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How to Make Money Welding in your Garage?


Behind us is a year in which a lot of people lost their jobs and income due to the pandemic. Out of the blue, the whole world found itself in a huge problem and many activities experienced a collapse, primarily tourism, hospitality, and many others. People were thinking about what new source of income they could find so that they could survive these dark times. Anyone who had any skill decided to start working from home. The garage has become a place where we go to work.

And one of the most popular and lucrative things you can do in your garage is welding. Even though you are not a professional welder which means that welding is not your primary profession, if you know basic welding, you could do so many DIY projects and earn the necessary money. Although we are slowly coming out of the pandemic and hoping that life will return to normal, a little extra money will always be useful and you should take advantage of your skill. So if you haven’t started yet, find out how to make money welding in your garage.

How to start?


Welding is very complex manual work and that is why welders are in demand all over the world and are offered very high salaries. You of course don’t have to be at a very high level to make money from your garage, but you do need to know at least the basics and be trained. First of all, a lot of practice is necessary, so that you can do even the most basic things. We assume you already know this when you started reading this text. If you are a complete beginner after all and you have just decided to start welding, then you need to enroll in a course or find someone who will teach you. You can also try educating yourself with tutorials on YouTube, but we’re not sure you’ll succeed. If you have at least basic knowledge, the tool is what you need to get started.

Necessary tools


There are a few basic tools without which you will not be able to do this. The first is of course the welding machine. Choose carefully, because you shouldn’t spend a fortune on the heavy-duty professional machine, but also avoid low-quality ones, that will break down quickly. The next thing you need is a grinder, preferably an angle grinder whose discs can be changed. You will also need clamps, and if you have enough money, buy a chop saw, it will be useful to you. Of course, we reckon you already have basic home tools like pliers and wrenches because you will need that too. Lastly, it is essential that you have protective equipment, as you may be injured during welding. The most important thing is to have a special helmet that will save your face and eyes. This is of utmost importance because it is very dangerous for your eyes, so make sure to read more about different types of welding helmets before buying. You will also need gloves, which must be thin enough to feel things properly in your hands but also to keep you safe.

Is it legal to sell things you make?


You’re probably wondering if it’s legal to sell products you’ve made in your garage since you don’t have a business license. Laws vary from state to state, but you are generally allowed to sell smaller items without a license, especially if you don’t do it very often. If you are planning to make a business out of this, then get a license, because it is a much better option than having problems with the law. It is best to contact the competent authority in your area and inquire whether you need a license or vendor’s permit. Even if you don’t need it, don’t forget that you will still have to pay taxes on everything you sell.

How to make money?


And now we come to the key question, how to make money welding. We will tell you what you can do and make which will bring you profit without investing too much time and without the need to be an expert.

Corrections and repairs

The first thing you can do, and it pays off very quickly, is to repair various things. People often damage various metal objects, such as lawnmowers, and they need your service to fix it. Also, it will be very good practice for you before you move on to more complex tasks.



Metal furniture is very useful and many people buy it for their yard. You can make and then sell, and you can also work by having people order customized products from you. In the beginning, it is probably best to make it as you wish, without special client requirements, until you improve your skill. It is important to make beautiful furniture, but more importantly to be of good quality. Start with tables, because it is the simplest, and then move on to chairs and other more complex pieces of furniture.

Car ramps

Car ramps can be one of the most sought after products you can make, but also remember that it is essential that they are very high quality and durable. You will have many clients, primarily garage owners, and car enthusiasts. Remember that car ramps need to be customized, so don’t make them before someone orders you. If you make a few without already having customers, it is possible that no one will buy them.

BBQ grills


Everyone loves steak, sausages, or grilled ribs. That is why everyone who has a yard has a barbecue. You have to take advantage of that fact and make money. BBQ grills are a product that everyone will buy from you, and you won’t need a lot of materials to make them. It’s not easy to make them, but once you practice making BBQ grills, it will be one of your biggest sources of income. Nobody will ask you for a cheap product, they can order it from the internet, but they will want quality.


Welding is a very lucrative business and if it is your hobby, you should definitely make a source of income from it. And who knows, after so much practice, maybe it will become a full-time job for you.

Written by P. Mito