Holland Covers Hundreds Of Bus Stops With Sedum Plants To Improve Air Quality


Holland has given an awesome gift to Bees by covering more than hundreds of rooftops with plants. They are mainly sedum plants. It will help us in providing biodiversity to nature such as honey bees and bumblebees. It will also help in strong rainwater and capture fine dust.


The bus stops were also equipped with LED lights and bamboo benches as well. This is one of the amazing measures to boost nature and improve air quality. This will continue where Utrecht will introduce this to 55 more bus stops by the end of this year and move a step towards the clean public transport by 2028.

This will also apply to the locals if they want funds to transform their roofs into green roofs which is one of the best solutions to tackle global warming and should be introduced in other countries as well.

Source: Independent

Written by Kan Dail