5 Tips For Finding Good Raid Partners In World Of Warcraft


Raiding in World of Warcraft is an experience of its own which people are crazy about. Finding the right raid partners will improve the experience and add to the adventure that mythic raiding offers.

Many people often play alone and changing it to include a partner has a lot of expectations. Things can go wrong if the tuning of all the partners is not well matched. In this article we will talk about certain tips that will help in choosing the right raid partners in World of Warcraft. Let us see how to make the choice.

Check Out the Tuning

Even before jumping into the gaming skills of the player, one needs to see whether your vibe matches. One should be able to understand how much is at stake when you play in a team. No one wants to play with somebody who plays well but does not listen to any constructive criticism.

Typically one will get an idea of what a player is like by playing a game with them and seeing how well they communicate. It is essential because a good communicator will try and make the other people comfortable with gaming. Being on the same level in terms of approach is also highly favorable.

One should be able to convey their thought process easily to the raiding partner so that the goals are clear even before the game begins. It would be best to check out the tuning before finalizing the partners for a raid in the game. One can even change the raiding experience by taking the help for WoW Boost.



If you do not have a good vibe with your partners the entire experience will be tainted by poor communication as well. You will have to establish a clear channel of communication. In the heat of the moment, a person often does not have time to explain a lot of things. In a fast paced game like World of Warcraft the person is expected to have some inherent understanding of how one should approach the new challenge.

Playing alone is far easier because the only person you have to trust is yourself. But when you are in a team, taking care of every member and working in unison is important. Once you have established a certain level of comfort with the partner you can easily move forward with strategizing and enabling communication.

Make Sure All Can Attend

You want all the members to be present and invested in the raid when it happens. Reading typically requires longer hours and more time from the players. If any of the partners are not ready for it, you will be at a disadvantage. The planning of the process should be appropriate according to the schedule of all individual members. Try to be flexible and choose a time which suits everyone.

Being in a Guild has certain specific expectations which can only be fulfilled if one is able to commit enough time to it. The main objective in a raid is to kill bosses and gain rewards. It will only be possible if all of the players are equally involved and have the same goal in mind. You might have extremely skilled players in your Guild but if all the partners are not equally invested, it might take the morale down.

Go With Your Strengths


Different players have different approaches and their strengths are different too. While playing in a team, if everyone plays to their strengths it will be the best. Once you start communicating the entire experience will become more enjoyable and everyone will be able to take care of different aspects.

Always go with the strength and overtake different avenues of the gameplay. Listen to everyone putting forth their approaches on how to kill the bosses. This will help in the partners being confident about how they want the mission to go. Additionally, it will give a boost to all the players because their strategy would be heard and employed.

If you already have a guild, understanding the strength of the members is the easiest part. You must have experience in playing with each other and know the energy they bring while in a raid. For newer partners, this process will probably take time but do not be afraid to ask about their strong points.

Team Work Comes First

Even if each player is playing to their strength, teamwork should take priority. The strategy should be to move forward as a set of players working together to achieve a common goal. There should not be a sense of individuality while playing because it can impact how the team cooperates in the game.

It is important to say what one feels and give off advice related to the gameplay. But the motive behind the advice should be the betterment of the entire team and not just of one player. If the partners are able to bounce off each other to create a harmonious approach, you have struck gold.

Many good players are not good team players. Understanding the difference between the two is crucial in finding good raid partners in World of Warcraft. An above average player who is excellent in a team will be better than an exceptional player who does not cooperate. Make your choices wisely.

The Takeaway


If you follow the tips mentioned above, finding good raid partners will be extremely easy. Choosing teamwork over individual approaches should be important. Understanding the busy schedules of people and approaching the situation with flexibility is also essential. Communication comes first and one needs to be clear about the strategy the team needs to follow for a successful raid.

Each player should be aware of their strengths and they should be included for a stronger approach. Most importantly try to see if you are able to resonate with them on a personal level to match your enthusiasm about the game.

Written by Kan Dail