9 Mistakes to Avoid When Touring Bangkok as a First-Timer


Bangkok is a fascinating city with multiple historic sites and attractions. It has evolved to become a popular city in Thailand. That’s not all, though. Bangkok is a perfect spot for exploration and accommodates all sorts of travelers. Just like other big cities, there are various things and scams to beware of. And this is particularly true for first-timers. It’s then critical to research thoroughly and get adequate information before departure.

Check out the blunders to avoid when visiting Bangkok:

Late flight bookings


Most travelers wait for last-minute deals on flight tickets. Although this may save you some bucks, it’s not one of the good ideas. Bangkok is a beautiful tourist destination, and thousands of visitors tour the place every year. For a stress-free journey, you need to plan your trip right, and this involves early bookings.

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Improper research

Getting information about your destination goes a long way. Being your first time in Bangkok, you need to know about the climate, the local cuisine, the major attractions, hotels, and more. This way, you’ll have an idea about the type of clothing to pack and the best time to tour. You’ll also know about the cost of accommodation and what to expect upon arrival.

Not packing right


Bangkok has three main seasons and a tropical monsoon climate. The hot season begins in March and ends in June. Similarly, the rainy season is between July and October, and the cool season runs from November to February. It’s critical to know the prevailing weather conditions for this guides you in packing.

You expect to carry heavy cardigans in the cold rainy season, but shorts and other light outfits would be ideal for the hot weather. If you don’t pack right, you’ll be uncomfortable during your trip and may be forced to spend more on weather-appropriate clothing. Will this fit in your budget? Well, that’s a question worth pondering.

Carry so much with you!

Just like with other cities, you have to be on the watch out for pickpockets. If in crowded places like markets, always watch your belongings. In Bangkok, it’s a common practice to see people with backpacks on the front. Therefore, avoid putting valuables in your back pockets, and always place your bag in front.

Why is this so? It’s a common practice for motorcyclists to snatch items or bags as they ride. If you’re new in the city, you’ll easily fall, victim if not careful. Again, carry what you need and leave the rest in your hotel room. You risk a lot by carrying all your valuables with you. You may as well acquire a fanny pack or and wear it underneath your clothes.

Disrespecting the locals& Temples


There are times when you need to be culturally sensitive, and this is particularly true for Bangkok. According to Thai culture, you should respect the king, who has unwavering levels of adoration among the citizens. Moreover, you should dress appropriately when visiting any temple in the city.

The most famous temples in the city are Wat Arun and Wat Pho, and you should remove your shoes and wear long-sleeved dresses to cover your shoulders. As if that’s not enough, you should wear pants to cover your knees and treat the beautiful structures with lots of respect.

Falling for tourist scams

It’s easier to fall for such scams in Bangkok due to its fast and frantic pace. Watch out and beware of strangers purporting to offer your tour guide services to attractions in the city. They will sometimes convince you that that the major attractions are no operational. And offer to take you to a different place. These guides charge hefty fees, and will you’ll use up much of your money if you aren’t careful.

Can I tell you more? There’s also the broken taxi meter scam and is common in Bangkok. If you ride in a taxi without a meter, the driver can charge you any amount. Although you may be running late, it’s advisable to always board a cab with an operational meter.

Eating in restaurants!


There are multiple tourist attractions in the city, and you don’t want to miss out. Eating in hotels and restaurants confine you in the city, and you never get to experience the countryside. The street food is one main attraction to consider. Tour places like Yaowarat, Victory Monument, and Dusit; they have fantastic street food stalls. Moreover, you’ll find tasty foods in all corners of the city ranging from, pork, spicy noodles, fish soup, and gourmet meals.

Not haggling when shopping

You may be nervous when shopping, especially if it’s your first time in the city. However, you shouldn’t be too polite to haggle for goods in Bangkok. In most food stores, the prices are reasonable, and there’s no need to bargain for price cuts. But in other markets, this is the best opportunity to hone your haggling skills.

Whether shopping for flowers, clothes, or souvenirs, always negotiate a lower price. You will be surprised by how lower this can go. Again, know the exact exchange rate to avoid haggling for an offensive offer.

Not paying upfront when eating out


Eating out is common among visitors and tourists in Bangkok. If you book a hotel without a kitchenette, you may have to eat in restaurants. However, this can put you in a tricky spot, and you should be careful.

There are horrible stories of visitors paying more for complimentary dishes and drinking water. Worse still, you don’t have to order these; they may be served with your meal. In most cases, you’re served and expected to pay some cash on top. Therefore, it’s best to pay for your food upfront and avoid trouble with the hotel staff.

A quick summary

Touring Bangkok is the best decision that you can make. Whether traveling alone or with family, getting some information about the city saves a lot of stress. Also, search for the best airline provider and book tickets in advance. With proper preparation, you’ll have a smooth journey and enjoy your stay in this stunning city.

Written by Marinelle Adams