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What Is Included in a 5 Panel Drug Test?


Even though there is a global campaign related to the dangers of drugs and alcohol, addiction to these substances is still not a rare problem. The best way to help someone stop with their bad habits is to notice that at the right time when the rehab process can still be easily manageable. The main issue is that people who have problems with drugs and alcohol can cover that for some time, but their will start has poor performances at work and various problems in private life that can only become more serious over time.

Therefore, itis not a surprise that many companies decide to test their employees from time to time, especially those where it is expected that workers must have maximized responsibility and focus. If you are interested in performing this test on your workers, visit Health Street, where you can easily find some of the best clinics and contact them.

Besides the professional manners, you can also use these tests for someone in your family or close friends. Rejecting this test might be the first indication that the person has a problem. Also, you should learn more about the process of testing to find out if someone is trying to avoid it in any way. While society becoming more progressive by making cannabis and similar products legal because they have many benefits, most other opioids like cocaine, PCP, and more can cause serious addiction and all sorts of health and mental issues. In this article, we are going to introduce you to the 5-panel drug test, which represents one of the most effective ways to test people in your company.

When to Consider a 5 Panel Drug Test?


While many companies choose to provide this test randomly at least once a year, some indications related to the behavior and performances of your workers might mean that you should perform it more often. For example, if you have a couple of people in the office who are still working very well, but you notice that their behavior is changing in any way like if they are suddenly more aggressive or emotional, you should know that chances that they will admit the drug abuse are very small.

People are afraid that they will get fired in case that someone finds out about their issue. You should make it clear about your potential penalties because that might be an excellent solution that will motivate them to stop the drug abuse. Either way, even if you don’t notice any critical changes in the behavior of your workers, we suggest you provide this test at least once per year.

Which Drugs Can It Detect?


The main advantage of this test is that it can detect some of the most common drugs people are using today, such as THC, Cocaine, opium, amphetamine, and methamphetamine. When it comes to cocaine, it is a well-known drug that can help people to stay energized for a prolonged time, and it is common among people who often visit night clubs. On the other hand, many people choose to use it when they have to finish some projects on time and stay awake for more hours. There are various health issues related to the addiction to this drug, especially mental problems.

Moreover, there is a great debate related to the benefits and dangers of THC. We can see that many countries are making it legal. However, there are various side-effects from it as well, especially from excessive use. Also, it can drastically change people’s habits and make them less motivated at work. The main difference is that you can easily notice if someone is using this drug at the moment. ON the other side, drugs like methamphetamine and amphetamine are both used in medicaments, but various types of powders and pills are considered as drugs, like speed, crystal meth, and more. These drugs can also change the behavior of people.

Moreover, while the drugs we mentioned are marked as level two for their dangers, opium is much more serious, and addiction can become a serious problem since the rehab process will require a lot of effort. The most dangerous form of opiate is heroin. However, there are some lighter forms like prescribed pills like Vicodin. People who have mental problems like anxiety and depression are in the greatest danger of getting addicted to prescribed pills.

The Benefits of 5-Panel Drug Test


The most important advantage of this test is its efficiency and speed. It can prevent people from abusing drugs when they know that at any moment, you could contact some medical institution and provide it. While some tests can show even more details about the substances, drugs that could be detected with this one are the most common ones. In that matter, there is no need for more complicated ones. In case that you avoid performing these tests on your employees, they might become less effective and even disturb the relations between them.

Also, it is very important to never announce that the test is going to be provided since people who are having issues with drugs might look for some methods to avoid being tested. The most popular method is giving someone other urine for control. Another advantage is that the time needed for the results is only one day.


People in your company must share their professional goals toward the success and fulfillment of targeted plans. However, the abuse of alcohol and drugs might lead to changed behavior and disrupted motivation. Also, people with these problems might affect other people by being stresses, by being late with projects, or by acting more sensitive when they hear some suggestions. The problem is that most of them will try to hide it as much as they can, and it could be late when you notice that.

You might have some of the best workers that you have trust with, but their abuse could lead to poor performances that can affect the whole company. Since getting them fired is only a short-term solution because you will need to find new people which means that you will lose time and money. Therefore, letting people know that your company will provide this test from time to time is an excellent solution that might stop them from drug abuse.

Written by Marinelle Adams