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What Is The Key To Winning With Sports Betting?

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Winning sports bettors are a very rare breed. Statistically speaking, it is very uncommon to find an individual who is profitable – over the long haul – in sports betting. Sadly, luck and basic sports knowledge will only get you so far. The successful sports bettors tend to have some common traits that aid them in being better at sports betting as opposed to the rest of the pack.

With a ‘standard-issue human brain’, you are almost destined to struggle in achieving success in sports betting. The human brain has developed based on the primary functionality of survival as well as not on making money with betting on sports. Most of the behaviours that are required to achieve success in sports betting actually require you to go against your automatic human instincts in addition to urges. To be successful at sports betting, it is necessary for you to think differently, adopt new beliefs as well as often be counter intuitive.

You Need To Think Differently To Win At Sports Betting

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Your mindset is just a way of thinking that determines your behaviour, your outlook in addition to your mental attitude. For any given set of sports betting events – such as wins, losses, setbacks and mistakes – the distinguishing factor in how different people respond to them – and, as a result, the results which they get will be in their mindsets. Your attitude is the middleman between the events which take place to you and your reactions to those events. It is the processor which determines how what goes in as well as comes out. Your mindset can assist you to be successful in your sports betting or it can be the roadblock to your success.

Developing an attitude to support winning sports betting is ultimately the key to achieving – as well as sustaining – consistent profits. Every behaviour, thought, action and feeling are coming from within, so although the development of knowledge, skills and attitudes is essential. Together with this is the development of a winning attitude. Your attitude is the foundation on which all of your betting behaviours are founded on. It is  the catalyst for your betting decisions.

What Are The Common Traits Of Winning Sports Bettors?

We’ve constructed a list of some of the most common traits of winning sports bettors. While not a comprehensive list, by any means whatsoever, this list encompasses the vast majority of important traits that are held by these bettors. It’s important to note that a successful sports bettor doesn’t necessarily need to have all of these traits, however they will have most of them. With that said, let’s delve deeper!

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Knowledge Of Sports

This common place trait of sports bettors should be quite obvious, however we wanted to make sure that we stated it irrespective. In order to be successful, sports bettors have to have a solid knowledge of sports. Without this trait, it is honestly quite near impossible to become good at sports betting.

Having a good knowledge of sports allows successful sports bettors to understand things better that might impact their wagers. Making use of their knowledge of sports, these winning bettors have a good understanding of the many different things which can impact the outcome of sporting events. This allows them the opportunity to make better-educated wagers as opposed to someone who is not as knowledgeable about sports.

Strong Maths Skills

Betting on sports involves a tonne of numbers. From historical performance data right down to bookmaker odds, there are lots of different numbers to look at as well as analyse. If you’re not good at maths, it can be tough to understand what all of these numbers mean to you as well as your sports betting wagers.

Winning sports bettors have a tendency to have very strong maths skills. Making use of this skill set, they are able to understand quickly what the data, which they have access to, means. Frequently, these types of bettors will then crunch some serious numbers to assist them to determine what wagers which they would like to place. Ultimately, these bettors make use of their strong maths skills to analyse and interpret data quickly for the sake of making quick as well as educated betting decisions.

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Phenomenal Money Management

Something else which successful sports bettors do well is to manage their money. Without excellent money management skills, it’s very challenging to make a long and fruitful run in sports betting. If you end up betting far too much of your bankroll on single games, it could be detrimental to your bankroll balance.

A winning sports bettor will have created strict money management guidelines for themselves, and they will stick to these whether betting on sport or playing at This is not matter what else happens. These money management lines will decide on how much of their total bankroll will be put on each wager. Rather than swinging for the fence on each bet, the aim of a successful sports bettor will be to make a lot of money over the long haul.

Do You Believe That You Can Win At Sports Betting?

Many individuals feel that there is only one winner in sports betting and that is the bookie. This is the common perception and – amongst those who choose to continue to bet at the bookies without structure or discipline – it is almost certainly the case.

However since the introduction of sports spread betting and the betting exchanges, specifically:

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  • The betting landscape has altered dramatically,
  • The balance of power has moved, and
  • With it so have the chances for profitability and success.

The bookie’s key advantages – of the overround and the ability to lay – have both been removed by the betting exchanges as well as the availability and accessibility of information. Data has significantly increased in order to give you an extra edge.

There’s no way around it. To find success in sports betting you need to put in the hard work. You will have to say goodbye to the idea of suddenly winning the lottery with a huge accumulator. Importantly, remember there are no so-called ‘safe bets’ and nothing is guaranteed in sports betting.

Written by Ana Weaver