What is Sustainable Development And How it is Important To Humanity

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Sustainable development is the hour of need because it defined the needs of the present generation without affecting the resources of future generations leading to a balanced economic growth of the nation. The primary purpose is to grow with a lower Carbon footprint. Any nation can take sustainable action to reduce its pollution and thus helping humanity to live in a sustainable world. The concept was first appeared in 1987 by the publication Brundtland Report, the purpose was to warn the world about the negative environmental consequences of globalization and economic development.

Sustainibility as a reaction to pollution.jpg

Sustainable development can be implemented with the help of Technological Development by enhancing the systems of infrastructure, in this way we can increase the efficiency of the people and we can meet the demands of the people. We need to plan in such a way that needs of present and future can be met within the development nexus, however, the development requires harmonization between environment, economic, and social dimensions. There are various Global goals defined by United nations such as No Poverty, Zero Hunger, Good Health and Wellbeing, Quality education, Gender Quality, Clean Water and Sanitation, Affordable and Clean Energy, Decent  Work and Economic Growth, Industry, Innovation and Infrastructure, Reduced Inequalities and few others,  To know more, You should read this on UN Sustainable Development Goals Knowledge Platform. The rewards are both immense and nessacary in the current situation of the world. Now, the question comes, How to achieve this?

Sustainable Development

The 17 Sustainable Goals or Global Goals that are defined by the United Nations can only be achieved if the nations of the world will come together to meet the UN sustainable goals and address the great challenges that humanity faces and making sure that the people of the world will get the same opportunities to have a better life without making any damag8e to our planet Earth. Let’s discuss all Suatainnable Goals in little detail,

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UN Sustainable Development Program
  • The nations of the world need to eradicate and poverty which is directly linked to the healthier lives across the world.
  • Education will be the most important part in implementing sustainable Goals or Global Goals by which they can understand the importance of environment and Global goals.
  • All the population of the world should have access to basic services such as water, sanitation and sustainable energy.
  • Nation across the world should come with a plan to create innovative and resilient infrastructure by which the different communities and cities should focus on Sustainable work.
  • 5. The gender inequality is one of the major problems in the world that should be acknowledged and worked upon.
  • Nations should invest and protect oceans and land ecosystems, all life on earth should be protected. This is one of the major advantages of UN Global Goals.
  • United Nations should work with the nations to create an environment of peace.
  • The government of nations should give access to water and sanitation for all.
  • Nations should come up with affordable, reliable, sustainable and modern energy for their respective population.
  • Nations should build resilient infrastructure and should promote industrialization and foster innovation.
  • UN should collaborate with the nations and plan action to combat climate change and globalization.
  • UN should work with nations to conserve oceans and marine life.
  • Deforestation should be reduced and even desertification, halt and reverse land degradation is one of the major losses.
  • UN should promote peaceful and inclusive societies.
  • UN should make efforts for global partnership in implementing Sustainable development.
  • The inequality within the countries should be acknowledged.
  • Nations should empower all women and girls.

Now, Lets talk about advantages and disadvantages of Sustaible Development,

Advantages of sustainable development

  • It teaches us to be responsible.
  • It will allow the next generation of people to have access to a quality life.
  • The population of the world should have a meaningful life with basic necessities.
  • The world can feed the hungry population and cam save quality aquatic floral and fauna life.
  • It doesn’t allow us to throw plastics in the ocean and even doesn’t burn it in air. Also, don’t waste food and don’t throw wastes in drainages.
  • It also helps us cut down cost and reduce waste.

Disadvantages of sustainable development

Literally speaking, there are no major disadvantages of UN Global Goals, however, the only disadvantage we can see is in the eyes of greedy. The world economy should grow at a regulated rate so we need to very efficiently utilize limited natural resources. Sustainable development is a balancing act but most of the developmental projects intend to bring transformation that is disruptive in nature.

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To Conclude, All nations across the world should come together to implement the United Nations Goals. The development should implement in such a way that all resources should not use at a faster rate than they are generated. The primary goal of all nations should continue with the development and progress, however, environment factor should be taken into account. So, let’s hope Sustainable development will be implemented across the world to fight against climate change and global warming. We will conclude with the famous quote where Gandhi said: “The world has enough for everyone’s need, but not enough for everyone’s greed.”

Written by Kan Dail