6 Benefits Of Shopping At A Furniture Outlet


When we renovate our house or have just bought it, when we get to furnishing we know we are very close to the end of different works and that we are moving in soon. It is the most beautiful job that remains for the end. When all the work is done, which includes painters and other types of professionals for home renovation, it is our turn to decorate the house and give it a final touch. There are so many different types of furniture on the market that we have endless options.

The only thing that can limit us is our budget. Since you probably don’t have an unlimited budget for furnishing, you have to sacrifice certain things. Usually, everyone decides to sacrifice some pieces of furniture that they really like but don’t have the money for. But most forget that there is one option that can allow you to get exactly what you want and still fit into your budget. And those are furniture outlets. So in the rest of the text, read all the benefits of shopping in furniture outlets, to know why you should furnish your home right there.

1. Save money


This is of course the biggest benefit you can get this way. Going shopping to an outlet will save you money that you will then be able to spend on something else, or it will allow you to still buy everything you wanted although you thought you would not have enough money. All things will be cheaper, even compared to online shopping. You can expect at least fifteen percent cheaper prices compared to online shops, and maybe even more. If we compare the outlet and the boutique store, you can even expect the furniture to be twice as cheap in the outlet than in the boutique store. We guess you didn’t expect it to be that much cheaper, but it really is. Buying in an outlet, directly from the manufacturer, means that you pay only the manufacturer, and not the middleman, and in this case middleman is actually a retail store. So be sure that when you go to the outlet, that you will have enough money for twice as many things as you expected or that you will not return home with an empty wallet if you only came for 1 or 2 things.

2. You will be able to buy designer furniture


We all want designer furniture that is very luxurious and will give a special look to our home, like from the front page of some magazine about home decoration. But we almost always realize that it is too expensive for us and give up on that idea. However, don’t forget that in the furniture outlet you can also find pieces of designer furniture at very affordable prices. Let everyone envy you how perfect your home is, and you keep your secret to yourself that you actually bought everything in an outlet.

3. The constant change of offer


Compared to when you go to a retail store, where the offer changes much less often, usually once in each season, the outlet is a whole different story. In the outlet changes constantly, so whenever you go, a completely new selection of different furniture will be waiting for you. So it will pay off to go once a month because you never know when you will come across some very interesting piece of furniture or a great bargain. It is even better if it is an online outlet, like NYFO, so that you can check offers almost daily. When we talk about brick and mortar outlets, constant change of offer can be considered as a small drawback, because you may not find what you are looking for, but in any case you will find something else that will equally satisfy your desires.

4. Sample pieces


Sample pieces are all that furniture that is on display so you can see what it looks like in life, and also try out if it is comfortable enough. You have probably never thought about what happens later to sample pieces in a retail store. If you think they throw them away after, you are wrong. Well, they end up in outlets where they also serve as sample pieces, but they are also available for purchase. The vast majority of these sample pieces are in very good condition, practically looking like they have never been used. And the price will be up to eighty percent lower for that reason. So that way you can get a fantastic bargain. And all you have to do after that is deep cleaning and you will have a brand new piece of furniture.

5. Good quality


Many people do not like to shop in the outlet because it used to be common that you could only find damaged goods there. However, this is no longer the case and there are almost no damaged goods at all, even if you are willing to buy this type of furniture. Now you will find either exactly the same things as in the retail store or things made just for the outlet, which means just a little less quality or the same quality with a few details less. Anyway, you get either the same quality or 10 percent worse at 50 percent less price. Great bargain, right?

6. Easy shipping


If you go to a brick and mortar outlet, it is very likely that you will leave it with the furniture you want, if you have a vehicle to take it home. And you will take home furniture that is assembled, so you will save money on the fact that you will not have to pay the carpenter to assemble it. If you still want them delivered to your home, that is not a problem either. Delivery will be much faster than from the retail store and you can also ask them to deliver the already assembled furniture.


The benefits of shopping in an outlet are huge, as you can see. So always consider that option as well, and don’t go straight to big shopping malls or visit retail websites, because you can save money if you visit an outlet.

Written by P. Mito