4 Best Invoicing Tools For Freelancers In 2024

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Invoicing is one of the most critical functions for businesses that want to have an organized system of accounting and trustworthiness. Invoicing or billing is an official miniature document that serves as proof of transaction in a legal and legitimate economic exchange.

Invoicing has various benefits that can be harnessed well. It serves as a legal token to prevent any issues in the eyes of the law. Visit Billdu to know more about invoicing tools for businesses in New Zealand. In this article, we’ll talk about the various invoicing tools used by freelancers and businesses.

They are the best ones available with up-to-date software. With that being said, without any further ado, let’s get into it!

What Is An Invoice?

An invoice is a bill you send to your clients outlining the work you performed, what they owe you for your services and how they should pay you. This document is especially relevant to service-based business owners—so think of anyone from photographers who bill for their shooting hours to legal firms that bill for time.

Besides getting paid, there are many other reasons to send an invoice: To clearly outline the projects or services provided. To keep track of business revenue for tax season. To help forecast future income and to even leave a lasting impression on your clients, by adding a business logo, branding or leaving a thank you note, and every invoice comes with its key components –

Ultimately, the things you need to outline to get paid without a fuss. The most effective invoices always include the following sections:

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  • The header: Which includes a logo, contact information, invoice date, invoice number— and even the Amount Due for those who view the invoice at a glance.
  • The body: Which includes the list items of the completed work, discounts offered, applicable taxes, and Amount Due.
  • The footer: This is where you’ll outline payment terms, due dates, the preferred method of payments, and thank you messages. Remember, equipping yourself with good invoicing practices is critical to your success.

Not only does it help you get paid and look professional to your clients, but it also helps you manage your accounting and, ultimately, grow your business.

Best Invoicing Softwares For Your Business

Today’s fast and highly competitive business world calls for better software and capable programs. Billing is very important for a business and it only makes sense that a good business lends invoices and bills on time and in a proper fashion.

There is various software that will work for specific industries and business types, but in all honesty, you should be able to figure out which one suits you better. With that being said, here are the top picks for the best software :


The first one on our list starts with invoicing software that is highly effective for small-scale and medium-sized MSMEs. It is one of the best invoicing software for businesses that want invoicing solutions and accounting and bookkeeping functionality.

It has three freely available price standards. The simplest and least valued one is the Lite plan, which is mainly used by freelancers and other small-scale industries, specifically micro industry businesses, which have very few customers who need invoicing alone and no need for accounting.

With FreshBooks, you can send an indefinite number of invoices and projection estimates to your customers. Customer service is excellent, and FreshBooks has received mostly positive reviews from its users. The catch businesses with multiple users won’t find what they need here, as each plan only supports one user.

Square Invoices

The second one on our list is Square invoices, which are very well used for FMCG and other product-based businesses. They need quick and straightforward invoices to be on the go, and Square invoices readily provide them with the services they want. Square invoices allow you to use their tools once you sign up or register with them.

The most incredible upside with Square invoices is that their services are entirely free, involving sending invoices to customers. The drawback with Square invoices is that they aren’t fully developed software for advanced options for invoicing, making it harder to use Square invoices for more extensive and more complicated projects.

They are the best for small and medium enterprises. They work fast and effectively for them hence serve as an optimal software to work to the best of your abilities.


The modern-day business does not even need computers, to be very frank. The level of technology and development that we’ve had on smartphones makes it easier to conduct businesses on the phone itself. If you’re a person that likes using your phone to go about business-related work, Invoice2Go is the best choice for you.

It simplifies a lot of the processes and helps you easily send invoices to your customers. They have various apps for android and apple that make it simple for you to create your invoice in your preferred design for businesses.

You can send invoices in a variety of ways, including SMS and mobile apps. On the downside, though, Invoice2go — as the name implies — focuses primarily on invoicing. If you need more advanced bookkeeping and accounting features, another option will better suit your needs.

Zoho Invoice

Zoho Invoice is the trademark software when it comes to invoicing for small-scale industry companies and businesses. Very simple to use and highly effective, Zoho invoice ensures that you have highly automated and straightforward invoices that showcase your business’s professionalism and organizational capability.

Apart from creating local invoices for your home country, it is also involved in creating international invoices sent for customers abroad. If you want to avail yourself of this if you are tight on finance, do not worry because Zoho Invoice provides a free version for business owners.

Zoho Invoice is probably the best software on the market currently because of the versatile functions you can use. Apart from invoicing, it helps you track various expenses, create charts, help with bookkeeping and various other functions.

Written by Ana Weaver