose challenges for individuals with disabilities, caregivers, and parents with children of a different gender.


Furthermore, the adoption of gender-neutral bathrooms reflects a commitment to progressive social values and aligns with the principles of diversity and inclusion. It sends a powerful message about the acceptance of diverse gender identities and challenges societal norms that perpetuate gender stereotypes. As society evolves, so too should its institutions, and embracing gender-neutral bathrooms is a step toward a more equitable and understanding future. This shift in approach contributes to breaking down barriers, challenging stereotypes, and promoting a society that values the autonomy and dignity of each individual.

In conclusion, the advantages of gender-neutral bathrooms are multifaceted. They foster inclusivity, provide a safer and more comfortable environment for transgender and non-binary individuals, enhance efficiency and accessibility, and symbolize a commitment to progressive social values. As more institutions recognize the importance of embracing diversity, gender-neutral bathrooms emerge as a tangible and impactful way to create spaces where everyone feels acknowledged, respected, and equal.

Written by Kan Dail