Online Gaming Community: Where to Find Friends?


Whichever games you’re into, playing alone can sometimes be a tedious activity. This is especially true if you don’t have any real friends who are into gaming as much as you are, and you can’t team up with them to kill time sometimes.

Did you know you can easily find the right community to share your gaming experiences, so you never feel bored when engaging in the games you like most? Whether you are new to the online gaming scene or are simply looking for friends to join you in your gaming exploits, the time is ripe to make new friends. So, stick around for a few minutes and find out how you can make new gamer friends even in iGaming games on platforms like Verde Casino . Here we go!

Use Social Media


The power of social media extends to helping you find the right community to fit in depending on your online and real-world interests. Speaking of communities, our first pit stop is Reddit,  which offers tons of subreddits that you can visit whenever you need a pal.

One such community is the r/GamerPals, where you just need to type the game you want to play and the time zone you live in to be assisted in joining a specific group for your favorite game. Of course, you first need to ensure that you sign up for an account on Reddit and include all relevant details, such as your gender, location, specific game, and so forth. That way, gamers with similar interests can find you and vice versa.

You can also search for the name of the game you want to play in the Facebook search tab, then follow it up by typing ‘group.’ Facebook will then automatically suggest some groups of the specific game you want to play. From there, click the ‘Join Group’ button to officially become a member and meet new friends. From this point, you can start posting on the timeline and familiarize yourself with your new community. Keep things casual, entertaining, and fun.



The Internet is packed with many websites and apps that can help you find your gaming tribe. It’s as easy as typing ‘Find gamer friends online’ on your Google search, and many apps and websites will appear to help you out. Some of the best apps to find players who enjoy the same games as you do include:

  • GamerLink App- This platform allows you to post the game you are looking for, suggests other users who are playing the game you are playing, and allows you to send a friend request. It’s just like Facebook, but for gamers only.
  • WeGamers- An online platform created by gamers, WeGamers accords you the opportunity to learn different aspects of gaming from relatively more experienced gamers or streamers. Besides this, you also get in-depth info on any game you want, with loads of articles and blogs written by fellow gamers also available.
  • GameTree- Not only does GameTree help you find friends to game with, but it also enables you to find gamer friends depending on your interests.
  • Find Gaming Buddies- This website allocates friends based on specific games. Click a game on the website, and the platform will carefully curate a group of prospective friends who also share an interest in the game.
  • Plink- With the Plink App, you can forget about playing a game alone because this app analyzes your stats and performances in a game. Based on this analysis, you will be handed a teammate whom you can bond with and create a lasting gaming friendship.

Attend Gaming Conventions


Even though the game is played online, you can meet your gaming buddies at various gaming conventions, whether online or in person. These conventions will help you start conversations with people with similar gaming interests and help you build connections that may last a lifetime.

Grow Your Circle of Friends with Gaming

Online Gaming is a splendid way to make plenty of friends. It is also a great way to explore what really makes you relish the particular title and share this passion with other people who have similar tastes. You can also get plenty of tips and tricks that could help you beat a level you might have struggled with in your gaming sessions.

That said, you must be very careful when dealing with strangers online. Remember, not everyone is out to have a good time and be friends. Others may try to defraud you. With that in mind, never give out too much personal information that could compromise your finances, personal space, or your life in general.

Written by Kan Dail