Is Cycling Actually Good for You?


The people who love to cycle will tell you that there are absolutely no downsides to becoming a cyclist. They claim that the fitness advantages, as well as the convenience, are just a few of the reasons why they enjoy it so much. However, is cycling as good for you as they say? Or is it just another over-hyped form of exercise that doesn’t deserve all this positive attention? Keep reading to find out.

Potential Risks of Cycling

Riding a bike comes with several potentially serious risks to your health and safety. The reason that helmets must be worn while cycling is because the speeds at which you can travel and the surrounding vehicles can lead to head injuries. Without the proper protective gear and high-vis accessories, a cyclist is in great danger on the road. Some car drivers can make it even harder for cyclists by driving too close or too fast. Other forms of cycling, such as mountain biking, can be dangerous in other ways due to the uneven terrain.

Although cycling has the potential to be dangerous, it is also incredibly good for your health. There are so many reasons why cycling is worth trying out. Take a look at these ten points to see why cycling is so popular all over the world.

Losing Weight


While it isn’t healthy to want to lose weight for the sake of losing weight, achieving and maintaining a healthy body means adopting an exercise regime. Cycling is an accessible and easy activity to help people get into fitness without the fear of being judged at the gym for not knowing how to use the equipment or joining a sports team and worrying about letting down your teammates.

Protecting Joints

Unlike other forms of exercise, cycling is good for people with delicate joints. Runners, in particular, risk the future health of their knees, whereas cyclists can protect their joints through the low impact of the activity. There are other activities that are suitable for people with weaker joints, such as swimming or yoga, but cycling is perhaps one of the most popular due to how easy it is to get started.

Maintaining Heart Health

One of the most important reasons to get into a good fitness routine is to protect your heart. It is an incredibly important organ in the body and must be taken care of properly. Cardio exercises are good for building up the strength of your heart, and cycling is a form of cardio exercise. Eating fatty, sugary, or salty foods can lead to heart disease or a buildup of plaque, which could eventually cause serious illness. Exercise like cycling will help to reduce the damage and restore the heart to a better state of health.

Getting Around

If you have ever been to a major metropolitan city, you will have noticed the sheer quantity of bikes on the roads. Cycling is one of the most efficient ways of getting around, especially in cities where congestion and traffic jams can prevent cars and other large vehicles from moving. Commuters regularly choose a bike over other forms of transport since it is the best way for them to get to work and home again in a timely manner. Cycling is also ideal for traveling and seeing different locations where cars might not be able to go, such as parts of the countryside.

Saving Money


Bicycles are much more affordable than cars. Once you have a good bike, it can last you for many years. Choosing the right bike might take some time, but places like Steed Bikes can help to make the decision easier. No matter what your budget might be, a bike could be the answer to your fitness and transport needs. You can save money on the upfront cost of a car as well as the insurance and fuel it takes to maintain such a large vehicle by opting for a bike instead.

Sustainability and the Environment

Bicycles are a much more eco-friendly way of getting around compared to cars. They produce no carbon emissions and don’t require fuel. People who are concerned about the welfare of the environment and the planet are usually keen cyclists.

Improving Stamina

Not everyone wants to start a fitness routine for the sake of becoming muscular or strong. Some people want to improve their stamina so that they can have more energy on a day-to-day basis. Cycling regularly can help to boost your stamina over time by pushing you to keep going for an extra mile or an extra minute. Stamina is so useful for other aspects of life aside from exercise, such as being productive at work or having the energy to spend quality time with loved ones after a hard day.

Helping the Mind

Exercise in general is extremely good for a person’s mental health. Cycling, in particular, can help you to clear your mind since you become focused on staying balanced and paying attention to your changing surroundings rather than the thoughts in your head. Some people consider cycling to be an almost meditative or mindful experience.



Unlike many other sports or physical activities, cycling is incredibly versatile and, therefore, accessible to everyone. Bikes can be modified for a whole variety of purposes and needs to suit different skill levels and abilities. They can be used on different kinds of terrain and at different times of the year.

Promoting Enjoyment and Exploration

Being able to easily hop on a bike and set off to explore the unknown is one of the most enjoyable aspects of cycling. Unlike getting in a car, you can experience your surroundings fully, but unlike walking, you can go at a pace that keeps it interesting. Many cyclists love the activity for the freedom it offers and the ability to simply take off and see somewhere new with no hassle or costs.

If you aren’t convinced by these ten points, then cycling might just not be for you.

Written by Kan Dail