8 Commonly Asked Questions About Delta-9 THC


When the 2018 Farm Bill was passed, hemp and derivatives of cannabis with low concentrations of THC became legal. This meant that manufacturers were legally able to create products for their customers containing ingredients that had never been allowed before.

While many people were quick to try new products featuring hemp, some held back and wanted to learn more about what they would be putting into their bodies. If you would like more information to make an informed choice about what you buy and consume, you might find the answers you’ve been seeking below.

1. What Is Delta-9 THC?

Before you try the Hemp Doctor’s Delta 9 THC, it makes sense to find out what Delta-9 THC actually is. Delta-9 THC is the shortened word for Delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol, a cannabinoid molecule and primary psychoactive ingredient found naturally in cannabis plants.

THC is also one of over 500 substances present in marijuana, including one of 100 cannabinoid molecules. However, out of those several hundred substances, CBD and THC are two of the most recognizable by everyday consumers.

2. Can Delta-9 THC Products Get You High?


It’s not uncommon for people consuming Delta-9 THC products to experience a ‘buzz’ of some kind. However, everyone’s experience is unique to them, which means what you feel when you consume Delta-9 THC might not be what your friends and family feel when they try it. The differences can sometimes lie in your tolerance levels, genetics, the products you use, and how much you consume.

3. How Many Delta-9 Gummies Can You Consume?

Delta-9 gummies can taste so delicious that it might be tempting to consume several of them at once. However, that’s not advised. Most cannabis experts recommend that first-time users consume half a gummy, or up to 5mg, and take notice of how they feel before eating more.

Moderate users might like to consume up to one gummy, while experienced users who frequently consume Delta-9 products might enjoy one and a half to two gummies to experience the effects they desire.

If you’re unsure how much of your preferred product you should be consuming, talk to your local CBD and THC experts. They can advise you on the most appropriate dosage and provide helpful tips for maximizing your experience.

4. Is Delta-9 Legal in the US?


We know that hemp and hemp-derived products are legal at a federal level, but that doesn’t mean all cannabinoids and related products are legal in all states. In fact, some states have brought in restrictions to prevent the manufacturing and sales of specific goods. Delta-9 sometimes fits into that category. If you want to try hump for the first time, Mr Hemp Flower offers some of the most premium CBD hemps in the market, head over to their website to know more.

Idaho has completely banned hemp Delta-9, while some changes might be on the way for the hemp industry in Vermont, Kentucky, and Pennsylvania. California also introduced Assembly Bill 45, spelling significant changes for hemp farmers in the state, and many states like North Dakota and Colorado have banned the conversion practices required to make Delta-9 as potent as it can be in other states. However, Delta-9 THC remains legal in at least 42 states, which is good news for manufacturers, retailers, and customers alike.

5. Is Delta-9 CBD?

When you see products labeled as THC and CBD, it’s easy to get confused and think they’re the same thing. However, Delta-9 isn’t CBD, even though they both come from cannabis plants. Many components are found in cannabis plants, including CBD, Delta-9 THC, CBC, and terpenes, just to name a few. These are all individual components that can be used together in CBD oil, but they provide different effects.

CBD is non-psychoactive and can’t produce a high, but THC can produce psychoactive effects. Most CBD products are also made by removing the THC or leaving it in and controlling the volume to ensure it abides by federal law.

6. How Long Does Delta-9 THC Stay in Your System?


If you’re stressed about your career and not having any substances showing up on drug tests, you might be curious about how long Delta-9 THC stays in your system. When you know the length of time it stays in your body, you can plan to use it outside of working hours, over the weekend, or while you’re on vacation.

According to the CDC, up to 90% of Delta-9 THC is out of your system within five days. Approximately 20% is removed via urine and around 65% in feces. However, frequency of use might play a part in how long it takes for Delta-9 to be out of your system entirely.

If you’re a long-time marijuana user, urine tests for cannabinoids may identify prior use for upwards of two weeks after you last used it. It may also be detected in casual users for up to two weeks.

7. What Delta-9 Products Can You Buy?

There is a wide variety of CBD and THC products on the market for the average consumer to purchase. However, as Delta-9 products are much newer than others, the range is known to be much more conservative for now.

If you’re on the hunt for new Delta-9 THC products to purchase, you’ll likely be treated to gummies in a range of flavors like cherry, watermelon, tangerine, and mixed fruit. You might also be able to buy lollipops, milk chocolate bars, and even delicious bite-sized peanut butter nuggets.

While there isn’t the same variety of offerings compared to the likes of CBD and Delta-8 THC, you’re still bound to find something that piques your curiosity.

8. What Is the Difference Between Delta-8 and Delta-9 THC?


When you browse the aisles of your local dispensary, you might see a range of products labeled Delta-9 and Delta-8. While they might look the same, there are differences between these two cannabinoids.

The most significant differences relate to their classifications and how they’re derived, but there are also chemical differences. Delta-8’s eighth carbon atom has a double bond, while the double bond can be found on the ninth atom of Delta-9. The cognitive and physical effects might also be different, with some people experiencing a euphoric high with Delta-9 and more mild psychoactive effects with Delta-8.

You deserve to have all the facts when buying any new product for the first time, and Delta-9 THC is no different. Familiarize yourself with what this cannabinoid is, and you might have more confidence in your purchasing decisions when the time comes to try it for yourself.

Written by Kan Dail