How many Bundles do you Need for a Bob Wig?


Hair greatly affects the overall appearance of a person, especially when it comes to women. In that case, gorgeous hair is the first noticeable part of her beauty, because it can represent her personality, thoughts, or beliefs. However, the tastes are different, and that is why someone will be more interested in curly hair, wavy, while someone will like completely straight hair. What everyone likes is a bob wig, and depending on whether you prefer thicker or thinner hair, you can opt for various variants.

So many are wondering how many bundles they really need to get their bob wig. It all depends on your desires, but also on several factors such as hair length, texture, head size, etc. It is up to you to imagine the desired look, and we will help you get it. Read in the rest of the text what you need to consider in order to know the exact amount of bundles you need.

Hair length


The longer the hair you want, the more hair bundles you will need. This is the only way you will get a complete look because you will have equal hair on all parts of the head. Of course, the amount of bundles also depends on the desired density. Depending on how thick your hair actually is, you can opt for more or fewer bundles. When it comes to wig length, you need to know one thing. Like any other natural hair, the longer it becomes thinner at the ends. This does not necessarily mean that it is not of good quality, but if you want your hair to look thick, you must add more bundles. Don’t forget about their weight as well.

The bundle hair extensions

Unlike regular pack extensions, bundles are more expensive. However, they have many advantages, such as minimal shedding and longevity. This means that with proper maintenance, you can use them for years. Another great thing is that these extensions offer great options when it comes to hairstyling. For example, this refers to adding color to cuts or highlights. You can do everything you would do with natural hair with bundles extensions.

Hair texture


When buying this hair, you must also pay attention to the texture. The number of bundles can also depend on the texture. This is because she ranks differently and so you can opt for Afro Kinky, Kinky Curly, etc. Depending on your decision, you may need a lot more or less bundles to get the hairstyle you originally envisioned. People mostly opt for straight hair, wavy hair, and curly hair. They are the most popular choices. Don’t forget that you can always choose between synthetic and natural hair. It also makes a significant difference. If you are more attracted to a more natural look, our recommendation is definitely a human hair bundle extension.

For example, the Kinky curly option offers you a natural look. You will need a lot of bundles for this look. Curly full with bangs won’t require as many bundles. The straight wig is always less dense, which means you will need more bundles here for a more natural look.

Bob wig

This is a very popular hairstyle for years now and will never go completely out of fashion. Short hair definitely marked the previous year, and one of the most beautiful and practical hairstyles is the bob hairstyle. Girls opt for it because it is quite easy to style, and it fits equally well for all occasions. That’s why bob wig is such a popular choice. Best of all, there are different variations on this hairstyle today, which means it can be very interesting looking. When the right color is added to all that, you can look beautiful. This hairstyle suits almost everyone. The number of bundles you will need for this form of wig is usually 2-3 bundles. However, do not forget to take into account all other factors such as texture, length, etc.

At you can see the difference between bob wig and lace wig and better understand which one is better for which type of event.

Head size


Head size is another factor you need to consider before you get your bob wig. Depending on the volume you want to achieve, you must measure your head before making any purchase. For example, you can take a ribbon and wrap it around your head to determine the measurements. Then compare the measurements with the average dimensions and if they are above average, you will definitely need more hair.

How to put bundles?

There are several approaches you can use to install bundles. So you can rely on the sew-in technique. This way you will maintain your hair more easily, you will pay less and it will last you longer. However, you can also opt for glue and tape methods. When it comes to beauty, a specialized product is used that is applied directly to the hair. Whichever style you choose, it is very important to know how much hair you need to achieve exactly what you want.

Hair quality


In addition to texture, style, length, and other factors, there is another important item that we must not forget. It’s about quality. If you want to buy smart, our advice is to opt for the highest quality product. Don’t let a large number of bundles attract you for a very low price, because they can last you much shorter and you will have to go shopping again. Instead, opt for durability. This way, your hairstyle will keep its shape for a long time, while lower-quality hair will start to break and fall out very quickly. That is why people generally take a lot more bundles if they opt for low-quality hair.


So, various elements play a role in choosing the number of bundles for your bob wig. If you want your hair to look natural and beautiful, you must not forget about them. They will affect the final hairstyle. We hope we have helped you eliminate any confusion you have had so far.

Written by Marinelle Adams