When to Install Permanent Christmas Lighting: A Seasonal Timing Guide


The celebration mood starts simmering in every mind when the holidays are near. The Christmas day countdown is unique for everyone and enhances the festive spirit by watching bright draped lights around the streets, houses, and every building they can see. Lights are a prime factor that sweetens joyous occasions. Permanent lighting solutions are cost-effective and durable comparatively. Isn’t it fun to wander amidst perfectly lighted streets and watch your home bright and glittering?

There are acceptable options for installing permanent exterior lights. These lights are securely installed and can wrap up for later use. It is a long-term investment so that every glorifying occasion is glowing after every installation of the permanent lights. The permanent outdoor holiday lighting is highly user-friendly since it can be controlled through google or apple apps via the smartphone. What an exciting resolution for every year’s beautification labor during the holidays.

Benefits Of Permanent Exterior Lighting


The permanent outdoor lighting comes with various colors and themes that are easily adjustable as per requirement. Let’s check out some of the significant benefits of permanent outdoor lights.

  • Permanent outdoor lighting is effortless and has a low-maintenance holiday decorum for every budget so you can decorate your holidays with lighted home exteriors without any hardships.
  • The lights can raise the asset value of a home. Selling a property with permanent bulbs decorum on it is more painless.
  • Exterior decorating lights improve the architectural definition and beauty of the houses, which boosts the curb appeal of the property.
  • Multi-purpose decorating bulbs. Even though these illumines serve the purpose of all other celebrations like birthday and anniversary parties and most private get together.
  • Bright exterior bulbs illuminate the way around the property, which minimizes the possibility of robbery and home theft. It is an added security mode for the property.

When To Install The Permanent Outdoor Illumines?

One should know the criteria for installing permanent decorative exterior bulbs during holidays. Especially the appropriate time to buy and install the lights is essential.

The best time to buy the exterior decorative illumines is off-season, say, January – April. The product rates will also be more than comfortable for every buyer.

Buying permanent holiday outdoor bulbs in the off-season saves some money and gives ample time for adequately installing the decorative bulbs before the falls.

The day after Thanksgiving comes Black Friday; the earliest one should set up Christmas holiday exterior lighting decorum.

What Is The Cost Of Permanent Holiday Lighting?


The cost of the lighting depends on various factors, such as:

  1. The size of the property
  2. Choice of the bulbs
  3. The variations of bulbs used by the property owner
  4. Labour put forward in installation.
  5. The number of illumines used for decoration

Which Illumines Are More Expensive? Traditional Or Permanent Holiday Lights?

Permanent brighteners are cost-effective as the owner does not have to change them after a couple of years of use. At the same time, the traditional illumines needed to be changed after each year or a couple of years.

While traditional illumines are installed and removed yearly, permanent bulbs are once installed and used for years whenever needed. Permanent Christmas lights use durable LED lights and power savers compared to the standard lights sold in storage boxes.

Do Permanent Christmas Lights Give True Value For Money?

If someone is looking for safer and more extended holiday outdoor illumines decorum, they must opt for enduring bulbs that do not have to get encased after each festive season. Property owners who look for energy, money, and power savings will go for permanent light decorations for their homes or stores.

The forever lighting setup encourages the family to spend more time outdoors; illumines are always around. Nobody has to spend a whole weekend unboxing the lights for installation and another weekend to uninstall and inbox them again.

Most Pleasing Types Of Permanent Holiday Lighting

  • LED lights are high in quality which is a great energy saver
  • Customized lights as per the requirement in various colors and sizes
  • Customized patterns of bulbs that suit the shape and size of the house.
  • Lights that are turned on and off using smartphone apps.

Tips To Install Holiday Lighting Permanently

  • Approach some professional illumine installing agents who get your light decorations done without damage to the property.
  • Choose a pattern which discreet wires that may distract the look of the house in the daylight.
  • Install the outdoor lights securely as it confronts various climate conditions such as heat, rain, snow, and wind. The exterior glares should not intrude on the roof channels or become the subject of clogging the drainage system at the rooftop.
  • Match the color of the illumines with the roof and the sunshade color so that it would be invisible in the day.
  • “Less is more” would be a fitting saying here as the outdoor illumines are all LED brighter than regular halogen lights.
  • Use LED lights less in number, and no need to light up everything since it illumines more than traditional ones.
  • Install the brighteners maintaining the proper flow. Never keep the illumines bunch in one place; some spaces left out to glow may break the flow and won’t look better on a property.

Are Permanent Holiday Light Decorations Safe?

They are highly durable materials, so permanent holiday lighting is safer. They withstand any climate conditions as they belong to the exterior decoration.

These illumines come up with warranties so that the owner can rest in no worries about the exterior brighteners for a minimum of 5 years at least. They assure energy saving which brings great convenience in preserving excess electricity bills.

To Conclude

Christmas is the festival of sharing and caring. The outdoor lights lift the festive spirit of every inhabitant. Lights do magic in creating a celebration mindset in a locality. Efforts put forward to install and uninstall these illumines can be stressful every year. So fixing permanent holiday outdoor lighting is an excellent solution that relieves the extra struggle of decorating the property with proper brighteners for a cheerful night view.

Written by Taisa Mellow