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Since the early years of the 21st century, Zunzle has been an authorized online retailer for the b.b. Simon brand. We were the first retail establishment to provide b.b. Simon china wholesale at Dhgate items for purchase on the internet. This guide was prepared with the intention of assisting in the protection of customers against the increasing proliferation of fake products available for sale online. We have high hopes that customers would use this information to steer clear of buying counterfeit BB Simon goods.

B.B. Simon Straps:

On the reverse of almost all of B.B. belt’s standard buckles, the company’s name and logo are engraved. Indentation of the original single logo may be seen on the left buckle. The right buckle has an indentation of many logos, which is a more recent design. As B.B. Simon converts to the new buckle design, we anticipate that the previous buckles will be gradually phased out of production.

B.B. Simon Stub:


On the inside of the leather of every b.b. Simon belt is a stamp of the company’s emblem as well as the size number. The ink used in the stamp is often metallic, and it may come in several various hues. Occasionally, a model code will also be imprinted upon the item. Because it is hand placed by the artisan during manufacture, the stamp is not always flawless. Vintage B.B. Simon belts may feature a stamp with an earlier logo and size process or a leather indentation used instead of an ink stamp.

Handwritten production Codes:

During the manufacturing process, workers would often write production codes under the buckle snaps. These numbers may be found in the buckle.

Leather, Stitched Detailing, and Studs:

There is not usually a constant stitching pattern around the edges, as illustrated. The belts are handcrafted, which results in a great deal of variance based on how the leather work was done and the beads that were sewn into the borders of the belt.

There is a possibility that b.b. Simon belts’ reverse leather may include press impressions; however, not all of the company’s belt models will feature imprints.

Labels and Containers for Storing:


New belts will come with updated tags that feature the BB Simon emblem and the word “California” engraved in gold on the front of the tag. These tags will be used on new belts. On the front, the QR code and the words “MADE IN USA” will be flattened down. The front tag will have a matte finish rather than a glossy one and be black. On the reverse of the tag, all of the print is in a flat format. The tags are not usually cut in the same manner, and the knot in the white thread may often be pulled in two different directions.

The original tag that was included with antique BB Simon belts may be seen further down in this post. Although B.B. Simon does not currently make use of this tag, it is still considered to be a legitimate tag. There is a wide range of quality found in storage tins. There is a wide range of hues and designs available for the tins. The adhesives that are used to remove the decals from the tins that b.b. Simon has been utilizing it since 2019 is not compatible with the tins’ lack of foam inserts.

The tins are made entirely of metal. The old tins b.b. Simon used had far more constant quality control as well as a foam insert for the bottom of the tin. Only the tops and bottom of the old tins were metal. The cylinder inside of the older tins is made of laminated cardboard and has the engraved monogram of the BB Simon company. The tin on the left is the new full-metal tin that is being used at the moment. The correct tin is among the older ones in the collection. Both of these b.b. Simon storage tins are genuine examples.


Fake Belt Examples:

We were able to purchase several knockoffs of BB Simon belts on eBay, including the ones seen below. On the inside of the leather, there are metal studs, and there are metal rings that surround the holes in the buckle clasp. These are blatant red flags that the goods in question are not genuine. The b.b. Simon tin is also considerably narrower than the true original tins.

The attention of a varied client base located all over the globe has been caught by B.B. Simon, just as it has been captured here at Pure Atlanta. In an interview with Forbes, Pure’s owner, Liz, said that the company takes satisfaction in being able to serve as a resource for hip-hop artists at all stages of their careers. One way we achieve this is by being the only shop in Atlanta that stocks B.B. Simon. Every one of our belts is manufactured just for Pure and has the maximum number of Swarovski crystals possible. At Pure, we have limited edition belts that are only available here and can’t be found anywhere else, and we also obtain brand-new designs every month.

Simon Tavassolia debuted his label for the first time in 1987; however, you may know him better by the moniker B.B. Simon. He is the man who designed the now-iconic B.B. Simon belts are consistently ranked among the most popular fashion accessories in the world. As a result of the rare Swarovski gemstones and valuable metals that are used in the process of hand-making each B.B. Simon belt right here in the United States of America, these belts are regarded as both a fashion statement and a work of art.

Tavassolia attributes the rise in popularity of B.B. Simon belts to the fact that Hip Hop artists first discovered Swarovski belts in the early 2000s. He attributes this to the fact that Hip Hop artists “needed to wear belts because they wore very low pants,” and ever since then, B.B. Simon belts have been an essential component of the culture.

Written by Kan Dail