Why Don’t We Care About Climate Change

Climate Change and Global Warming

Climate change and global are the currents problems humanity is facing. With the start of the industrial revolution, Humans have started putting a lot of carbon dioxide in teh environment and since it is a greenhouse gas that traps heat. Now, trapping heat to some extent is not bad, however, now we are burning fossil fuels and putting more carbon dioxide into the atmosphere at an unprecedented rate. Now, the whole planet is getting warmer and considered as the primary cause of climate change. The effects humans have seen till now are colder winters, hotter summers, droughts, rising sea levels, melting ice caps and the list goes on.


Now the question arises, Do we really Care About Climate Change, Climate change is serious problem and authorities around the world should work together and make bold policies to impact the earth in a positive way. Let me first tell some important ponts why we dont care about climate change?

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1. Human needs

We all have problems of our own and its a human tendency to take care of our won life first rather than caring about climate change. But at the same time, we all should ask one question that If this planet is important to us or not? The real problem is that all humans are facing some kind of issue in their life and its really difficult to think about climate change at the same time. Until any human being is completely satisfied with his or her won life. This is the primary fact why famous actors like Joaquin Phoenix, Leonardo Di Caprio, Dia Mirza, Akshay Kumar etc become environmentalists.

2. Effects Only Certain Regions/Wildlife

So. there are conversation and articles across the web about climate change and global warming but who is getting affected by disappearing glaciers, Polar Bears. We are always in a misconception that how it could affect my life, it is only happening in Arctics and we still have around 50-60 years before it affects us. One thing is very clear that Climate change is slow in showing its true colours, but eventually, it will take all of us in some way or other. Let’s discuss this with an example, Australia being the driest and hottest year on record before the forest fires ignited and after that, we teh country sees flooding.

3. Individual Impact is Small

We all should think in a positive direction that removes the misconception in our mind that how my contrition will save the planet. The primary reason being there are a million others who are similar to you and contributing to the betterment of the environment. Now, its time we all should wok in decreasing our carbon footprint. Our efforts will matter significantly and all together we can work for the betterment of the planet.


4. No Hope Now

Hope is the purpose of life and it should not be lost. We have some good news like the identification of a hole in the ozone layer as a problem and later fixing it. According to the study performed at NASA, all ozone later will be repaired by 2040. We all should remember that giving up is not an option.

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5. Real Problem makers of Climate Change

There are multiple studies that state that Just 100 companies responsible for 71% of global emissions, Yes they re working for the humans but atleast they should work in decreasing carbon emissions and try to move forward for renewable energy. Ther are numerous articles on the internet that suggest how should we decrease our Carbon footprint and what steps we can take at home itself in order to work towards the betterment of the planet. We all need to change one habit, make a small effort and start your journey of becoming environmentally conscious.

Climate Change and Global Warming

Now, let me tell you, What can we do about it for Climate Change?

  1. First and foremost thing is that we should use lesser energy at home or anywhere we are living because if we are using electricity, there is a good chance that a big part of it is coming from coal-based thermal stations and obviously by using lesser energy just by switching off lights and fans when not in use we decrease the amount of CO2 that is getting pumped into the air.
  2. During your travel, try to use public transport whenever possible. The reason is very simple, travelling in car produces a lot of CO2 per person than a bus or train. Even electrical cars are not s green because while producing it the manufacturer put a lot of CO2 into the atmosphere. If we care about the environment, we should definitely for a used car than a new car but still, teh best option would be no car at all.
  3. All electronic stuff right from TVs, laptops, ACs, clothing pretty much everything is getting more affordable year to year. Yes, we all can afford it but it will cost the environment by putting more CO2 in the environment.
  1. Try to be vegetarian because Vegan food has much lesser carbon footprint than an animal-based diet. But it should not be possible for everyone to complete vegetarian diet. But even decreasing overall meat consumption also can have a positive effect on the environment.
  2. The last and the best way could be as an individual to contribute towards the combat with climate change is to talk about it. There is a huge population in the world who is still unaware of the urgency of the issue so discussing with them and bringing this up in the minds of the people will definitely help them in putting combined efforts.

Written by Kan Dail