Grand Dunman | The Newest Luxury Condominium in Singapore


Grand Dunman, the newest high-end condominium situated in Singapore set the tone for a truly memorable living lifestyle. Set on Dunman Road in District 15 provides a unique combination of modern style, superb location as well as a wide array of services. The property has 1 040 housing homes, Grand Dunman caters to the varied requirements of couples, families as well as investors looking for homes of high-quality located in Singapore.

When residents first step to the entrance of Grand Dunman, they are received with a feeling of exclusivity and opulence. At the main gate, which is accessible through Dunman Road, welcomes them to a dazzling world of luxury and contemporary. The property has four sides gates that provide easy access to the nearby community and facilities.

Offering more than 40 leisure facilities, Grand Dunman presents a range of activities for guests to enjoy. Its main feature for the area is a grand pool, which measures 80 meters in length. Grand Pool, inviting residents to take a break and relax by its crystal-clear waters. The hydro massage pool provides an energizing experience that soothes the mind and body. The treetop walks provide an idyllic setting with amazing views of neighbouring estates, city skylines or the sparkling waters. Two 3-storey clubhouses – The Jewel Clubhouse and the Pool Clubhouse which offer a wide range of amenities, such as gyms, gathering rooms, as well as barbeque spaces.

Unmatched Luxury Amenities at Grand Dunman:


Luxury Living Spaces

There are 1040 residential units, Grand Dunman provides a wide range of options for different types of kinds of lifestyles. From cozy 1-bedroom homes as well as spacious five-bedroom units with dual-key units included Residents can locate the perfect home in the grand development. The spacious living areas are designed with care to the smallest the smallest details, ensuring both comfort as well as style.

A wide range of Lifestyle Facilities

Grand Dunman sets itself apart thanks to its collection of more than 40 life-style amenities. The most coveted of these facilities is the grand pool, which measures 80 meters. Grand Pool, where residents are able to soak in the sunshine, enjoy an energizing swim or just relax at the water’s edge. In addition, the Hydro massage pool offers the perfect place to rest and refresh.

Exclusive Clubhouses

The project has two three-storey clubhouses, The Jewel Clubhouse and the Pool Clubhouse. The Jewel Clubhouse has a wide range of facilities, such as an exercise room that is well-equipped, a steam room, sauna as well as a meeting room, libraries, as well as an entertainment room. Members can take part in a range of sports and activities within the safety of their home neighborhood. Its Pool Clubhouse is another excellent location, with the gym, a party area, as well as a BBQ area. It is ideal to host gatherings and create unforgettable memories with your loved ones and family.

Amazing Perspectives and Surroundings


Grand Dunman offers residents captivating panoramas of the surroundings. These outward-facing stacks overlook adjacent estates with lands, creating an atmosphere of exclusivity and peace. Certain lucky residents have the pleasure of taking in breathtaking panoramic views of the city’s skyline, or of the sparkling waters and creating a sense of peace and beauty.

Additional Info and Amenities

Grand Dunman is currently being built by the world-renowned Singhaiyi Group and is set to complete in 2024. The condo has a total floor space of 88.321 square meters as well as a total land size totaling 25,234.3 sq meters. It has a height of 64 meters, the building stands as a stunning architectural masterpiece within the region.

The community has an inverse ratio of carparks that provides ample parking to residents as well as guests. Apart from the above amenities, Grand Dunman provides a playground for kids as well as an outdoor playground for children, a BBQ space for outdoor gatherings, and a track to jog for those who love fitness, and the pet park allows residents to enjoy time with their pet.

Incomparable Security and Services

Grand Dunman prioritizes the safety and ease of life for its residents. By having a security system that is available 24 hours a day, that is in place, residents will rest assured that their home is secure. It also has the services of a concierge, which caters to the different demands of its inhabitants. In addition, laundry services are offered, ensuring an easy living experience.


Grand Dunman is an exceptional possibility for people looking to enjoy an elegant and comfortable life in Singapore. It was designed by the renowned Singhaiyi Group, this new residential development is expected to raise the standard of luxurious living. It is expected to be completed by 2024 it is the perfect time to be a part of this highly sought-after development.

From its prime position within District 15 and its exquisitely-designed living spaces Grand Dunman exudes elegance and sophistication. The extensive array of amenities such as the breathtaking Grand Pool, clubhouses, playground barbecue area, and a treetop walk, is designed to meet the needs of all aspects of the lives of residents and provides a truly enjoyable enjoyment.

It doesn’t matter if you’re an entire family looking for a large house, a couple seeking the most stylish home, or an investor looking for an investment opportunity that is sound, Grand Dunman offers a range of possibilities to fit your preferences. Enjoy the ultimate high-end life in Singapore and transform Grand Dunman into a place to live with distinction. With its exceptional amenities as well as its unbeatable amenities and a dedication to quality, Grand Dunman sets a new standard in the luxurious condo lifestyle in Singapore.



What’s the expected cost of the launch for units from Grand Dunman?

The price of the estimated launch for units located in Grand Dunman ranges between S$1,640 to S$2,714 for a square foot. Prices vary based on various factors, including the dimensions of the units, their location in the building, as well as the specific amenities.

Who is the person who developed Grand Dunman?

Grand Dunman was developed by the famous Singhaiyi Group. It has a long-standing experience of developing quality projects and services, the Singhaiyi Group is renowned for its dedication to quality and attention to the smallest of details.

What is the parking ratio for Grand Dunman?

Grand Dunman provides a carpark ratio of 1:1. This implies that there’s one carpark for each apartment. The residents will park in plenty for their cars, as well as the comfort of their vehicle being within reach.

Written by Kan Dail