Top 10 Green And White Flags In The World

rotterdam flag

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Green And White Flags

1. Esperanto

Esperanto flag has a white square in the upper lefthand corner with green background. The green colour depicts hope and white colour peace. The administration of the country call it as Esperanto-flag and the five corners of the star represent the five continents namely Europe, America, Asia, Oceania and Africa. The green colour in the flag was nominated by Swedish Esperantist G. Jonson and the green star, howvever, later C. Rjabinis and P. Deullin has created the final suggestion of the flag in 1893.

Esperanto flag

2. Norfolk Island

Norfolk Island flag represent the pine in the centre and white stripe between two green stripes. If we look closely, the flag geometry is a triband with a hieght and length ratio of 1:2. The centre strip is little wider than the two outer stripes and they are in the ratio of being 7:9:7The flag of Norfolk Island bears resemblance to the Nigerian flag and it was approved by the Norfolk Island Council on 6 June 1979. It was officially deployed on the commencement date of the Norfolk Island Flag and Public Seal Act 1979 on 17 January 1980.

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Norfolk Island flag

3. Pakistan

Pakistan flag has a green background with a white star and crescent and also a white stripe on the left. The proportion of the Pakistani flag is 2:3 and used colors are green and white. The flag was officially adopted in 1947 after partition with India. The flag was flown across teh country on occasions like Republic Day, Independence Day and Defence Day, however, it was hoisted every morning at schools, offices and government buildings to the sound of the national anthem and lowered again before sunset.

pakistan flag

4. Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia officially known as the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is an Arab state in Western Asia that constituting the bulk of the Arabian Peninsula. The official language of the country is Arabic and the capital city is Riyadh. Talking about the Saudi Arabia flag, it was officially used by the government since 15 March 1973 and features Arabic inscription and sword. The inscription is Islamic creed also known as shahada which means “There is no god but Allah; Muhammad is the Messenger of Allah”.

Saudi Arabia flag

5. Nigeria

Nigeria is an African country on the Gulf of Guinea which is popular for its natural landmarks and wildlife reserves. Nigeria is diverse and according to data, there are around 520 languages spoken in Nigeria, howvever, 9 of them are extinct now. Talking about the Nigeria flag, it was designed in 1959 and officially hoisted on 1 October 1960. The flag represents three vertical bands of green, white and green. The two green structure represent Nigeria’s natural wealth, while the white band represents peace.

nigeria flag

6. Rotterdam

Rotterdam is the second-largest city in the Netherlands and was adopted officially on 10 February 1949. The flag is a triband of green white and green colour which is also visible in the coat of arms of Rotterdam. The ratio of the colour combination is 2:3. The green and white colour represent the city since the middle ages where the green refers to the Court of Wena and the white symbolises the Rotte river.

rotterdam flag

Image Source: Wikimedia

7. Pine Tree Flag

Pine Tree Flag was used during the American Revolution with a motto “An Appeal to God” or, more usually, “An Appeal to Heaven”. The same flag was used by the Massachusetts state navy vessels in addition to privateers sailing from Massachusetts. The flag was designed by General Washington’s secretary, Colonel Joseph Reed.

Pine Tree Flag

Image Source: Wikimedia

8. Siberia

Siberia flag has three equal horizontal bands of green, white and green along with a quarter black vertical band at the hoist. The design of the flag was based on Provisional Siberian government created by the white movement. The flag was originated back in the Russian Civil War by the White Movement where it consists of two equal bands of green and white. The white colour depicts the white movement and the green bands represent Siberia consist of vast forest land stretching from west to east. The black in the flag represents the disconnection with Soviet Russia to the west.

siberia flag

Image Source: Wikipedia

9. Saxony

Saxony flag is a combination of the flag of the Federal Republic of Germany in Schwarz-Rot-Gold with the coat of arms of Lower Saxony. This is the civil and state flag in the ratio of 3:5 and used as a state design. The flag was introduced on 13 October 1952.

Saxony flag

Image Source: Wikipedia

10. North Caucasian Emirate

North Caucasian Emirate is an Avar and Chechen Islamic state that existed in the territory of Chechnya and western Dagestan during the Russian Civil War from September 1919 to March 1920. The flag has a white background with three stars in it. The flag looks similar to Mauritaniaexcept white instead of yellow, and no red, and a brighter green.

North Caucasian Emirate flag

Image Source: Wikimedia

These are all the 10 green and white flags in the world.Kindly share and do post your comments.

Written by Kan Dail