Products in Your House that Cause Harmful Radiation


We are all aware that radiations are dangerous for human health. Several household items that we use almost daily emit harmful EMF radiations in several different forms. Radiations from products like smart meters and cellphones are regulated by a mixture of federal and state agencies like the Environmental Protection Agency.

Such regulations are beneficial and help protect the consumers from these radiations.

Hairdryers, Televisions, and Electric Shavers are a few devices that emit electromagnetic fields and put our health at risk. Numerous studies have concluded that EMF radiations cause serious health issues.

All of us are exposed to harmful radiations unknowingly. That said, you must be wondering what the items present in your household that emit radiation are. This article discusses some possible sources of radiation present in almost every home.

Apple Watches and EMF


There is no denying that Apple Watches that you wear on your wrist also emit radiation. It stays in direct contact with your skin for a long time, and it inflicts significant damage to your body. Fortunately, EMF Harmony has EMF harmonizer watchbands for your Apple watch that protect users from harmful Apple Watch Radiations. Protecting yourself from harmful radiation caused by your watch is crucial. With an EMF harmonizer watch band, you can enjoy the benefits of your watch without worrying about its harmful effects.

The watchband neutralizes the watch’s harmful energy and several other EMF sources, and the device continues to operate normally. It fits with every series of Apple watch available, and while buying one, you will have to identify the attachment width and length of your watch.

Smart Meters


Many households choose to install smart meters. Though they are installed outside the house, they emit radiations that affect people living inside and around the house. The power and frequency of the RF waves emitted by such meters are similar to that of a wi-fi router, cell phone, or a cordless phone. However, smart meters are believed to emit lower frequencies than what an individual is exposed to while using a cellphone.

Tablets, Computers, and Smartphones


Cellphones and other similar wireless gadgets emit harmful Radio Frequencies. Government agencies have published safety guidelines to limit harmful RF radiations. They say that a person shouldn’t use wireless devices much, and people should keep such devices away from children as much as possible. However, scientists say that these devices emit considerably low radiation and can be safely used for an extended period.

Granite Countertops

Granite and several other similar rocks contain uranium, a radioactive material. The Environmental Protection Agency states that almost all minerals, rocks, and soil have a smaller amount of radioactive minerals that are present in them naturally.



According to the Environmental Protection Agency, the largest dose of harmful radiation is from cigarettes. Cigarette smoke encompasses tiny particles of radioactive materials. These materials are inhaled by smokers when they inhale smoke from the cigarette.

These particles get lodged into the lung tissues, and overtime gets piled up. It then contributes to a large radiation dose. Thus, radioactivity is a critical factor that causes lung cancer among smokers.


Microwave ovens use electromagnetic waves. These waves penetrate the food items. Also, they cause the water molecules to vibrate, and as a result, heat is produced within the oven that enables the food to get cooked quickly. Don’t worry, your food doesn’t get radioactive, but users should make sure that the oven is adequately sealed when the radiation is produced. Pulling the door open while it is still working, possible wear and tear or build-up of dirt can damage the seal of your oven doors. As a result, it will leak radioactive waves. Thus, when an oven is being operated, it is recommended to stand away from it.

Bluetooth Transmitters, Wi-Fi routers


Wi-Fi routers and Bluetooth transmitters produce harmful radiation. However, it is also said that these devices emit a comparatively lower level of radiation, and devices like long-distance transmitters have high-levels of radiation.



You will be surprised to know that televisions also emit harmful RF rays. Box-shaped televisions that were available a long time back contained a ray tube of the cathode and had the potentials of emitting lower-level of X-ray emissions. Hence, if you are using this type of television today, it is recommended to sit at a distance of almost two to three feet away.

Smoke Detectors


Experts say that some household smoke detectors use a minimal amount of radioactive isotope, americium-241, to alert users when there is smoke. However, there are no health risks associated with the ionized type of smoke detectors as long as they are used adequately by following the mentioned directions.


These appliances are also considered the most significant in-home EMF source. Moreover, the older these appliances get, the higher is their emission rate. The devices are present in numerous households’ living rooms. They emit EMF waves in the house. Consider placing inverters and stabilizers in your bedroom and not in the living room. It would help if you also chose to install inverters in covered spaces outside your house.

Hair Dryers, Electric Shavers


These grooming devices are believed to emit localized EMF. They inflict more damage as they are used closer to the skin. Such appliances’ nozzles can generate up to 70/100 mG EMF. While using hair dryers, you should at least keep a distance of 1 foot between its nozzle and the dryer.


We are accustomed to the advantages offered by several appliances we use daily. At the same time, we must be aware of the health risks that these devices pose. EMF is emitted either naturally or by human-made sources. The above-listed items are examples of human-made sources that emit harmful radiation. While some emit low-level EMFs, others emit high-level EMFs.

This equipment releases harmful radiation that causes several health issues. Low-level exposure to EMFs is not very toxic. However, high-level EMF waves are quite dangerous and so make sure to limit your exposure to them.

Written by Marinelle Adams