Bathroom Renovation Mistakes to Avoid: Common Pitfalls That Can Derail Your Project


Renovating a house or even just one room is a delicate job that can get a bit more costly. That is why in order to avoid spending too much and making any mistakes, having a plan regarding what actions to take is crucial. For some, bathroom renovation is all about picking the right color for the tiles and arranging everything to their taste, but even though this is important, there are many other things that seek your attention, and these common mistakes people make should help you avoid repeating them.

Choosing wrong design


For bigger bathrooms, one can easily get carried away and add more things they don’t need just to fill the space, which in combination with the colors and design of the bathroom, can make it much smaller, and you will not have enough room. Because of that, it is better to start with an idea and consult a professional to bring it to reality. It is important to do the research and learn more about various popular designs, and there is no doubt that one of the most trendy designs that will pop up among the first results for your search is a 3D bathroom project.

It is not easy to be a designer and design the entire bathroom flawlessly if you are not an expert. Yes, we all have various ideas regarding renovation, but creating something that looks nice from those ideas can be a bit tricky if one doesn’t know what they are doing. Creative people might think it is a piece of cake, but there are many things to fit in and make a match to have a bathroom from your dreams. Namely, certain designs simply don’t fit the idea, size, and position of the bathroom in the house, and you need to take certain actions in order to make the most out of that space.

Doing it without a detailed plan

Each renovation is a much bigger project than many people think, which is why it is crucial to have a detailed plan. Namely, many people simply start to change some little things and see that there is always more to fix and change, which results in spending more time and money than expected. It’s needless to say that this way of renovating any room costs more, which is one of the main reasons why certain projects last for much longer than needed, as the money can be an issue if one doesn’t really check everything and create a thorough plan before starting a renovation.

Because of that, it is necessary to check every single detail in the bathroom and decide what needs to be changed. It will help you estimate the money you would need and the time necessary for the entire project. Besides that, everything will be much easier when following the plan, but be prepared for some unexpected situations and always set aside a little more money and time than is really needed, just in case. Keep in mind that certain things you simply cannot predict before you start with renovation, which is why setting some money aside is preferable, but overall, having a plan regarding what’s needed to fix will reduce the expenses.

Not sticking to a budget


As we have already mentioned, having a plan is a must, and a part of that plan should be setting a budget. We need to know the amount of money we can afford to spend on a renovation, and what is even more important, we need to stick to it, or we can easily end up with financial problems. Only when you know precisely how much money you can afford to spend should you start making decisions regarding renovation, which tiles to take, to what type of furniture to get for your bathroom amenities.

Bathroom renovation is a complex project, and we can fall in love with a mirror or a bathtub that costs a little fortune, which in the end, besides amazing looks, we do not really need. Setting a budget can help us buy just what we really need and save a lot of money for some other project. Besides that, having a budget will help us make the right decisions and buy essentials and things we actually need, and once we have covered that, if there is some money left, we can easily spend it on some more expensive things and items. Of course, it is always a good idea to set an extra budget for unpredicted costs, as no one can estimate the exact amount of money needed for repairs.

Not adequate lighting

Even though this is not the first thing one thinks of when the topic is “bathroom renovation,” this can pose an issue if you just go with the first option. Namely, how bright the light should be and how it will reflect from the tiles you will install are just some of the essential lighting things you need to cover. The best choice here is to go with a mix of artificial and natural lights, which will add that special vibe to the room, which is why the position of the bathroom also plays a huge role, as the position and the size of the window you can pick adequate artificial lighting. You can also install a backlight mirror, as it will create a sophisticated ambiance at night.


Not choosing a suitable material

We are all aware that the bathroom is the wettest room in the house, and because of that, we need to be careful when choosing the best materials for our renovation. Some materials are not suitable for wet rooms and can easily be destroyed if exposed to water for a longer amount of time. Namely, many people go with the first option they see and like, without even checking essential things, and here, the design and the color play a huge role. Understandably, besides the price, attention needs to be towards the material and whether its of high quality.

Remember, renovating a bathroom is not something you do every day, which is why going with durable materials suited for the conditions in that room are of vast importance. Regarding that, we need to think about durability when choosing the right materials instead of simply going with those we like, or we will need to do a new renovation much sooner than we thought. Do the research, or ask the professionals to avoid making a big mistake.

Written by Kan Dail