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8 Types of Tattoo Machines and How to Choose the Right One For Your Needs


Small number of tattoo artists have decided to follow a certain tradition and nurture tattooing techniques without motors and electricity, most use modern machines. Namely, there are big debates about which types are better and which are worse. Each machine has a different power and each of you has a different way of working. And of course, according to the parts of the body and the diversity of the skin from person to person, it differs how the setting of the machine will suit whom.

The models differ not only in strength, but also in puncture. You need to choose a good machine among the most famous manufacturers, limited versions, but also the worst models. This is not an easy task if you are a beginner and do not have enough experience with the equipment. Even people with experience can make mistakes in their assessment if they did not choose carefully enough. To avoid making wrong choices, read some of our suggestions.

1. Rotational Model


An example of this machine are rotary models. They have almost no settings. As they work on an electric motor, their operating speed is adjusted with a change in voltage. By changing the voltage, we only get faster or slower work and absolutely nothing else. They could be divided into two types: direct transmission machines and attenuation control machines.

2. Pneumatic or Air Tattoo Machines

According to Lumbuy, It is the most modern type of tattoo machine. Pneumatic tattoo machines use a compressed air system, so it needs an air compressor to work properly. These are quiet and lighter machines. Their electrical system allows them to function even if they do not have a compressor. They are a great choice for left-handed tattoos, because they do not have a motor on them and you can catch the machine with this hand.

So, the motor will not disturb you while looking at the area where you are doing the tattoo, that is, there will be no jerks when tattooing. Of course, this is not the deciding factor. It is very easy to handle. Due to their characteristics, they have a significantly higher price than other types of tattoo machines.

3. Coils

This machine is named after the elements of which it consists. This means that it consists of one or more coils, as well as rod reinforcement. It also contains electromagnets that drive it. They are mostly used for outlining and shading. For example, they are a great choice for tattooing larger areas of skin. We must note that there is one myth about this machine. Some believe that the coils of the machine can burn, which is completely untrue. The only damage to the coil that you can expect is a fracture. As a result of the damage, the current flow is interrupted, which causes a short circuit, which causes the machine to stop working. In that case, the basic structure will not burn out or be damaged even during heavy work. One of the advantages of this model is that you can personalize them in many ways.

4. Liner


This machine contains a higher speed enables a liner. Therefore, it is used to create lines and is very easy to use. It belongs to the group of cheaper models.

5. Shader

Used for deep shading with black ink or other varieties. It has slower operation compared to some other models, but therefore causes less irritation and skin damage. Sometimes clients who wish to remove tattoos with high-volume shades may feel discouraged because the surface may appear as if laser tattoo removal is not working correctly.


1. Study the Differences Between Machines

Inexperienced users, who are many of us, seem to have the same tattoo machines. In fact, it is not so. Each tattoo machine from FYT Supplies consists of several elements. These include power supply and control, which includes modes and speeds, foot control, and manual manipulations. It is also important to have a good shot, but also to have a nice balance in the hand.

With cheap machines, you can find models with much larger and more powerful engines. They can easily work under the load of larger magnum cartridges, they are harder to overheat and due to their mechanics they are harder to overheat and break down. The disadvantages of such machines are often large weight and pronounced vibrations.

2. Check the Motor of the Tattoo Machine

This is an important component of any tattoo machine. It depends on the engine how long the machine will last, how strong, durable and at the same time soft, and how smooth it is. For example, cheaper models overheat the engine over time, become noisier and lose power. This is especially pronounced in models with smaller electric motors.

Of course, the price justifies the quality, because if it were not so, everyone would use cheap ones. However, don’t spend too much money on certain engines. Make sure you research the manufacturer before accepting his offer. The price of the machine depends the most, as I said, on the quality of the engine, but also on the quality of other parts, ie the material from which it is made.

3. Read Reviews

Consider your needs and set out in search of the ideal tattoo machine. However, beware of fake models that are also on the market. These models of machines are usually behind attractive photos of the machines, so do not make hasty moves. Before you decide on a particular model, make sure the reliability of the supplier. Read the comments of previous customers and study the specifications of the machine model well.


We hope that we have helped you at least a little with this text, whether it is about eating or choosing when buying, because it is not easy to choose or install a machine. Remember that all these machines are good if they are in the right hands and when you know what you are doing. with them. It is also important that the device is comfortable in your hand and that the company guarantees its products.

This indicates the correctness and quality of the equipment. The machine should be able to do what you have in your head, and in order to achieve that, you have to get to know it very well, understand how it works and how to become your arm extension. The better quality equipment you choose, the better quality results you will get. So choose only the best for your customers.

Written by Kan Dail