7 Pros and Cons of Using Memory and Concentration Supplements


Attentional control commonly known as concentration is a person’s ability to focus or ignore a particular thing for an extended period of time. The ability to concentrate varies greatly from person to person, but can also be improved in different ways. Attentional control is the responsibility of the front of the brain, the same part that is responsible for functions such as memory. Therefore, it is believed that improving concentration will also lead to improved memory.

As these are the characteristics that separate us from animals, whatever we do, from an early age we will need to maintain concentration and be able to remember as much as possible. There are groups of people, such as students, who find it especially important to improve these abilities. There are cognitive exercises that will help, but so-called brain supplements are also often used. These are supplements that are also called smart drugs and are made from ingredients that will have a beneficial effect on the brain. However, everyone is wondering if they are really effective and what are the pros and cons of using memory and concentration supplements. In order not to be in doubt anymore, continue reading this text and find out the answers to all these questions.


There are a lot of pros that make people use these supplements and we can say that they are all based on scientific facts and not on beliefs in the magical properties of certain substances. Also, these are completely safe products, which can be taken long-term, so there is no fear of side effects. At least, nothing more than when you take any vitamin or whey protein.

1. Improved memory


Our brain is loaded with so much information every day that it becomes very difficult for us to remember new things. Especially if we have to learn very difficult exam material, our brain can simply be overloaded and that is why you will have the impression that your hard disk is full. But you won’t be able to state that reason why you haven’t learned a particular lesson, so you need to improve your memory in some way, and brain supplements are the best option, along with rest and quality nutrition. Most consumers stated that they remember better after a few weeks.

2. Better focus


In order to be able to perform any task, even on a daily basis, like driving a car, we need to be maximally focused. And because of the different obligations we are exposed to, it often happens that our focus is lower. Also, people nowadays generally have a weaker focus as a result of using computers and smartphones. That’s why many resorts to these supplements, to improve focus. Especially if they do some demanding work, where every mistake can be catastrophic. This applies equally to bankers and factory workers. Everyone needs to improve their focus. Focus is best improved as the combination of different mind techniques and brain drugs.

3. Clarity of mind


Do you often or occasionally feel that your thoughts are blurred? Don’t worry, you are not the only one. It is not a sign of a serious illness, but rather a fatigue that causes blurred thoughts. This prevents you from thinking clearly and it happens that some tasks perform worse precisely as a result. In addition to fatigue, some of the main reasons are the deficiency of various micronutrients and insufficient intake of macronutrients. As brain supplements mainly consist of vitamins and minerals, as soon as the level of macronutrients in your blood jumps, your mind will become much clearer. These vitamins will have an overall positive effect on the body. We asked the experts from Ijest what the main ingredients are some of the best products and they told us that it is mostly Vitamin B6. And Vitamin B6, in addition to being very good for the brain, also affects cell metabolism and many other things.

4. They reduce the need for sleep


When we say that one of the advantages is the reduced need for sleep, we do not mean that you should sleep only a few hours or that these supplements will allow you to do so. They do not have a stimulating effect. What we want to say is that you will not have the need for too long sleep caused by fatigue and blurred thoughts. Brain supplements will help the brain to rest completely with normal sleep of 7 hours and be ready for all challenges. Also, you will feel mental freshness longer while you study, so it will be very useful for students during the exam season. They will be able to learn much longer than usual, without the side effects of energy drinks and similar products.

5. Disease prevention


Dementia, Alzheimer’s disease, and many other brain diseases are common today. There is still no real cure for them, so prevention is what is needed. All the ingredients of these supplements will help in prevention as they will stimulate the creation of new brain cells and will also help you study for a longer amount of time. It has been proven that people who have studied more during their lives are less likely to suffer from these diseases. Therefore, it is recommended that everyone take memory supplements, especially those who have a family history of these diseases because they are very hereditary.


As we have already said side effects are very rare, so they are completely safe to use if you do not have any contraindications to taking these supplements. However, there are a few cons, which can be easily avoided.

1. False sense of security


People tend to expect a miraculous effect from these supplements. Of course, this is not realistic and they will have a very positive effect on the brain and health, but you will not become Einstein because of them. That is why people tend to think about how that will bring them superhuman memory ability as soon as they start taking them, and then they do not start studying in time but rely completely on their effect. Be smart and remember that is no a magical potion.

2. Possible overdose


Although this is very rare, it can happen. You should take only as much as it says on the instructions so as not to endanger your health and to have optimal effects. You will not remember better and be more concentrated if you take the whole pack at once. On the contrary, you will only endanger your health.


As something that is very healthy for the whole body, and especially for the brain, we recommend the use of memory and concentration supplements. Of course, have realistic expectations and consult a doctor before you start consuming them.

Written by P. Mito