7 Famous Music Stars Who Wear Wigs


Looking your best is important, and the more you have to appear in public and in front of other people, the better and cleaner you have to look. It is not only about showing up and presenting the best of you either, as looking good usually means feeling good. What is more, it is as important to us regular people as it is to the biggest names in the entertainment industry. Actors, singers, and other celebrities often utilize different things to look their best and stay fresh and crisp for years. With that being said, here we will be talking about wigs, that is, the most famous music stars who regularly wear wigs.

Wigs have been in existence for literal thousands of years. Even in ancient times, rulers used them both for special rituals and coronations and during everyday activities. Most notably, ancient Egyptians and European rulers from the Middle Ages onwards wore elaborate wigs to show off their status and wealth. Why should the modern day celebrities be any different than? The best of all is that wigs have become much more affordable and easier to get than before. According to Sunber Hair, anyone can use them nowadays, and they should if it would mean happiness and satisfaction. They have a wide selection of wigs so make sure to browse their collection and order your dream wig.

1. Chris Martin


The front man singer of the famous British rock band Coldplay has been on the scene for decades. After numerous number one hits, the band is still going strong with an occasional showstopper. Chris Martin rose to stardom more than 20 years ago. In 2000, he appeared in Coldplay music video with quite a messy hairline. After that he experimented with numerous hairstyles and became one of those stars who always have a different look. When he wears buzz cuts or almost completely shaven hair, his receding hairstyle is more than visible. Since he frequently appears with a full head of hair and no bald spots or receding hairlines, many believe he occasionally wears wigs. There is hardly something wrong with that as it is perfectly normal in this day and age.

2. A. J. McLean


The member of the legendary band The Backstreet Boys, A. J. McLean is no stranger to wigs. The icon of the 1990s and 2000s has experienced hair loss and therefore wears wigs. His hairpieces were quite different from time to time, each concealing his bald spots and general loss of hair. If you explore the pictures of him on the web, you will easily see just how many different looks he has gone through over the thirsty something years on the scene. McLean also had a hair transplant and is now happy with it, looking younger than ever.

3. Elton John


Sir Elton John is a name everyone knows. The legendary British singer has been on the scene for many decades and he is still going strong. The master of style, of course he must have amazing hairstyles to accompany his elaborate glasses and marvelous clothes. Underneath his wigs, he is almost completely bald, and has been for the better part of his life. It all started in his 20s due to his bad life choices, addiction, and diet. Genetics had something to do with it too, and this combo resulted in an almost completely bald singer by his 30s. Elton John experienced hair loss early on in his life and has managed to own it like no other. Nowadays you will never see him bald though thanks to his collection of wigs.

4. Gwen Stefani


The beautiful singer and the star of the late 1990s and early 2000s famously said that everything is fake nowadays. She added that she had not seen her real hair since 9th grade, proving exactly how many wigs she has worn and how often. There is nothing wrong with this as her on stage performances often include unique looks and weird combinations of colors. Therefore, wearing wigs to accompany the style is necessary for the overall effect and fans’ satisfaction.

5. Katy Perry


If you ever wanted to know what is the secret behind the famous star’s colorful and extremely sudden hair changes, it is wigs of course. Katy is no stranger to changing through multiple hairdos during one and the same concert, surprising fans with elaborate dresses and tight costumes, all followed with appropriately stylized and colored wigs. There is no chance to do so much with natural hair in a matter of minutes, so going for high quality wigs in the backstage is the absolute best.

6. Nicki Minaj


Similarly to her two colleagues and fellow stars, the queen of rap and the best-selling female rap artist in history is widely famous for her unorthodox fashion and wigs. Nicki loves long wigs with overly complex braids that usually extend well below her lower back. She practically has different type and different color wig in every single show, music video, and interview. She wore pink, yellow, green blue, blonde, and everything in between. You can never expect it and she still manages to wow her millions of fans every time.

7. Lady Gaga


The singer turned actress never hid away from her love of wigs. From her initial hits like Poker Face to her recent worldwide success in the movie A Star is Born, Gaga has always been experimental and daring with her looks, and not just wigs. She has appeared in strange and unnecessarily different and questionable dresses and combinations on galas and award ceremonies, and her hair is often the least surprising part. Like her fellow female celebs on our list, she will hardly ever stop wearing new hairstyles every time around, and we are all for it.

A Few More

If we were to mention every single music star who wears wigs, this article would go on forever. Therefore, let us mention some of the biggest names out there. Beyoncé, Dolly Parton, Gene Simmons, and many others are “guilty” and that is just among music stars. It is actors and TV personalities that really take the cake, but that is a list for another time!

Written by Marinelle Adams