7 Best Pet-friendly Hotels in Las Vegas


You enjoy traveling but don’t want to leave your pet alone at home? Don’t worry; there is a way to solve your issue. In the world of hotels, a new trend has emerged: pet-friendly accommodations, which allow you to travel with your favorite animal companion wherever you go. More hoteliers are thinking about making their establishments pet-friendly. Find out what some of them are down below.

Top 7 best pet-friendly hotels in Las Vegas

1. Four Seasons Hotel


If you and your pet like and enjoy a luxurious life, then Four Seasons Hotel is the right choice for you. It is located near Mandalay Bay Resort, it offers the most exquisite accommodation for you. Dogs and cats that are weighing more than 25 pounds are not permitted to stay here, which means you would have to look for some other hotels (keep on reading, there are a lot of options for you). Also, if you want to go outside or have a meeting, don’t worry. Four Seasons Hotel staff will do the pet-sitting for you.

Weight limit: 25 pounds: cats & dogs.

Price: $75.

2. Delano Las Vegas


If you have a very big dog, that does not exceed 100 pounds and you have had trouble with finding suitable accommodation, then you are going to love Delano. Delano Las Vegas has everything that you need for yourself and your big furry friend. It’s also good news for other pet owners – every pet is more than welcome in the Delano hotel. In case you need to go outside, run some errands, or do a bit of touristic sightseeing, don’t worry – Delano Las Vegas has a pet-sitting service and they will keep your dog safe and entertained (offering them treats for being a good boy/girl) while you’re outside.

Weight limit: 100 pounds + you can bring two or more of them.

Price: $85.

3. Caesars Palace


I guess you have already heard about Ceasars Palace hotels, which can be found throughout the whole city of Las Vegas & in some of our favorite movies. All of these hotels are pet-friendly. You and your dog are more than welcome here, but your pet can’t exceed their max limit of 50 pounds. Each room is provided with mats, potty pads, and food and water bowls for your furry friend while you enjoy your staying at the Ceasars Palace.

Weight limit: 50 pounds: only dogs.

Price: $25-$100.

4. The Bellagio


One of the most lavish experiences in Las Vegas is provided for you and your furry friend in the Bellagio hotel. However, if you have a cat, you may reconsider it, because this hotel only allows dogs up to 40 pounds weight. In case you have two dogs, it’s also fine, but their weight must not exceed 40 pounds in total. You may think about it again, since pet-sitting is not available at this hotel, and you will have to take your dog everywhere with you (you can’t even leave them unattended in your room alone). If you are traveling with your friends you can always ask them to keep an eye out for your furry pal. But, if you are traveling on your own you may think about finding another hotel.

Weight limit: 40 pounds: only dogs.

Price: $125.

5. The Mirage


You have two dogs and you are looking for accommodation for all of you? Then you and your furry buddies have found yourself the right accommodation – The Mirage. Each of your pets must not exceed 40 pounds, that’s a hotel policy. There is another interesting thing for you and your furry friends there –an extraordinary habitat of dolphins and white tigers can be seen and you can enjoy it while you’re visiting Las Vegas. Huge grass areas and swimming pools are included in the price. It’s sad news for cat owners, though – only dogs are allowed to stay in this hotel!

Weight limit: 40 pounds: only dogs.

Price: $125.

6. La Quinta Inn & Suites Las Vegas


In case you’re looking for lower-budget accommodation for you and your pet, then you may consider La Quinta Inn & Suites Las Vegas. It’s a little bit further from the Strip (about a 10-minute drive) and you will probably like it if you don’t like to be surrounded by a lot of people. And there is more good news – cats are also allowed here! You can bring up to two pets and there is no weight limit for any of them. If you are planning to come to Las Vegas and you’re planning to stay in La Quinta Inn & Suites Las Vegas, then you must make a reservation in advance, because pet-friendly rooms are limited.

Weight limit: every pet is allowed despite their weight.
Price: $20-$40.

7. Platinum Hotel and Spa


If you like to be around a lot of people then Platinum Hotel and Spa is a great option for you and your furry buddy. It is located near the Strip, giving you a chance to experience Las Vegas at its best. Despite the fact that the hotel is not ideal for large dogs (the weight restriction is 40 pounds max), your dogs will be provided with plenty of treats, as well as food and water bowls and waste bags (in case you forgot to bring them when packing). Indoor and outdoor pools are included in the price -where you two will chill & have fun all day long!

Weight limit: 40 pounds.
Price: $100.

How to book your hotel & find the right one?

What are your thoughts on the hotels mentioned above? Have you found any that are appropriate for you and your furry pal? Check out cozycozy and enjoy their variety! All hotels in Las Vegas are listed here, with the ability to compare the prices that are your most suitable option. All hotels have reviews, and in most cases, you can cancel your reservation for free. There has to be something that suits you & your furry pal, so give them a go!

Written by Marinelle Adams