Best Kids Party Entertainment Ideas for 2024

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Birthday parties are all the rage. When it comes to kids party entertainment, that’s another hurdle to jump over.

But planning birthday parties and entertainment doesn’t have to be a chore. Especially when you’ve landed on an article that will share all the secrets. Read on to get the 11 best kids party entertainment ideas for 2024, and watch as you become Parent of the Century!

Live performances from their favourite show or singer

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Kids parties and entertainment need not be a slog. Are they a fan of YouTube sensation Allie Sherlock? Do they love puppet shows, like Steve and Maggie or Sooty? Then arrange a private event with top performers virtually or in reality!

Thrillz provides plenty of live shows for any age; these celebrity performances will make any kid feel special (and they will instantly become the most popular at school). Now they can reach the stars!

Virtual reality game

Nothing says the 21st century like a virtual reality gaming session. Simply rent or buy a few headsets, and watch your kids be transported into another universe. This will not only keep them occupied (allowing you some much-needed breathing time) but also highly entertained.

If your kid is a gamer, you can make the experience more socially acceptable by inviting a few of their friends and having the best party ever. Popular VR games include: Candy Kingdom (kid-friendly carnival game), Pierhead Arcade (all the fun arcade games you do at Brighton pier) and Job Simulator. It sounds so cool, you’ll start feeling nostalgic.

Hire a magician

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It’s an oldy but a goody. Bring the magic to life and hire a magician for a few hours. You’ll get a range of party entertainment from card tricks, balloon animals, illusions and more. Even you will be mesmerised by the magician, no matter what your age.

Face painting

At any festival or event, you’ll often find a pop-up stall with a line queuing from the other end of the earth. Face painting is one of the most popular kids party entertainment options for when you’re feeling stuck.

Perhaps you’re handy with a palette yourself, or just want to take hire a face-paint artist to do the hard work. Kids can embody their inner spirit, whether it’s a butterfly, tiger, lion, or something even more niche. Now when your kid says “I want to be a pony”, you can make the impossible, possible.

Beauty makeover and competition

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Kids love playing dress-up and putting on make-up. They’re a common birthday party theme, but now you can turn it into a fun kids party entertainment rouse.

Either hire a make-up artist or give the kids access to some make-up you don’t mind them burning through. They get to act like a grown-up for one day and glam up. Go the extra mile and make the event a beauty pageant to win the title “Mr/Miss Universe” – there’s nothing like some friendly competition to keep the kids engaged.

Arts and crafts

In a world where we’re obsessed with technology, it’s great to take a break from the screen. There’s no better way to tap into child’s play than with art. So give them free rein to draw, paint, make bracelets or macaroni chains. This will be a kids entertainment party hit!

Karaoke night

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Another top kids party entertainment idea is karaoke – a great option for the performers in the family. Find their favourite songs or shows so they can re-enact them with their friends. You can even find a sing-a-long on DVD of popular musicals like The Greatest Showman. Maybe get some earplugs just in case things get a bit pitchy…

Pizza party!

This kids party entertainment idea is a no brainer. Who doesn’t love pizza? Upgrade your pizza party by getting the kids to make their own!

Let ‘em get their hands dirty and add their own toppings for their perfect personalised pizza. This also means that anyone with specific dietary requirements will feel included, too. It doughn’t get much better than that…

Bouncy castle

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The iconic bouncy castle party will never get old! If you have a sizeable garden, simply rent a bouncy castle, get some snacks and watch the hours tick by. This idea is probably the least stressful and requires minimal effort; you’ll know the kids are entertained because you’ll hear their giggles echoing.

We recommend also hiring an adult bouncy castle because you will get jealous and everyone should embrace their inner child to blow off some steam. (Being a parent is no easy ride.)

Mad Hatters Tea Party

This is the perfect kids party entertainment idea that you can do whatever the weather. Re-create the tea party from Disney’s Alice in Wonderland, with the cute ‘drink me’ and ‘eat me’ tags, and get kids to dress up as their favourite characters. You can also give prizes for the best dressed to make it even more interactive.

Mini Animal Farm

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If your kids are animal lovers, then you should consider converting your home into a mini farm (temporarily, of course). You might have seen pop-up farms at your local shopping centre or outdoor markets, and it’s a unique kids party entertainment idea for sure.

If you’re stumped for where to even find a real-life sheep, Spitalfields City Farm has a mobile farm that can deliver straight to your doorstep! You can put up little picket fences, add some hay and decorate to your heart’s content. The farm party is also an educational experience for the kids; adding a little learning to their party does wonders for their growth.

Written by Ana Weaver