6 WoW Dungeon Tips and Tricks for First-Time Players


Anyone who’s played World of Warcraft at least once knows that this is a video game that can provide countless hours of entertainment. Hours will fly by without you even noticing. It’s because of a lot of interesting content this game provides you with. One of the most interesting ones is dungeons.

If you haven’t tried these out, then you can be sure that you are missing on out one of the best parts of the game itself. They are interested because your character will be a member of the team, which needs to collaborate to overcome all the challenges, like strong enemies and powerful bosses.

Therefore, you will need to start thinking about the role you want to have when you go through the character creation process. Still, this is not the only factor you should pay attention to. Now, we would like to present you with some useful tips that can help first-time players to overcome these easily.

1. Equip Yourself

The first and most important thing you should pay attention to is having enough resources and quality gear to conduct this journey. These tend to last for a couple of hours, and the enemies you face tend to be quite numerous and powerful. For these reasons, make sure you’re equipped properly.


First, pay attention to the high-quality weapon. Depending on the class you opted for, you will have some of these on the list of options. It is important to say that you shouldn’t look only for high damage to the weapon. Also, you should take a look at other characteristics as well.

After you choose a weapon, then start looking for proper armor, helmet, and boots. These are crucial since they provide much-needed armor. Let’s say you have decided to be the tank of your crew. Therefore, your character needs to sustain high damage during this journey. So, look for high armor.

2. Additional Resources

While many would say that additional resources are not as needed since you will be a member of the crew, we beg to differ. When we say additional resources, we’re talking about a high number of healing and mana potions. That way, you can protect yourself from all problems you come across.

The reason is quite simple, you cannot always rely on your team member, no matter how good the cohesion between all of you is. Chances are that the number of enemies at one point will become too high for you to have proper control over the situation. Someone would miss you require help.

Therefore, having an ace in the hole when the situation becomes too challenging is always a good thing. Besides purchasing enough mana and health potions, you should pay attention to numerous other aspects, like elements for crafting numerous items and gear, if your character can craft.

3. Purchasing Boosts


Since we’re addressing beginners, we completely understand that these challenges can become too complex to overcome. Of course, you should prepare yourself to be flexible enough when it comes to thinking about solutions. If you still have a hard time, you can purchase boosts. You can find them at

There are many of these to choose from. So, you need to be pretty careful when you choose them. For that reason, be prepared to invest at least half an hour before you are ready to decide. You will find these useful after you try them for the first time. Therefore, be sure to check them out.

4. Know Your Role

We’ve already stated that you need to understand your role within the team. Other members of your team will count on you being focused enough to have their back. It could mean that you should heal them, or you need to provide them with physical support against a certain opponent.

Not paying attention to these circumstances can lead to the whole team going down. Since nobody likes to respawn and start the journey all over again. Not to mention that the cohesion between the team members can deteriorate if not all of them are focused enough on overcoming potential problems.

5. Know When to Take a Break


Dungeons are too complex for many people out there, especially beginners. There are a lot of different aspects that require your attention. So, nobody should be surprised when mistakes start popping up for no obvious reasons. As we’ve said, being unsuccessful can lead to an increase in tensions between members of the team.

To prevent all these problems from occurring, you should take frequent breaks. That way, you will decrease the chances of experiencing stress caused by failure. Also, resting can help you think about some other way to resolve certain situations in the future, which is not always possible in-game.

Also, we want to say that you shouldn’t be in a group you don’t like. If you feel like your efforts are not respected enough, or something else you don’t like happens, then feel free to call it quits and look for a new crew. Thankfully, the number of teams out there is countless. One of them will certainly fit you just fine.

6. Choose the Difficulty


Last but not least, we would like to address the fact that you can change the difficulty of every dungeon out there before you start it. Naturally, beginners should start with the normal difficulty and slowly start working upwards along with collecting more experience over time.

Besides normal difficulty, you can take a look at others like heroic, mythic, and mythic+. Each of them comes with a string of interesting features. The higher the difficulty, the higher the rewards. So, you can expect to come across some interesting gear and weapons when you complete the dungeon.

The Bottom Line

As is the case with any MMORPG out there, World of Warcraft requires you to think about many different aspects, especially with more complex features like dungeons. Here, you can take a look at a couple of helpful tips that can make it much simpler for you.

Written by Kan Dail